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Genetics and Breeding (pages 3 - 146)

Fontanesi L. (Italy) - The rabbit in the genomics era: applications and perspectives in rabbit biology and breeding. (Invited paper). 3-18.

Chen D.J., Sang L., Sun S.K., Chen Y.F., Xie X.P. (China) - Cloning and sequence analysis of Nramp1 gene in Fujian yellow rabbit. 19-22.
Chen Y.F., Chen D.J., Sun, S.K., Sang ., Xie X.P., Ding X.H. (China) - Characteristics and performances of the minxinnan black rabbit. 23-26.
Deng F., Jia X., Chen S.Y., Wang J., Lai S.J. (China) - Profiling of intestinal microbiome in rabbit. 27-30.
Emam A.M., Afonso S., Azoz A.A.A., González-Redondo P., Mehaisen G.M.K., Ahmed N.A.,Ferrand N. (Egypt, Portugal & Spain) - Microsatellite polymorphism in some Egyptian and Spanish common rabbit breeds. 31-34.
Emam A.M., Afonso S., Azoz A.A.A., González-Redondo P., Mehaisen G.M.K., Ahmed N.A., Ferrand N. (Egypt, Portugal & Spain) - Origin of Egyptian and Spanish common rabbits: evidence from mitochondrial DNA cytochrome b sequence analysis. 35-38.
Fu C.Y., Ning L.C., Liu L., Li F. C.(China)- Identification of the rabbit GPR41 and GPR43 genes and their expression pattern in different tissues and developmental stages. 39-42.
Garreau H., Gilbert H., Molette C, Larzul C, Balmisse E., Ruesche J., Secula-Tircazes A., Gidenne T., Drouilhet L. (France) - Direct and correlated responses to selection in two lines of rabbits selected for feed efficiency under ad libitum and restricted feeding. 43-46.
Garreau H., Ruesche J., Gilbert H., Balmisse E., Benitez F., Richard F., David I., Drouilhet L., Zemb O. (France) - Microrabits: a factorial design to evaluate genetic and maternal effects on growth and feed efficiency in a line selected for residual feed intake. 47-50.
Gunia M., David I., Hurtaud J., Maupin M., Gilbert H., Garreau H. (France) - Genetic parameters for resistance to infectious diseases in two French paternal meat rabbit lines. 51-54.
Kasza R., Donkó T., Szendrö Zs., Radnai I., Gerencsér Zs., Kacsala L., Farkas T.P., Matics Zs. (Hungary) - .Divergent selection for total body fat content 1. effect on the reproductive performance of rabbit does. 55-58.
Kasza R., Donkó T., Szendrö Zs., Radnai I., Gerencsér Zs., Kacsala L., Farkas T.P., Matics Zs. (Hungary) - Divergent selection for total body fat content of rabbits: 2. effect on productive performance - Preliminary results. 59-62.
Kuang L.D., Xie X.H., Lei M., Li C.Y., Ren Y.J., Guo Z.Q., Zheng J., Zhang X.Y., Zhang C.X., Yang C. (China) - .Expression patterns of two genes associated with adipose deposition during growth and development in two rabbit breeds. 63-66.
Lenoir G., Garreau H. (France) - Survival analysis of longevity in breeding does. 67-70.
