7th World Rabbit Congress, 4-7 July 2000 - Valencia , Spain

ISSN 2308-1910

The communications are classified according to the 9 congress sessions
and by alphabetical order of the first author name,
nevertheless the invited papers (main papers) and text of some round tables are presented first in each session.

This is the On-Line version of the WRC Proceedings (ISSN 2308-1910)
A printed version of the proceedings of this 7th Congress
was edited in 2000 as supplement 1 of World Rabbit Science Volume 8 (ISSN1257-5011))

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  Reproduction & Reproductive physiology (volume A, pages 13 - 277)

ALVARIÑO J.M.R. - Reproductive performance of male rabbits (Main paper) - Volume A, pages 13-35
BESENFELDER U., HAAS C. , BREM G. - Reproduction technology and gene transfer in rabbits (Main paper) - Volume A, pages 37-59
THEAU-CLÉMENT Michèle - Advances in biostimulation methods applied to rabbit reproduction (Main paper) - Volume A, pages 61-79

ARROITA Z., FALCETO M.V., MARTÍN RILLO S., DE ALBA C., MORENO C., CIUDAD M.J., RAFEL O. - Effect of collection frequency on production, quality and storage of young bucks semen - Volume A, pages 81-87
AWAD M. M., KISHK W., HASSENIN A. M., EL-ALAMY M. A. - Freezing rabbit semen in pellet form using cold surface of paraffin wax compared to straws - Volume A, pages 89-95
BONANNO A., ALABISO M., DI GRIGOLI A., ALICATA M.L., MONTALBANO L. - Effect of a 48-hour doe-litter separation on performance of free or controlled nursing rabbit does - Volume A, pages 97-103
CASTELLINI C., DAL BOSCO A., BERNARDINI M. - Effect of dietary alfa-tocopheryl acetate and ascorbic acid : vitamin content and oxidation status of rabbit semen - Volume A, pages 105-110
CHIERICATO G. M., RIZZI C., RAVAROTTO L., ZAKARIA H. - Circulating levels of metabolites, enzymes and minerals of Grimaud female rabbits from weaning to 120 days of age - Volume A, pages 111-116
FINZI A., DAADER A., YAMANI K., SOLIMAN A., ASKAR A. - Influence of chronic high relative humidity on semen quality of hot stressed bucks - Volume A, pages 117-123
FORTUN-LAMOTHE L., ROCHAMBEAU H. de, LEBAS F., TUDELA F. - Influence of the number of suckling young on reproductive performance in intensively reared rabbits does - Volume A, pages 126-132
GARCÍA M.L., LAVARA R., VIUDES DE CASTRO M.P.,VICENTE J.S. - Litter size components from two selected lines of rabbits - Volume A, pages 133-137
GARCÍA M.L., BLUMETTO O., CAPRA G., VICENTE J.S., BASELGA M. - Vitrified embryo transfer of two selected Spanish rabbit lines to Uruguay - Volume A, pages 139-142
GARCÍA M.L., VIUDES-DE-CASTRO M.P., VICENTE J.S., BASELGA M. - Efficiency of cryopreservation programmes in the re-activation of a maternal rabbit line - Volume A, pages 143-146
KHALIFA R.M. , EL-ALAMY M.A., BESHIR M.A. - Vasoectomized buck gave better reproductive results in artificial insemination techniques in rabbits than GnRH or hCG - Volume A, pages 147-153
KISHK W., AWAD M. , AYOUB M. - Non-hormonal substances for the induction of ovulation in rabbit does - Volume A, pages 155-160
KUSTOS K., EIBEN Cs., SZENDRÖ Zs., THEAU-CLÉMENT M., GÓDOR S-NÉ, JOVÁNCZAI Zs. - Effect on reproductive traits of male presence among rabbit does before artificial insemination (Preliminary results) - Volume A, pages 161-166
LAVARA R., MOCE E., ANDREU E., PASCUAL J.J., CERVERA C., VIUDES-DE-CASTRO M.P., VICENTE J.S. - Effects of environmental temperature and vitamin supplements on seminal parameters from a rabbit line selected by high growth rate - Volume A, pages 167-171
LAVARA R., LAVARA F., VICENTE J.S., MOCÉ E. - Use of different diluents with a low number of spermatozoa by insemination dose in rabbit. - Volume A, pages 173-177
LUZI F., HEINZL E.L., ZECCHINI M., BARBIERI S., LEONI S., CRIMELLA C. - Effect of propylene glycol in rabbit: reproductive performance - Volume A, pages 179-184
MAERTENS L., BOUSSELMI H., PANDEY V.S. - Efficiency of different methods to synchronize the oestrus in artificially inseminated, lactating does - Volume A, pages 185-190
MEDJDOUB N., FORCADA F., LOPEZ M. - Embryo production from repeated induction of ovulation in Gigante de España does - Volume A, pages 191-195
MOCÉ E., LAVARA R., LAVARA F., VICENTE J. S. - Effect of reproductive rhythm on seminal parameters from a rabbit line with high growth rate - Volume A, pages 197-201
MOCÉ E., AROCA M., LAVARA R., PASCUAL J.J. - Effect of dietary zinc and vitamin supplementation on semen characteristics of high growth rate males during summer season - Volume A, pages 203-209
MORERA P., FAUSTO A.M., TADDEI A.R.,MARGARIT R. - Effects of lindane on rabbit doe reproductive performances - Volume A, pages 211-215
NIZZA A., DI MEO C., TARANTO S. - Influence of dietary protein content on libido and semen characteristics bucks - Volume A, pages 217-223
PERRIER G., THEAU-CLÉMENT M. , JOUANNO M., DROUET J.P. - Reduction of the GnRH dose and inseminated rabbit doe reproductive performance - Volume A, pages 225-230
POIGNER J., SZENDRÖ Zs., LÉVAI A., BIRÓ-NÉMETH E., RADNAI I. - Weight of new-born rabbits in relation to their number and position within the uterus in unilaterally ovariectomised does - Volume A, pages 231-237
REBOLLAR P.G., UBILLA E., LORENZO P.L., SANCHEZ-DÁVILA M., SÁNCHEZ J., TUCKER L., ALVARIÑO J.M.R. - Ovulation and embryo implantation rate in synchronized artificially inseminated multiparous lactating does - Volume A, pages 239-244
RIZZI C., CANALI C., BOITI C., CHIERICATO G. M. - Plasma endocrine profile of restricted female rabbits during prepubertal age - Volume A, pages 245-250
RODRIGUEZ DE LARA R., FALLAS L. M., RANGEL S. R. - Influence of body live weight and relocation on kindling rate and prolificacy in artificially inseminated nulliparous doe rabbits - Volume A, pages 251-257
THEAU-CLÉMENT Michèle , BOITI C., MERCIER P., FALIÈRES J. - Description of the ovarian status and fertilising ability of primiparous rabbit does at different lactation stages - Volume A, pages 259-266
UBILLA E., REBOLLAR P.G., PAZO D., ESQUIFINO A., ALVARIÑO J.M.R. - Influence of doe-litter separation on sexual receptivity, fertility, plasma progestrone and oestradiol concentrations in lactating rabbits - Volume A, pages 267-272
VICENTE J.S., VIUDES DE CASTRO M.P., LAVARA R., LAVARA F. - Effect of male line on prolificacy from does inseminated with low sperm doses - Volume A, pages 273-277

