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Proceedings of the World Rabbit Congresses

Proceedings, 10th World Rabbit Congress 2012 + Photos
 Septembre 3-6, 2012 Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt
Proceedings, 9th World Rabbit Congress 2008   + Photos  June 10-13, 2008, Verona , Italy
Proceedings, 8th World Rabbit Congress 2004  September 7-10, 2004, Puebla, Mexico
Proceedings, 7th World Rabbit Congress 2000  July 4-7, 2000, Valencia, Spain
Proceedings, 6th World Rabbit Congress 1996 (coming soon)  July 9-12, 1996 Toulouse, France
 Other Proceedings available on line in this web site
Proceedings, 5th American Rabbit Congress 2014  Septembre 8-11, 2014, Mexico (full texts and/or abstracts)
Proceedings of the Workshop on Rabbit Husbandry in Africa (1978)  December 16-21, 1978 - Morogoro Tanzania (Full text of communications)

Proceedings available in other web sites
Proceedings of the International Workshop on Organic Rabbit farming based on forages (2008)  November 25-27, 2008 , Cantho , Vietnam ( titles underlined in blue only)
Proceedings of the XXXI Symposium de Cunicultura (2006) May 23-26, 2006, Lorca , Spain (only abstract in Spanish and English)