Lenoir G., Morien F. (France) - Estimation of genetic parameters for carcass traits evaluated by in vivo real-time ultrasonography in meat rabbit breeding. 71-75.
Martínez-Álvaro M., Blasco A., Hernández P. (Spain) - Effect of selection for intramuscular fat on fatty acid composition of several muscles in rabbits.77-80.
Martínez-Álvaro M., Penalba V., Blasco A., Hernández P. (Spain) - Effect of selection for intramuscular fat on instrumental texture and sensory traits in rabbits.81-84.
Mínguez C., Sánchez J. P, Hernández P., EL Nagar A.G., Ragab M., Baselga M. (Ecuador, Spain and Egypt) - Genetic analysis of meat quality traits in the progeny of rabbit does coming from a diallel cross. 85-88.
Nagy I., Szendrö K., Garreau H. (Hungary & France)- Developing selection indices for pannon large rabbits selected for average daily gain and thigh muscle volume, 89-92
Ondruska L., Parkanyi V., Vasicek D. (Slovakia) - The CRP promoter polymorphism of domestic rabbits. Preliminary study. 93-97.
Orheruata A.M., Imasuen A.J., Ichekor C. (Nigeria) - Assessing the genetic similarities and distance among rabbit populations using the random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique. 99-102.
Oseni S.O., Ajayi B.A., Popoola M.A. ( Nigeria) - Performance indices of New Zealand white does in south-western Nigeria. 103-106.
Ponce de León R. E., García Y., Guzmán G. S., Fraga L.M. (Cuba) - Viability and prolificacy traits in diallel crosses of four rabbit breeds. 107-110.
Robert R., Li M., Garreau H.(France & China) - Comparison of the genetic parameters and evolution of two raised populations separately but with the same origin and renewed from the same nucleus. 111-114.
Sánchez J.P., Ramon J., Rafel, O., Ragab M. , Piles M.( Spain & Egypt) - Using collective feed intake data to select for feed efficiency on full or restricted feeding regimen. 115-118.
Sang L., Chen D.J., Sun S.K., Chen Y.F., Xie X.P. (China) - Sequence analysis of cDNA encoding Fujian yellow rabbit inhibin beta-a subunit precursor protein. 119-122
Savietto D., Ródenas L., Martínez-Paredes E., Pascual J.J. (France & Spain) - Adjusting the age pyramid to promote a more sustainable and healthful rabbit production system. 123-126.
Wang J.L., Elzo M.A., Jia X., Chen S., Lai S. (China & USA) - .Calpastatin gene polymorphism is associated with rabbit meat quality traits. 129-132.
Wang L., Jia X., Chen S., Wang J., Lai S. (China) - Polymorphisms of PIK3CA and AKT3 genes and their association with growth traits of rabbits. 133-135.
Xie X.P.,Chen D.J., Sun S.K. Sang L., Chen Y.F., Lan Y.S., Lin P.P. (China).- Characteristics and performances of the Fujian White Rabbit. 137-140.
Zhang X.Y., Li C.Y., Zhang C.X., Zheng J., Yang C., Kuang L.D., Ren Y.J., Guo Z.Q., Lei M., Huang D.P., Deng X.D., Xie X.H. (China) - Single nucleotide polymorphisms in the rabbit toll-like receptor 1 (TLR1), TLR4 and TLR5 genes. 143-146.