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  Genetics & Selection (volume A, pages 281-503)

BOLET G., BRUN J.M., MONNEROT M. , ABENI F., ARNAL C., ARNOLD J., BELL D., BERGOGLIO G., BESENFELDER U., BOSZE S., BOUCHER S., CHANTELOUP N., DUCOUROUBLE M.C., DURAND-TARDIF M., ESTEVES P.J., FERRAND N., GAUTIER A., HAAS C., HEWITT G., JEHL N., JOLY T., KOEHL P.F., LAUBE T., LECHEVESTRIER S., LOPEZ M., MASOERO G., MENIGOZ J.J., PICCININ R., QUENEY G., SALEIL G., SURRIDGE A., van der LOO W., VICENTE J.S., VIUDES de CASTRO M.P., VIRAG J.S., ZIMMERMANN J.M. - Evaluation and conservation of European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) genetic resources. First results and inferences (Main paper) - Volume A, pages 281-315

ABDEL-GHANY, A. M. ,AHMED E. G., HASSAN, N. S. - Crossbreeding genetic parameters of post weaning growth traits of the Egyptian acclimatised New Zealand White and native Baladi Black rabbits - Volume A, pages 317-323
ABDEL-GHANY A. M. ; HASSAN, N. S. AND AMIN, A. A. Heterosis, direct and maternal abilities of post-weaning daily gain in weight traits of two Egyptian native breeds on account of crossing with New Zealand White rabbits - Volume A, pages 325-331
ARGENTE M.J., SANTACREU M.A., CLIMENT A., BLASCO A. - Genetic correlations between litter size and uterine capacity - Volume A, pages 333-338
ARGENTE, M.J. BLASCO A., HALEY C.S., ISSCHER P.M.V. - Analyses for the presence of a major gene affecting uterine capacity in unilaterally ovariectomized does - Volume A, pages 339-345
BLASCO A., ORTEGA J.A., SANTACREU M.A. -Selection for uterine capacity. 1 : genetic trends and correlated response in components of litter size.-Volume A, pages 347-352
ROCHAMBEAU H. de - Artificial insemination and genetic lag of improvement nucleus to commercial herd - Volume A, pages 353-360
EADY S.J., PRAYAGA K. C. - Rabbit farming for meat production in Australia: Profitability in the industry and economic values for production traits - Volume A, pages 361-367
ESCRIBÁ M.J., SILVESTRE M.A., SAEED A.M., GARCÍA-XIMÉNEZ F. - Effect of 8-cell haploid embryos donor nuclei stored at 4ºC for 24h transferred upon presumed androgenetic rabbit hemizygotes - Volume A, pages 369-373
FARGHALY H.M. - Effects of inbreeding on doe's performance traits in closed commercial rabbit populations in Egypt -Volume A, pages 375-379
GARCIA M.L., BASELGA, M. , VICENTE, J.S. , LAVARA, R. - Selection response on reproductive characters in a maternal line of rabbits - Volume A, pages 381-387
GARCIA M..L., BASELGA M., PEIRO R. - Correlated response on growth traits in a line selected for litter size at weaning - Volume A, pages 389-395
GARCÍA M.L. , BASELGA M., LAVARA R., LAVARA, F., VICENTE J.S. - Reproductive characters in crossbreeding among three maternal lines of rabbits. - Volume A, pages 397-402
GARREAU H., SZENDRÖ Zs., LARZUL C., ROCHAMBEAU H. de - Genetic parameters and genetic trends of growth and litter size traits in the White Pannon breed - Volume A, pages 403-408
GÓCZA E., HIRIPI L., KOBOLÁK J., BÕSZE Zs - First step toward the establishment of a totipotent rabbit ES cell line: derivation of OctNeo/EGFP transgenic rabbit - Volume A, pages 409-415
GOMEZ E.A., RAFEL O., RAMON J. - Preliminary genetic analyses of Caldes Line: a selection experiment for a global objective - Volume A, pages 417-423
HIRIPI L., MÉSZÁR Z., MAKOVICS F., BÕSZE Zs., HALTER R., PAUL D., CARNWATH J.W., NIEMANN H. - Generation of transgenic rabbits bearing a mWAP-hFVIII-MtI fusion gene - Volume A, pages 425-429
KHALIL M.H., AFIFI E.A. - Heterosis, maternal and direct additive effects for litter performance and postweaning growth in Gabali rabbits and their F1crosses with New Zealand White - Volume A, pages 431-437
KORSTANJE R., VAN ZUTPHEN L.F.M., VAN LITH H.A. - A genetic map of the rabbit: an important tool for genetic studies - Volume A, pages 439-442
LARZUL C., GONDRET F., COMBES S., GARREAU H., ROCHAMBEAU H. De - Divergent selection on 63-day body weight in rabbit: preliminary results - Volume A, pages 443-448
LOBERA J., RUIZ F., FERRÁNDEZ F., BASELGA M., TORRES C. - Terminal sire and production of meat rabbit - Volume A, pages 449-455
LUKEFAHR S. D., MCNITT J. I., DUANGJINDA M., MISZTAL I. - Additive and dominance genetic effects on postweaning growth in New Zealand White rabbits - Volume A, pages 457-462
LUKEFAHR S. D., HAMILTON H. H. - Longevity and cumulative litter productivity in straightbred and crossbred Californian and New Zealand White does - Volume A, pages 463-468
MOCÉ M. L., PILES M., SANTACREU M. A., BLASCO A. - Correlated response to selection for uterine capacity on teat number and effect of teat number on survival rate - Volume A, pages 469-473
PONCE DE LEÓN R., GUZMÁN G., QUESADA MAE., MORA M., FEBLES M. - Reproductive performance of four rabbit breeds with concentrate:forage diets in the subtropics - Volume A, pages 475-481
RASTOGI, R.K. , LUKEFAHR, S.D., LAUCKNER, F.B. - Heritability and repeatability of litter traits based on dam records from a tropical rabbit population in Trinidad, West Indies - Volume A, pages 483-489
SANTACREU M.A., ARGENTE M.J.,MOCE M.L., BLASCO A. - Selection for uterine capacity. 2 : response to selection estimated with a cryopreserved control population. - Volume A, pages 491-495
YOUSSEF Y.M.K. , KHALIL M.H., AFIFI E.A., El-RAFFA A.M.E., ZAHED S.M. - Heritability and non genetic factors for lifetime production traits in New Zealand White rabbits raised in intensive system of production - Volume A, pages 497-503

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  Growth & Meat Quality (volume A p 507-669)

DALLE-ZOTTE A. - - Main factors influencing the rabbit carcass and meat quality.(Main paper) - Vol A , 507-537.
PLA M., DALLE-ZOTTE A. - Harmonization of criteria and methods used in rabbit meat research. - (Round Table) - Vol. A, 539-545.

AGRAHAR-MURUGKAR D, GUPTA J.J., YADAV B.P.S, DAS A. : Carcass evaluation and acceptability studies on rabbits in north eastern hill region of India , Vol A , 539-551.
BERSENYI A., FODOR KINGA, FEKETE S., ESZES F., GASPARDY A., ZOLDAG L. : Influence of feeding intensity on the growth of different body measurements . Vol A , 553-560.
BIELANSKI P., ZAJAC J., FIJAL J. :Effect of genetic variation on growth rate and meat quality in rabbits . Vol A , 561-566.
CAVANI C., BIANCHI M., LAZZARONI C., LUZI F., MINELLI G., PETRACCI M. - Influence of type of rearing, slaughter age and sex on fattening rabbit : 2 .meat quality. Vol A, 567-572.
COMBES S,.AUVERGNE A,. LEBAS F.- Effect of cooking temperature on Warner - Bratzler tenderness measurement in rabbit meat . Vol A , 573-578.
DAL BOSCO A., CASTELLINI C., BERNARDINI M. -Productive performance and carcass and meat characteristics of cage- or pen-raised rabbits . Vol A , 579-583.
FIJAL J., KOWALSKA D., BIELANSKI P., ZAJAC J. - Effect of rabbit management conditions on performance . Vol A , 585-589.
GYARMATI T., SZENDRÖ Zs., ZOMBORSZKY-KOVACS M., MATICS Zs., RADNAI I., BIRO-NEMETH E. - Effect of double suckling and early weaning on the weight and length of the gastrointestinal tract . Vol A , 591-598.
JEHL N., DELMAS D., LEBAS F. - Influence of the male rabbit castration on meat quality 1/ performances during fattening period and carcass quality . Vol A , 607-612.
LEBAS F., JEHL N., JUIN H., DELMAS D.: Influence of the male rabbit castration on meat quality. 2/ physico-chemical and sensory quality . Vol A , 599-608.
LUZI F., LAZZARONI C., BARBIERI S., PIANETTA M., CAVANI C., CRIMELLA C. - Influence of type of rearing, slaughter age and sex on fattening rabbit : 1. productive performance . Vol A , 613-619.
MASOERO G., BERGOLIO G., ABENI E., BOLET G. - Comparison of six breeds of rabbits ny NIRS evaluation of three tissues., Vol A, 621-627.
MILISITS G., ROMVARI R., SZENDRÖ Zs., MASOERO G., BERGOGLIO G. - The effect of age and weight on slaughter traits and meat composition of Pannon white growing rabbits. Vol A , 629-636.
MILISITS G., ROMVARI R., SZENDRÖ Zs., HORN P. - Non-invasive study of changes in the body composition of growing rabbits using x-ray computer tomography . Vol A , 643-649.
MILISITS G., SZENDRÖ Zs., MIHALOVICS GY., BIRO-NEMETH E., RADNAI I., LEVAI A. - Use of the TOBEC method for predicting the body composition of growing rabbits . Vol A , 637-642.
PILES M., BLASCO A., VARONA L., PLA M. - Correlated response to selection on growth curves in rabbits selected for increasing growth rate . Vol A , 651-658.
PLA M., APOLINAR R. - The filter-paper press as method for measuring water holding capacity of rabbit meat . Vol A , 659-662
ZIENTEK H., BRZOZOWSKI M., ROGULSKI W. - The contents of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, nickel) in muscles, kidneys and livers of young meat rabbits raised on small family farms in industrial region of Katowice city, Poland. Vol A , 663-669.