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Reproduction (pages 149 - 249)

Daader A.H., Yousef M.K., Abdel-Samee A.M., Abd El-Nou S.A.(Egypt) Recent trends in rabbit does reproductive management: special reference to hot regions.(Invited paper).149-166.

Abdel-Khalek A.E., El-Ratel I.T., Younan G.E., Sara F. Fouda, Wafa W.N., El-Nagar H. (Egypt) - A potential role for coenzyme Q10 as energy and antioxidant agent in embryo production from follicular oocytes in rabbits. 167-170.
Ahmad E., Naseer Z., Aksoy M.(Turkey & Pakistan) - Supplementation of extender with reduced gluatathione (GSH) preserve rabbit sperm quality after cryopreservation. 171-174.
Amroun T.T., Bianchi L., Zerrouki-Daoudi N., Lebas F., Charlier M., Devinoy E., Martin P., Miranda G. (Algeria & France) - Characterization of the protein fraction of milk produced by two genetic types of rabbits in the region of Tizi-Ouzou. 175-178.
Bebin K., Destombes N., Robert R., Fournier E., Briens C., Gardan-Salmon D. (France) - Effect of plant extract on rabbit embryonic viability. 181-184
Dessouki S.H.M., Mehaisen G.M.K., Abbas A.O., Ashour G. (Egypt) - Sperm motility traits of cooled rabbit semen with different levels of melatonin. 185-188
Eiben Cs., Sándor M., Sándor F., Kustos K. (Hungary) - Effect of photostimulation, light source and season on reproductive performance of rabbit does. 189-192
El-Ratel I.T., Younan G.E., Sara F.F., Wafa W.N., El-Nagar H., Abdel-Khalek A.E. (Egypt) - Effect of free l-carnitine added to maturation medium on in vitro maturation, fertilization and culture of rabbit oocytes. 193-196.
Farkas T.P., Szendr? Zs., Matics Zs., Radnai I., Mayer A., Gerencsér Zs. (Hungary & Germany) - Effect of different nest materials on performance of rabbit does. 197-200.
Fayeye, T.R., Ayorinde,K.L. (Nigeria).-.Gestation length, litter size at birth and their effects on gestation weight gain, kindling loss, live body weight of kit and survival in domestic rabbit in Nigeria. 201-204.
Felipe-Pérez Y. E., García-Dalmán C., Gaytán-Mancilla F., López-Rodríguez J.L.,Cano-Torres R., Pescador-Salas N. (Mexico).- Oral administration of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and rabbit reproductive parameters.205-208
Ola S.I. (Nigeria) - OLIRAV: A simple, disposable rabbit artificial vagina device/procedure. 209-212.
Robert R., Bebin K., Loussouarn V., Dobe P., Gardan-Salmon D., Destombes N., Briens C. (France). Pregnancy diagnosis: a new, non-invasive method to estimate the prolificacy potential during rabbit gestation. 213-216.
Rodríguez M., Febrel N., López-Tello J., García-García R.M., Arias-Álvarez M., Millán P., Formoso-RaffertyN., Lorenzo P.L., Rebollar P.G. (Spain) - Preimplantational study in rabbit does supplemented with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. 217-220.
Rodríguez M., López-Tello J., Arias-Álvarez M., García-García R.M.,Formoso-Rafferty N., Lorenzo P.L., Rebollar P.G. (Spain)..Fetoplacental and organ development in foetuses of rabbit does supplemented with n-3 PUFA during pregnancy. 221-224.
Rosell J.M., de la Fuente L.F. (Spain) - Infertility of female rabbits on commercial units.225-228.
Sun C., Xie S., Huang T., Wang A., Zhang W., Wang D., Sun G., Qiao R., Han X., Li X., Li M. (China) - Molecular cloning and mRNA expression analysis of GDF9 gene in New Zealand White rabbits. 229-232.
Wang F.F., Wu Y.J., Qin Y.H. (China) - Effects of immunization against inhibin on the semen quality in Rex rabbits in summer. 233-236
Zahid N., Erkmen T.E., Ejaz A., Emrah I., Ayse N.A., Melih A., Nihat T.(Turkey & Pakistan) - Dietary quercetin might alleviate heat stress-induced testicular histopathological changes in rabbits. 237-240.
Zerrouki-Daoudi N., Chibah-Ait Bouziad K., Lebas F. (Algeria & France) - Effect of litter size at birth and of number of suckled kits, on the milk production in two genotypes of rabbit does raised in Algeria. 241-244.
Zhang K., Chen S., Du D., Fu X., Wen B., Liu N.,Xu C., Yu Z., Jian W., Wang P., Guo X., Wang L., Yang H., He G., Liu H. (China) - Phenotypic variation of teat number in Chuanbai Rex rabbit and association with SNPs polymorphism of ESR and FSH? genes. 247-249.

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Nutrition & Digestive Physiology (pages 253 - 334)