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  Fao main Session : The use of rabbit in sustainable production systems for rural areas in developping countries ( volume B pages 13-148)

FINZI A. (Main paper) Raising rabbits for food security Volume B, pages 13-38

BÂLBÂIE T. , DAVID N. , STANCIULESCU M. , POP T. -Rabbit breeding in Romania past, present and future Volume B, pages 39-42
BERCHICHE M., ZERROUKI N., LEBAS F. - Reproduction performances of local Algerian does raised in rational conditions .Volume B, pages 43-49
CAPRA G., BLUMETTO O., ELIZALDE E. - Meat rabbit production in Uruguay -Volume B, pages 51-58
DAS A , BUJARBARUAH K.. DEKA, T , VERMA N.. - Rabbit a potential micro livestock for eastern himalayan region of India - Volume B, pages 59-61
FINZI A., CIORBA P., MARGARIT R. - A cooling system able to reduce the Relative Humidity - Volume B, pages 63-68
FRUTTERO G., SEDILESU F.,MARGARIT R., FINZI A. - Efficiency of a new open air rabbit housing system - Volume B, pages 69-73
GACEM M. , LEBAS F. - Rabbit husbandry in Algeria. : technical structure and evaluation of performances. - Volume B, pages 75-80
GULYANI R., KUMAR S. and SINGH R. N. - Status of broiler rabbit rearing technology in the semi-arid region of India. - Volume B, pages 81-87
GUPTA N. P., POKHARNA A. K., SHAKYAWAR D. B., SINGH R. N. - Status of Angora Wool Production and Utilisation in India - Volume B, pages 89-96
IBRAHIM M. A. R., KHALIL H. M. , EL-SHAMAA I.S., ABDEL-GLIL A.A., HAMED R. S. - Productive and reproductive performances of rabbits raised by small holders in rural development Egyptian villages or raised in a large scale rabbitry - Volume B, pages 97-102
KPODÉKON M., GNIMADI A., DJAGO Y., KOUTINHOUIN B., FAROUGOU S. - Rabbit production and network in Benin in 1998. - Volume B, pages 103-110
LOPEZ M., H. LOSADA, R. SORIANO, J. VIEYRA, J. CORTÉS Y L. ARIAS. - Storing centres as a strategy for the commercialisation of rabbit's meat, in the Southeast of Mexico City. - Volume B, pages 111-115
MAHENDRARAJAH. E. S. - Opportunities and need for rabbit raising in the tea gardens of Sri Lanka - Volume B, pages 117-119
PAUL D.C., HUQUE Q.M.E., SALAH UDDIN M. - Potentiality of Rabbit Production and Activity of Rural Women in Bangladesh - Volume B, pages 121-124
RAFAY J. - Situation and prospects of broiler rabbits breeding in Slovakia - Volume B, pages 125-130
RIVERÓN S. - Present situation of rabbit production in Cuba - Volume B, pages 131-134
SANDOVAL S., RIOJA A., LÓPEZ M. - Production of pet rabbits in a Mexico's city farm. - Volume B, pages 135-139
ZEISING C. - Rabbit production in Ciskei - do more than ten years of existence prove sustainable development ? - Volume B, pages 141-148

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  Pathology & Prophylaxis (volume B pages 151-371)

MARLIER D., BERTAGNOLI S. - (Main paper) Virus infections of rabbits - Volume B, pages 151-166
LICOIS D., COUDERT P, CERÉ N., VAUTHEROT J.F. - Epizootic enterocolitis of the rabbit: Review of current research (Round Table) - Volume B, pages 187-194

BADIOLA J.I., FAUS C., PÉREZ DE ROZAS A.M., GOROSTIAGA O., ROSELL J.M. - Mucoid enteropathy: treatment with Apramycin of naturally infected rabbits - Volume B, pages 195-198
BARRAL E., BIET F., DUIVON D., FILLEUL J.P., PRIM R. - Assessment of the extent of lesions, parasites and bacteria in rabbit farms contaminated by epizootic rabbit enterocolitis (ERE) - Volume B, pages 195-205
CERÉ N., NIEPCERON A., VASSEUR M., LORROT M., VAUTHEROT J.F., LICOIS D. - Detection of rabbit rotavirus by polymerase chain reaction in faeces and comparison of gene 9 sequence between two isolated strains - Volume B, pages 207-213
COUDERT P., LICOIS D., ZONNEKEYN V. - Epizootic rabbit enterocolitis and coccidiosis: a criminal conspiracy - Volume B, pages 215-218
COUDERT P., RIDEAUD Patricia, RABOTEAU D. - Epizootic rabbit enterocolitis: Spontaneous evolution and attempt to control the disease. - Volume B, pages 219-224
COUDERT P., ZONNEKEYN V. - The anticoccidial activity of Cycostat 66G against coccidiosis in fattening rabbits. - Volume B, pages 225-231
DUPERRAY J., ECKENFELDER B., PUYBASSET A., RICHARD A., ROUAULT M. - Interest of zinc bacitracin in the treatment and the prevention of the epizootic rabbit enterocolitis syndrome in growing rabbit. - Volume B, pages 233-240
FINAZZI G., CARDETI G., PACCIARINI M.L., LOSIO M., TAGLIABUE S. - Characterization of strains of E. coli isolated from rabbits with enteritis in Lombardia and Emilia-Romagna during the triennium 1997-1999 - Volume B, pages 241-247
GRACIA E., VILLA A., FERNANDEZ A.,ALBIZU I., BASELGA R. - Respiratory and reproductive pathology in rabbits farms : prevalence of pathogens in lungs and uterus by immunocytochemistry. - Volume B, pages 249-253
GRAZIOLI S., LAVAZZA A., SCICLUNA M.T., AGNOLETTI F., GUERCIO A., FALLACARA F., BROCCHI E., CAPUCCI L. - Epidemiological survey on the diffusion of the first subtype of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDVa), in some Italian regions - Volume B, pages 256-259
GUITIÁN J., CORRALES J.C., PRIETO C., VEGA, M.D., CACHALDORA P., FERNÁNDEZ P.; HERMIDA M.J., SANJUÁN M.L., YUS E. - An assay of experimental mucoid enteropathy with commercial dry rabbits pellets - Volume B, pages 261-263
HERMANS K., DE HERDT P., DEVRIESE L., GODARD C., HAESEBROUCK F. - Colonisation of rabbits with Staphylococcus aureus after experimental infection with high and low virulence strains. - Volume B, pages 265-271
HERMANS K., HAESEBROUCK F., VANEECHOUTTE M., DEVRIESE L., GODARD C., DE HERDT P. - Differentiation between high and low virulence Staphylococcus aureus strains from rabbits by randomly amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD)-analysis. - Volume B, pages 273-279
LE GALL-RECULÉ G., ZWINGELSTEIN F., LE GALL G. - Development of an immunocapture-RT-PCR assay for the detection and molecular epidemiology study of rabbit haemorrhagic disease viruses (RHDV) - Volume B, pages 281-287
LEMIÈRE S. - Combined vaccination against myxomatosis and VHD: an innovative approach - Volume B, pages 289-297
LICOIS D., COUDERT P, CERÉ N., VAUTHEROT J.F. - Epizootic enterocolitis of the rabbit: review of current research - Volume B, pages 299-306
MACCHIONI P.,MARIANI G., FINZI A. - Epidemiology of epizootic rabbit enterocolitis in rabbits raised without chemical treatments - Volume B, pages 307-310
MAERTENS L., VAN HERCK A., VANDEKERCHOVE D., COUDERT P., ZONNEKEYN V. - The effect of Cycostat 66G against intestinal coccidiosis in fattening rabbits. - Volume B, pages 311-315
MILITARU M.,MILITARU D., CIOBOTARU E., DOJANA N. , DRAGAN N., ARDELEANU C., MANOLESCU N., POP A., DINESCU G., FILERU F.F. - Appendix in the rabbit. morphology of development and reactivity under natural and experimental conditions - Volume B, pages 317-324
NIEDDU D., GRILLI G., GELMETTI D., GALLAZZI D., TOCCACIELI S., LAVAZZA A. - Electron microscopy detection of viral agents in rabbits with enteropathy during the period 1982-1999 in Italy - Volume B, pages 325-333
PRADELLA G., SAGGIORATO M., BUCCI A. - Field experience on the use of injectable Tilmicosin in rabbit does during post-partum period - Volume B, pages 351-353
PRADELLA G., SAGGIORATO M.,ORLANDO C., GRILLI G. - Evaluation of Apramycin administered in feed for the control of colibacillosis in commercial rabbits - Volume B, pages 341-344
RICHARD A., RÉMOIS G., LAFARGUE-HAURET P. - Effect of zinc Bacitracin on epizootic rabbit enterocolitis. - Volume B, pages 345-349
SAGGIORATO M., PRADELLA G., GRILLI G., GALLAZZI D., PISONI A. - Evaluation of Tilmicosin in feed for the treatment of pasteurellosis in commercial rabbits - Volume B, pages 335-339
SAVIOTTI M., TAMBA M., GALLAZZI D., LAVAZZA A. - Further data on the diffusion of Encephalitozoon cuniculi in Italian rabbitries - Volume B, pages 356-362
UROSEVIC M.. SKANDRO Mevla - Clinical pathology of rabbits in intensive rabbit breeding in Yougoslavia - Volume B, pages 369-371
VANDEKERCHOVE D., CHARLIER G., ROELS S. - A naturally occurring case of mucoid enteropathy in a specific pathogen free (SPF) rabbit - Volume B, pages 363-368

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  Management & Economy (volume B pages 375 - 488)

SZENDRÖ Zs. - The nutritional status of foetuses and suckling rabbits and its effects on their
subsequent productivity: a review (Main paper) - Volume B, pages 375-393

AGUIRRE J., FERNÁNDEZ J. I., DE BLAS C., FILLAT F.,- Traditional management of the rustic rabbit in mountain areas: the case of the Gistain valley of the central Pyrenees of Huesca . - Volume B, pages 395-400
CAMACHO A., MATA J., BERMEJO L.A. , CASTAÑON J.I.R. - Canary island rabbit breeding sector, an overview. - Volume B, pages 401-406
CANET, M., SANTACREU M.A., TORRES, C. - Effect of disease processes on reproductive performance of rabbit does. - Volume B, pages 407-412
CLIMENT A., SANTACREU M. A., GARCÍA S., BLASCO A. - The use of transponders as a method for individual identification of rabbits and rabbit carcasses. - Volume B, pages 413-418
KAHAN C., ROCA T. - A proposal family rabbit-breeding in agricultural populations with low economic resources for LatinoAmerica. - Volume B, pages 421-426
LAZZARONI C., LUZI F., BIAGINI D. - Economic evaluation of production costs in an Italian rabbitry with slaughterhouse - Volume B, pages 427-433
MAERTENS L., VAN HERCK A. - Performances of weaned rabbits raised in pens or in classical cages: First results - Volume B, pages 435-440
McNITT, J.I. - Evaluation of two weaning methods for rabbits - Volume B, pages 441-446
MIRABITO L., GALLIOT P., SOUCHET C. - Effect of different ways of cage enrichment on the productive traits and mortality of fattening rabbits - Volume B, pages 447-451
SZENDRÖ Zs., GYARMATI T., MAERTENS L., RADNAI I., BIRÓ-NÉMETH E., MATICS Zs. - Trials to produce rabbit young nursed by two does. 1. Milk production of does and milk intake of young - Volume B, pages 453-460
SZENDRÖ Zs., GYARMATI T., MAERTENS L., RADNAI I., BIRÓ-NÉMETH E., MATICS ZS. - Trials to produce rabbit young nursed by two does. 2. Weight gain, body weight and mortality of young - Volume B, pages 461-467
TANGORRA F.M., PROVOLO G., CASTROVILLI C. - Ambient conditions and economic losses in intensive rabbit breeding - Volume B, pages 469-475
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ZAJAC J., BIELANSKI P., FIJAL J. - Elaboration of an ecological method for utilization of fur animal excrements - Volume B, pages 483-488

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  Ethology & Welfare (volume B pages 491- 565)

VERGA M. -- Intensive rabbit breeding and welfare: development of research, trends and applications. (Main paper) Vol. B, 491-509.