Abdel-Khalek A.M., Soliman AS., Rabie T.S., Greash M.K. (Egypt) - Effect of dietary supplementation with potential antioxidants and tannins on growing rabbit performance during summer season. 253-256.
Ayandiran S.K., Odeyinka S.M. (Nigeria) - Performance and digestion of rabbits fed bread waste and Moringa oleifera leaf as energy and protein sources. 257-260.
Balaceanu R.A., Cotor G., Codreanu I., Stoica L., Dojana N. (Romania) - Changes in blood parameters in post-weaning rabbits fed by different fibre or starch dietary level. 261-264.
Balaceanu R.A., Raita St., Toba G.L., Stoica L., Dojana N. (Romania) - Serum digestive enzyme activity before and after weaning in rabbits fed on protein, starch or fiber enriched diets...265-268.
Chodová D., Tumová E., Volek Z. (Czech Republic) - One week feed restriction in early weaned rabbits: 2-slaughter parameters and muscle fibre characteristics. 269-272.
Dairo F.A.S., Agunbiade S.O., Durojaiye B., Onisile D.S. (Nigeria) Utilization of different plant leaf meals by growing rabbits. 273-276.
Dorchies P., Menini F.X., Salaün J.M., Bourdillon A., Tétrel P. (France) - Effect of a low energy feed given ad libitum on preparation of young rabbit females for their reproductive career- preliminary results. 277-280.
Kacsala L., Gerencsér Zs., Szendrö Zs., Nagy, I. , Radnai I., Odermatt M., Matics Zs. (Hungary) - Piglet feed based additional solid feed for suckling kits.281-284.
Kacsala L., Szendrö Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Radnai, I., Kasza, R., Odermatt M., Matics Zs. (Hungary) - Additional solid feed for suckling kits - effect of thyme supplementation. 285-288.
Lang C., Masthoff T., Spies M., Weirich C., Hoy St. (Germany) - How does the structure of feedstuffs influence ethological and nutritional parameters of rabbits. 289-292.
Lebas F. (France) - Estimation of digestible energy content and protein digestibility of raw materials by the rabbit, with a system of equations. 293-297.
Liu G.Y., Zhao N., Zhu Y.L., Wu Z.Y., Liu L., Li F.C. (China) - Effects of dietary vitamin B6 on the non-specific immune response of growing rabbits. 299-302.
Liu L., Sui X., Li F. (China) - Acetate inhibits hypothalamic JNK signalling in rabbits. 303-306.
Lu J., Long X., He Z., Yang Y., Shen Y., Pan Y., Zhang S., Li H. (China) - Effect of dietary citrus pulp on growth performance, blood metabolites of rabbits. 307-310.
Malabous A., Colin M., Gerfault V., Prigent A.Y., Shi D. (France) - Influence of a mycotoxin binder compound, defitox®, on the performances and some biochemical and histological characteristics of growing rabbits fed by mycotoxins contaminated feed..311-314.
Minuti A., Uboldi O., Calamari L., Piccioli-Cappelli F., Bani P., Ferrari A., Gachiuta O., Trevisi E. (Italy) - Metabolic and biochemical pre-partum conditions in primiparous and multiparous rabbit does with different litter size. 315-318
Pan X., Qin F., Yang J., Pan Y., Shao L., Li S., Zhang L., Wang J. (China) - Growth and expression of CaBP-D28K in small intestine of the rabbit, according to wavelengths of light. 319-322.
Qin F., Pan X.Q., Yang J., Shao L., Li S., Zhang L.L., Li J. (China) - Effect of dietary arginine on rabbit growth and mRNA expression of GM-CSF in jejunum. 323-326.
Ren Y.J., Zhu L., Xie X.H., Kuang L.D., Guo Z.Q., Zhang X.Y., Li C.Y., Yang C., Zhang C.X., Zheng J., Lei M. (China) - Effects of Bacillus coagulans on performance and intestinal physiology of growing rabbits. 327-329
Tumová E., Chodová D. (Czech republic). One week feed restriction in early weaned rabbits:1- Performance and internal organs development. 331-334.

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Feed & Feeding (Pages 337- 474)

Maertens L., Gidenne T. (Belgium & France). Feed efficiency in rabbit production: nutritional, technico-economical and environmental aspects (Invited paper). 337-350