CANALI C., DIVERIO S., BARONE A., DAL BOSCO A., BEGHELLI V. - The effect of transport and slaughter on rabbits reared in two different production systems. Vol. B, 511-517.
KÁRPÁTI K., CHERITAH L., BILKÓ Á. - Nipple-switch and nipple-search behaviour: factors contributing to the efficiency of suckling. Vol B, 519-424.
FINZI A., CIORBA P., MACCHIONI P. - Rabbit does behaviour in choosing living area in the underground cell system. Vol. B, 525- 529.
HOY St. - The use of infrared video technique and computer supported analysis in investigations of rabbit behaviour. Vol. B, 531-536.
HOY St., SEITZ K., SELZER D., SCHÜDDEMAGE M. - Nursing behaviour of domesticated and wild rabbit does under different keeping conditions. Vol. B,537-543.
LAFUENTE R., LOPEZ M. - Effects of stunning method on some instrumental and sensory qualities of rabbit meat. Vol. B, 545-551.
MARGARIT R., FINZI A. - Setting of feeders, waterers and nest-boxes in two-floor cages for animal welfare. Vol. B, 553-557.
PETERSEN J., SCHLENDER-BÖBBIS I., MENNICKEN L. - Evaluation of optimal slat distance in slatted floor for rabbits using behavioural studies. Vol. B, 559-565

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  Wool & Fur production (volume B pages 569-635)

ALLAIN D., THEBAULT R.G. - Measurement of fibre and fleece characteristics in angora wool : comparison of OFDA and cross section methods - Volume B, pages 569-574
ROCHAMBEAU H. De., ALLAIN D., THEBAULT R.G., VRILLON J.L., BONNET M. - Divergent selection experiment for total fleece weight in angora rabbits: Preliminary results - Volume B, pages 577-580
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EIBEN Cs., SZENDRÖ Zs., ALLAIN D., THÉBAULT R.G., RADNAI I., BÍRÓNÉ NÉMETH E., LANSZKI J. - Effect of dam and sire genotype on reproduction traits in normal-haired, angora and their single-cross rabbits - Volume B, pages 591-596
EIBEN Cs., SZENDRÖ Zs., ALLAIN D., THÉBAULT R.G., RADNAI I., BÍRÓNÉ NÉMETH E., LANSZKI J. - Survey on wool yield in angora rabbits of different genetic background - Volume B, pages 599-604
EIBEN Cs., SZENDRÖ Zs., ALLAIN D., THÉBAULT R.G., RADNAI I., BÍRÓNÉ NÉMETH E., LANSZKI J. - Study on growth and carcass characteristics in normal-haired and angora rabbits of different genetic background - Volume B, pages 607-612
LANSZKI J., THÉBAULT R-G., ALLAIN D., SZENDRÕ Zs., EIBEN Cs. - The effects of melatonin treatment on wool production in angora rabbits - Volume B, pages 615-620
LANSZKI J., THÉBAULT R-G., ALLAIN D., SZENDRÕ Zs., EIBEN Cs. - The effect of melatonin treatment on hair follicle cycle in angora rabbits - Volume B, pages 623-628
LI Fu-Chang , WANG Jian-Min, GU Feng-Zhu , YU Zhen-Yang , TAN Xue-Li - Studies on growth development and wool production of shearing angora rabbit - Volume B, pages 631-635

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  Nutrition & Digestive Physiology (volume C pages 15 -506)

CARABAÑO R., De BLAS J.C., GARCÍA A.I. - Recent advances in nitrogen nutrition in rabbits (Main paper) - Volume C, pages 15-28 (pdf coming soon)
FERNÁNDEZ-CARMONA J., PASCUAL J.J., CERVERA C. - The use of fat in rabbit diets (Main paper) - Volume C, pages 29-59
ANADÓN A.,MARTÍNEZ-LARRAÑAGA M.R. - The use of drugs in rabbit meat production. Benefits and risks (Round Table) - Volume C, pages 507-524