Abdel-Khalek A.M., Ragab Ayat A. (Egypt) - Effect of dietary zinc levels on some performance traits of doe and weaning rabbits under summer season conditions. 353-356
Abu O.A., Turner L.S. (Nigeria) - Chemical composition of some tropical forages and coefficient of preference in rabbits. 357-360
Arnau-Bonachera A., Baselga M., Pascual J.J. (Spain) - Feed intake in reproductive rabbit does: animal's view.. 361-364
Birolo M., Trocino A., Tazzoli M., Maccarana L., Xiccato G. (Italy) - Effect of feeding programme on growth and body balance of meat rabbits. 365-368
Bouchier M., Rebours G., Vastel P., Reys S. (France) - Effect of feed energy supply form on fattening rabbits' performance and feeding cost. 369-372
Combes S., Massip K., Martin O., Furbeyre H., Balmisse E., Le Floch N., Zemb O., Oswald I.P., Gidenne T. (France) - Effect of housing hygiene conditions and feed intake on specific and inflammatory immune response, bacterial cecal fermentation and survival of rabbits. 373-376
Djellal F., Kadi SA., Madani T., Abbas K., Bannelier C., Gidenne T. (Algeria & France) - Nutritive value of fresh ash (Fraxinus angustifolia) leaves for growing rabbits. 377-390
Dorbane Z., Kadi S A., Boudouma D., Berchiche M., Bannelier C., Gidenne T. (Algeria & France) - Nutritive value of crude olive cake (Olea europaea L.) for growing rabbit. 381-384.
Duperray J., Grand E., Launay C., Laurent J.M., Adelis R. ( France) - Interest of a fasting period to improve growth performances of fattening rabbit.385-388.
El-Tahan Hatem M., Amber Kh., Morsy W A., Kotb S.G., Farag M.D. (Egypt) - Effect of using low protein diet with irradiated tomato pomace on growth performance of growing new rabbits. 389-392.
Hassan F.A., Ibrahim M.R.M., Basyony M.M. (Egypt) - Effect of chickpea screenings by-products as untraditional energy source on performance of growing rabbits. 393-396.
Guermah H., Maertens L. (Algeria & Belgium) - Feeding value of brewer's grain and maize silage for rabbits. 397-400
Guo Z.Q., Lei M., Li C.Y., Ren Y.J., Kuang L.D., Zhen J., Zhang X.Y., Zhang C.X., Yang C., Xie X.H. (China) - Research on nutrition evaluation of citrus pulp in meat rabbit. 401-403
Gu W.T, Colin M., Wang G.Q., Liu C.X., Zhang L.X., Yang H.J., Prigent A.Y. (China & France) - Influence of a mycotoxin binder based on chinese herb extracts on the mortality and performances of the growing rabbits. 405-409
Idahor K.O., Yakubu A., Sokunbi O.A., Osaiyuwu O.H., Jibrin M., Yakubu A.F., Bello A.Y., Musa Y., Musa A. (Nigeria) - Proximate composition of shea nut meal, its inclusion in grower rabbit diets and elicited physiological responses. 411-414.
Ismail F.S.A, Elgogry M.R., Morsy W.A., El-Tahan H.M. (Egypt) - Effect of using sugarcane bagasse with or without enzymes in rabbit diets on growth performance of growing rabbits. 415-418.
Jacquier V., Combes S., Estelle J., Oswald I.P., Gidenne T., Rogel-Gaillard C. (France) - Impact of antibiotherapy and rapidly fermentable fiber in the diet of young rabbit assessed by transcriptomic approaches: preliminary results. 419-422
Kadi S. A., Belaidi-Gater N., Djourdikh S., Aberkane N., Bannelier C., Gidenne T. (Algeria & France)..Feeding Quercus ilex acorns to fattening rabbits: effects on growth and carcass characteristics. 423-426.
Li Y.Q., Ren K.L., Cao L., Zheng J.T., Niu X.Y., Liang M.W., Wang F., Feng G.I. (China) - The effects of different coarse fodders in diet to tissue morphology of digestive tract in rex rabbit. 427-430.
Lu J., He Z., Shen Y., Dai X., Wang D., Zhang J., Li H. (China) - Effect of feed restriction on growth performance, blood metabolites and liver hormones in rabbits. 431-433.
Marín-García P.J., Ródenas L., Martínez-Paredes E., Blas E., Cervera C., Pascual J.J. (Spain) - Are growing diets providing enough protein to high growth rate rabbits? 435-438
Read T., Combes S., Gidenne T., Destombes N., Balmisse E., Aymard P.,Labatut D., Bébin K., Fortun-Lamothe L. (France) - Effect of energy level in doe diet on intake and performances of young rabbits before and after weaning. 439-442
Read T., Fortun-Lamothe L., Gidenne T., Destombes N., Cauquil L., Pascal G., Gabinaud B., Balmisse E., Aymard P., Labatut D., Combes S. (France) - Effects of feeding strategy on the maturation of cecal microbiota in young rabbits.443-446.
Ren Z.J., Song B., Wang J.L., Feng Q.(China) - Effects on intestinal health of weaned-rex rabbits of diets with different NDF levels. 447-450
Saiz A., Nicodemus N., Marco M., Fernandez B., Terreros E., García-Ruiz A.I. (Spain) - Effect of type and dietary fat inclusion on growing rabbit performance and nutrient retention from 34 to 63 days of age. 451-454
Thu N.V., Dong N.T.K. (Vietnam) - A response of feed intake, carcass value and economic return of crossbred rabbits (New Zealand x local) to the mixed or separate feedings. 455-458
Uhlírová L., Volek Z., Marounek M., Skrivanová E. (Czech Republic) - The effect of a diet based on whole lupin seed (Lupinus albus cv amiga) on sanitary risk index and the growth of growing-fattening rabbits. 459-462.
Vastel P., Bouchier M., Rebours G., Faussier G., Coulmier D. (France) - Comparison of two methods related to the ligneous fraction analysis. 463-466
Volek Z., Uhlírová L., Marounek M., Tumová E., Zita L. (Czech Republic).The effect of dried chicory root added to the restrictive feed ration of rabbits on health status, performance and caecal and carcass traits. 467-470.
Zarraa S., Colin M., Prigent A.Y., Shi D. (France) - Possible deleterious effects of excessive consumption of vitamin E in rabbit performance and health before and after weaning. 471-474.

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Pathology & Hygiene (Page 477 - 634)

Badiola I. , Perez de Rozas A. , Gonzalez J., Aloy N. , García J. , Carabaño R. (Spain) - Recent advances in ERE in growing rabbits (Invited paper). 491-502.
Xun S., Fang W., Liu X.Y., Song Y.H., Wang Y.Z., Xue J.B., Tao G.R., Fan Z.Y., Li C., Hu B., Gu X.L., Wei H.J., Qiu R.L., Liu X. (China) - Control of rabbit coccidiosis and rabbit haemorrhagic disease: impact of recombinant DNA technology (Invited paper). 477-489.

Agnoletti F., Brunetta R., Bonfanti L., Ferro T., Guolo A., Marcon B., Puiatti C., Bano L. (Italy) - Antimicrobial resistance and drug consumption in rabbit farming. 503-506.
Boucher S., Plassiart G., Bignon L. (France) Study of healing of the umbilicus in newborn farms rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus). . 513-516.
Brunetta R., Mazzolini E., Bano L., Berto G., Guolo A., Ferro T., Puiatti C., Rigoli R., Tonon E., Zandonà L., Drigo I., Agnoletti F. (Italy) - A three-year prospective study shows clonal spreading of t5210 ST398 MRSA in rabbits and farm workers of one industrial farm..517-520.
Garcia J., Rosell J.M. (Spain) - Ulcerative pododermatitis on a rex rabbit farm, Spain, 2005-2015. 521-524
Grand E., Weissman D., Jarrin M., Adelis R., Launay C. (France) - Methodology of reproduction of colibacillosis on rabbits: effect of the age at inoculation and the strain. 525-529.
Gu X., Wang Y., Fang S., Li C., Tao G., Cui P., Suo X., Liu X. (China) - Eimeria media: selection and characterization of a precocious line. 531-534.
Hu B., Fan Z.Y., Wang F., Song Y.H., Wei H.J., Liu X., Qiu R.L., Xu W.Z., Yuan W.Z., Xue J.B. (China) - A new variant of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus g2 strain isolated in China. 509-512.
Kimsé M., Dakouri S.A., Koné M.W., Komoin O. C., Coulibaly M. , Yapi Y.M., Fantodji A.T., Otchoumou A. (Côte d'Ivoire) - Rabbit's coccidian species in a tropical endemic area.. 541-544.
Kylie J., Reid-Smith R., McEwen S., Weese J.S., Boerlin P., Turner P.V. (Canada) - Evaluation of antimicrobial resistance in Ontario commercial meat rabbits. 545-548.
Le Normand B., Chatellier S., Mercier P. (France) - Natural Passalurus ambiguus infestation in a rabbit farm. Interest of the mini flotac method to assess helminth eggs and to ensure 1 year follow-up of animals after flubendazole based treatments. 553-556.
Legendre H., Hoste H., Gidenne T. (France) - Sainfoin in rabbit diet: impact on performances and on a nematode challenge. 549-552.
Li C., Wang Y., Tao G., Gu X., Suo X., Liu X. (China) - Attenuation of Eimeria intestinalis through selection of a precocious line. 557-560
Li Y., Wang Y., Tao G., Cui Y., Suo X., Liu X. (China) - Prophylactic and therapeutic efficacy of ponazuril against rabbit coccidiosis. 567-570.
Liu J.S., Kong D.S., Jiang Q., Yu Z., Hu X.L., Guo D.C., Huang Q.Q., Jiao M.H., Qu L.D. (China) - Production, characterization, and epitope mapping of monoclonal antibodies against different subtypes of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus?RHDV). 535-538