ABOUL-ELA S., ABD EL-GALIL K., ALI F.A. - Effect of dietary fiber and energy levels on performance of post- weaning rabbits - Volume C, pages 61-67
AMBER K.H. - Effect of replacing mung beans (Phaseolus aureus) for soybean meal in diets for growing rabbits. - Volume C, pages 69-75
ARVEUX P., MONTAGNE M., GATELLIER Valérie, ELIZALDE J., GUILLOU D. - Assessing pellet quality for rabbits through physical or chemical analysis and relationship with growth performance and liveability - Volume C, pages 77-82
AYYAT M.S. , MARAI I.F.M. - Growth performance and carcass traits as affected by breed and dietary supplementation with different zinc levels, under Egyptian conditions - Volume C, pages 83-88
BALAKIREV N.A., ALEXANDROVA V.S., ALEXANDROV V.N., TINAEVA E.A. - The use of zeolite in the feeding of rabbits - Volume C, pages 89-94
BELENGUER A., FONDEVILA M., BALCELLS J., TORRE C. - Effect of the source and level of cereal in diet on the rabbit caecal environment and microbial population - Volume C, pages 95-100
BELENGUER A, BALCELLS J., FONDEVILA M., TORRE C. , GUADA J. A. - Effect of dietary carbohydrates on caecotrophes production. Purine derivatives methods against faecal collection - Volume C, pages 101-107
BENNEGADI N., GIDENNE T., LICOIS D. - Non-specific enteritis in the growing rabbit: Detailed description and incidence according to fibre deficiency and sanitary status. - Volume C, pages 109-117
BERCHICHE M., KADI S.A., LEBAS F. - Valorisation of wheat by-products by growing rabbits of local Algerian population - Volume C, pages 119-124
BHATT R.S. - Replacement of maize with rice polish in the feeding regime of weaner rabbits. - Volume C, pages 125-130
BLAS E., FALCAO L., GIDENNE T., PINHEIRO V., GARCÍA A.I., CARABAÑO R. - Measurement of ileal digestibility in rabbits: an inter-laboratory study to compare two markers and two frequencies of digesta collections - Volume C, pages 131-137
BLAS E., FERNÁNDEZ-CARMONA J., CERVERA C., PASCUAL J.J. - Digestible energy of different wheat brans for rabbits - Volume C, pages 139-143
CALABRÒ S., NIZZA A., SANNA C., PICCOLO V. - Fermentation kinetics of some feedstuffs for rabbits using the in vitro gas production technique - Volume C, pages 145-152
CARABAÑO R., GARCIA A.I., BLAS E. , FALCAO L. , GIDENNE T., PINHEIRO V. - Collaborative studies on caecotrophy in adult rabbits: Effect of feed intake and methodology - Volume C, pages 153-159
CASTELLINI C., BRECCHIA G., CANALI C., BOITI C. - Effect of different percentages of sucrose in drinking water on reproductive performance and energy balance of primiparous lactating rabbit does - Volume C, pages 153-159
DEBRAY L., GIDENNE T., FORTUN-LAMOTHE L., ARVEUX P. - Digestive efficiency before and after weaning, according to the dietary starch/fibre ratio - Volume C, pages 167-174
DOJANÂ N., DINISCHIOTU A., MILITARU M. - The effect of thyroxin, insulin, hydrocortisone or adrenaline administration on pancreatic exocrine secretion in rabbit - Volume C, pages 175-181
ERDÉLYI M., VIRÁG GY., MÉZES M. - Effect of supranutritional additive selenium supply on the tissue selenium concentration and the activity of glutathione peroxidase enzyme in rabbit - Volume C, pages 183-188
FALCÃO E CUNHA L., JORGE J., FREIRE J.P., PEREZ H. - Fat addition to feeds for growing rabbits, differing in fiber level and nature: effects on growth rate, digestibility and caecal fermentation patterns - Volume C, pages 191-197
FEKETE S. G., ZÖLDÁG L., KINGA Fodor, BERSÉNYI, A. - Feeding-genotype interaction during rearing of growing breeding female rabbits: its relation to chemical composition - Volume C, pages 199-202
FERNÁNDEZ-CARMONA J., SANTIAGO S. - Effect of lucerne- based diets on the reproductive performance of rabbit does at high environmental temperatures - Volume C, pages 203-208
GARCÍA J., NICODEMUS N., ESPINOSA A., PÉREZ-ALBA L., DE BLAS J.C., CARABAÑO R. - Effect of inclusion of grape-seed meal on disaccharidase activity in the small intestine of growing rabbits - Volume C, pages 209-215
GARCÍA J., NICODEMUS N., PÉREZ-ALBA L., CARABAÑO R., DE BLAS J.C. - Characterization of fibre digestion of grapeseed meal and sunflower hulls in rabbits. I. Fibre digestibility and rate of passage - Volume C, pages 225-231
GARCÍA J., NICODEMUS N., ESPINOSA A., CARABAÑO R., DE BLAS J.C. - Characterization of fibre digestion of grapeseed meal and sunflower hulls in rabbits. II. Caecal and caecotrophy traits - Volume C, pages 217-223
GIDENNE T., JEHL N. - Caecal microbial activity of the young rabbit: Incidence of a fibre deficiency and of feed intake level. - Volume C, pages 233-239
GOBY J.P., ROCHON J.J., LASBAT J. - The results with an alternative dietary supplement (Digeston) for antibiotics on the reproduction and fattening performances of rabbits housed in open air - Volume C, pages 241-246
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GUIMARÃES CAVALCANTE S., MOTTA FERREIRA. W. - Bioavailability of dietary zinc sources for fattening rabbits - Volume C, pages 255-260
GUTIÉRREZ I., GARCIA REBOLLAR P., CARABAÑO R., DE BLAS J.C. - Effect of supplementation with animal plasma and antibiotics on jejunal morphology of early-weaned rabbits - Volume C, pages 263-267
GUTIÉRREZ I., CACHALDORA P., CARABAÑO R., DE BLAS J.C. - Effect of supplementation with animal plasma and antibiotics of starter diets in rabbits - Volume C, pages 269-274
GUTIÉRREZ I., GARCÍA J., CARABAÑO R., MATEOS G.G., DE BLAS J.C. - Effect of exogenous phytase on phosphorus and nitrogen digestibility in growing-finishing rabbits - Volume C, pages 277-281