Liu Y., Chen H., Qin F.Y.,Wei Q., Xiao C.W., Ji Q.A., Bao G.L. (China). - Identification of two new immun-protective candidates proteins for the development of Bordetella bronchiseptica subunit vaccine. 561-565.
Marino M., Pugliese N., Circella E., Cocciolo G., Papapicco C., Tondo A., Romito D., D'Onghia F., Camarda A. (Italy) - Circulation of different strains of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) in southern Italy: clinical and epidemiological findings. 571-574.
Montbrau C., Padrell M., Ruiz M.C. (Spain) - Efficacy and safety of a new inactivated vaccine against the rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus 2-like variant (RHDV-2). 575-578.
Rommers J.M., de Greef K.H. (The Netherlands) - Are pre-weaning health problems transferred to later phases in parc housed meat rabbits? 579-582.
Shi D., Savietto D., Prigent A.Y., Gidenne T., Colin M., Combes S., Zemb O., Fortun-Lamothe L. (France) - Interest and limits of adding exogenous hard feces in the nest box on the rabbit performances and health before and after weaning. 583-586
Shi T.Y., Tao G.R., Bao G.L., Suo J.X., Fu Y., Hao L.L., Suo X. (China) - Stable transfection of Eimeria intestinalis and investigation of its life cycle, reproduction and immunogenicity. 595-598.
Song Y.H., Wang F., Fan Z.Y, Hu B., Liu X., Wei H.J, Xue J.B., Qiu R.L. (China) - Interaction of novel RHDV B-cell epitopes with HBGA. 627-630.
Tao G., Wang Y., Li C., Gu X, Liu X., Suo X. (China) - Cloning and characterizing profilin gene from rabbit coccidia Eimeria magna. 587-590.
Tao G., Wang Y., Li C, Liu X., Suo X. (China) - Transgenic Eimeria magna expresses EYFP throughout the entire life cycle. 591-594.
Valladares C.B., Zamora E.J.L., Ortega S.C., Felipe-Pérez Y.E., Castro M.J., Velázquez O.V., Alonso F.M.U., Sánchez T.J.E., Gutiérrez C.A., Reyes R.N.E., Zaragoza B.A., Aparicio B.J.E. (Mexico) - Coenurosis in a wild rabbit [hare]. Case report. 599-602.
Valls L., Sánchez-Matamoros A., Padrell M., Maldonado J. (Spain) - Temporal evolution of rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) and impact of vaccination during the RHD epidemic in Spain 2013-2015. 603-606
Wang Y., Tao G., Li C., Gu X., Suo X., Liu X. (China) - Protection of rabbits against coccidiosis by co-infection with Eimeria magna, E. intestinalis and E. media. 607-610.
Xiao C.W., Liu Y.J., Quan A., Wei Q., Li K., Pan L.J., Bao G.L. (China) - Antifungal activity of ethanol extract of Phellodendron amurense and Cochinchina mormodica against Microsporum canis-induced dermatitis in rabbits. 611-615.
Xie X.T., Bil J., Shantz E., Hammermueller J., Turner P.V.(Canada) - Prevalence of pathogenic viruses within Ontario commercial meat rabbits. 617-620.
Yang R., Cao L.T., Fu L.Z., Wang Y.K., Tan Q.H., Li C.X., Zhang Y.F., Xu D.F., Wang X.Y. (China) - Prevalence of coccidiosis in domestic rabbits in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area of China. 621 -624.
Zarraa S., Colin M., Prigent A.Y., Shi D. (France) - Possible deleterious effects of excess of vitamin E in rabbit performance and health before and after weaning. 631-634.