GYARMATI T., SZENDRÖ Zs., MAERTENS L., BIRÓ-NÉMETH E., RADNAI I., MILISITS G., MATICS Zs - Effect of suckling twice a day on the performance of suckling and growing rabbits - Volume C, pages 283-289
HEINZL E.L., LUZI F. ,BARBIERI S. , ZECCHINI M., PETRACCI M., CRIMELLA C. - Effect of propilene glycol in the drinking water on the performances of growing rabbits - Volume C, pages 291-296
KÓSA Emma, PAPP Z., RAFAI P., FEKETE S. - The pancreatic hydrolases activity in pregnant rabbits - Volume C, pages 299-303
LASWAI G.H., LUGEMBE K.K.M., MOSHAR.D., KIMAMBO A.E. - Estimates of nutrient digestibility, growth performance, slaughter traits and blood parameters in rabbits fed diets containing various levels of Crotalaria ochroleuca - Volume C, pages 305-311
MARAI I.F.M., AYYAT M.S., ABDEL-MONEM U.M. - Young doe rabbit performance traits as affected by dietary zinc, copper, calcium or magnesium supplements, under winter and summer conditions of Egypt - Volume C, pages 313-318
MAROUNEK M., DUŠKOVÁ D., SK?IVANOVÁ V., SAVKA O.G. - Isotachophoretic determination of phytic acid in the feed and faeces of rabbits - Volume C, pages 321-326
MARTINEZ-AISPURO O., PRO-MARTINEZ A., BECERRIL-PEREZ C.M., CUCA-GARCIA J.M., GARCIA-MATA R., LUKEFAHR S.D. - High forage diets supplemented with synthetic amino acids on the performance of fattening rabbits - Volume C, pages 327-331
MONTESSUY S., MOUSSET J.L., MESSAGER B. - Effect of dietary protein and threonine level on performances of growing rabbits - Volume C, pages 333-338
NICODEMUS N., GARCIA J., CARABAÑO R., DE BLAS J. C. - Performance response of growing rabbits to inclusion level of soya bean hulls and grape seed meal - Volume C, pages 341-346
PACI G., BAGLIACCA M., ROSSI G. - Performances and digestibility of a complete feed with or without alfalfa hay in growing rabbits - Volume C, pages 349-355
PAPADOMICHELAKIS G., FEGEROS K., XYLOURI-FRANGIADAKI E., PAPADOPOULOS G. - Effects of dietary energy and protein content on libido and semen characteristics of bucks - Volume C, pages 357-362
PAPANTONAKIS K., XYLOURI -FRANGIADAKI E., SABATAKOU O. - Daily composition of digesta in different parts of the large intestine in normal and bulbectomized bucks - Volume C, pages 365-369
PAPP Z., RAFAI P., KÓSA Emma, JAKAB L., FEKETE S. - Effect of dietary energy level on performance in female rabbits - Volume C, pages 373-376
PASCUAL J.J., FONFRÍA M.J., ALQEDRA I., CERVERA C., FERNÁNDEZ-CARMONA J. - Use of lucerne-based diets on reproductive rabbit does. - Volume C, page 379-384
PASCUAL J.J., FERNÁNDEZ-CARMONA J., FERNÁNDEZ C., DÍAZ J.R., GARCÉS C., RUBERT-ALEMAN J., LLOPIS S.,MUELAS R. - Nutritive evaluation of rabbit diets by different in vitro digestibility methods - Volume C, pages 385-388
PINHEIRO V., GIDENNE T. - Substitution of wheat by potato starch for growing rabbits : effect on performances, digestion and health. - Volume C, pages 391-396
RÉMOIS G., ABIVEN N., LEDAN L., LAFARGUE-HAURET P., BOURDILLON A. - Effect of dietary fibre and energy content on mortality and growth performances of rabbits in case of epizootic rabbit enterocolitis - Volume C, pages 399-405
ROCHA J.C., GOMES A.V.C., CRESPI M.P.A. L., SOUZA D.D.N. - Effect of particle size of coast cross hay (Cynodon dactylon) on caecotrophy and some digestive parameters - Volume C, pages 407-412
ROMMERS J.M., KEMP B., MEIJERHOF R., NOORDHUIZEN J.P.T.M. - Rearing conditions in rabbit: Effect of litter size before weaning on feed intake and body development, and composition of young rabbit does - Volume C, pages 416-421
SCAPINELLO C., ANTUNES E.B., MELO E.V.I. , FURLAN A.C., JOBIM C.C. - Nutritive value and utilization of leucaena hays (Leucaena leucocephala & Leucaena leucocephala cv. Cunningham) for growing rabbits - Volume C, pages 423-428
SEQUEIRA J., GARCÍA RUÍZ A., VILLAMIDE M.J. - Effect of grinding and extrusion on the digestibility of wheat and corn by rabbits - Volume C, pages 429-434
SEQUEIRA J., NICODEMUS N., CARABAÑO R., VILLAMIDE M.J. - Effect of type of wheat and addition of enzymes on some digestive parameters at different sampling time. - Volume C, pages 437-442
SKRIVANOVÁ V., MAROUNEK M. - Fermentation of N-containing compounds in rabbit caecal cultures - Volume C, pages 445-449
STANCO G., CALABRÒ S., FONTANA S., VIGLIOTTI D., NIZZA A. - The use of in vitro gas production to characterise the fermentation pattern of the caecal content of hare: A preliminary study - Volume C, pages 451-457
SZENDRÖ Zs., MIHÁLOVICS Gy., MILISITS G., BIRÓ-NÉMETH E., RADNAI I. - Effect of reduction of feeding time on the performances and carcass quality of growing rabbits - Volume C, pages 459-465
TROCINO A., XICCATOG., QUEAQUE P.I., SARTORI A. - Feeding plans at different protein levels: Effects on growth performance, meat quality and nitrogen excretion in rabbits - Volume C, pages 467-473
VILLAMIDE M.J., GARCÍA J., BLAS E., CERVERA C. - Comparison among methods of nutritional evaluation of fibrous ingredients - Volume C, pages 475-481
XICCATO G., TROCINO A., SARTORI A., QUEAQUE P.I. - Early weaning of rabbits: effect of age and diet on weaning and post-weaning performance - Volume C, pages 483-490
XICCATO G., TROCINO A., MAERTENS L., DE BOEVER J.L., PEREZ J.M., ANDRIEU J. - European harmonisation of Near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy (NIRS) analysis on rabbit feeds: first steps - Volume C, pages 491-497
ZOMBORSZKY-KOVÁCS M., GYARMATI T., PÁRIZS T., SZENDRÖ Zs., KAMETLER L., TÓTH Á. - Some physiological properties of the digestive tract in traditionally reared and exclusively milk-fed young rabbits - Volume C, pages 499-504

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