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Ethology & Welfare (Pages 637 - 737)

Hoy St., Matics Zs (Germany & Hungary) - Alternative housing systems for rabbit does (Invited paper). 637-651.

Bertotto D., Radaelli G., Negrato E., Birolo M., Di Martino G., Xiccato G., Trocino A. (Italy) - Changes of stress indicators in different matrices in growing rabbits before and after transport. 653-656
Bignon L., Boucher S., Rousseau C., Bourin M. (France) - Definition of indicators to evaluate consciousness of rabbit at the time of slaughter and optimisation of parameters for animal protection. 657-660.
Farkas T.P., Dal Bosco A., Szendrö Zs., Filiou E., Matics Zs., Odermatt M., Radnai I., Paci G., Gerencsér Zs. (Hungary & Italy) - Production of growing rabbits in large pens with and without multilevel platforms.. 663-666.
Farkas T. P., Szendrö Zs., Matics Zs., Radnai I., Mayer A., Gerencsér Zs. (Hungary & Germany) - Preference of rabbit does among different nest materials. 667-670.
Gerencsér Zs., Farkas T.P., Dal Bosco A., Filiou E., Matics Zs., Odermatt M., Paci G., Szendrö Zs. (Hungary & Italy) - The usage of multilevel platforms in growing rabbits housed in large pens as affected by platform material (wire-mesh vs plastic-mesh). 671-674.
Gerencsér Zs., Kustos K., Szabó R.T., Mikó A., Odermatt M., Radnai I., Matics Zs., Szendrö Zs. (Hungary) - Mating behaviour of rabbit does and bucks in groups (preliminary results). 675-678.
González-Redondo P., Finzi A. (Spain & Italy) - Efficiency of the rabbit underground cell keeping system in reducing heat summer stress. 679-682.
Liu P., Wang M.Z., An L., Li Q., Liu Z.Y., Tian J. H., Wu Z.H. (China) - A modified heat recovery ventilation system for rabbit houses in cold climates in Northeast China. 683-686.
Liu Z.Y., Feng Y.S., Wu Z.H. (China) - Behaviour of lactating does under environments without or with cooling in summer and without heating in winter. 687-690.
López M. (Spain) - Perception of stress factors concerning rabbit transport from the farm to the abattoir. 691-694.
Machado L.C., Martínez-Paredes E., Paragliota F., Cervera C. (Brazil, Spain & Italy) - Performance and health status of primiparous rabbits does housed in individual and collective cages. 695-698.
Machado L.C., Martinez-Paredes E., Paragliola F., Cervera C. (Brazil, Spain & Italy) - Performance of rabbit kits originating from collective and individual cages. 699-702.
Maertens L., Buijs S. (Belgium) - Comparison of fattening performances of rabbits housed in parks or enriched cages. 703-706.
Maertens L., Buijs S. (Belgium) - Impact of housing system (cage vs. part-time housing) and floor type on rabbit doe welfare. 707-710.
Maertens L., Buijs S. (Belgium) - Production performances of rabbit does in a part-time group housing system. 711-714.
Masthoff T., Lang C., Hoy St. (Germany) - Effect of group size on fattening performance and of various types of slatted floor on dirtiness and occurrence of pododermatitis in growing rabbits . 715-718.
Szendrö Zs., Matics Zs., Szabó R.T., Kustos K., Mikó A., Odermatt M., Gerencsér Zs. (Hungary) - Agressivity and its effect on lifespan of group housed rabbit does. Preliminary results. 719-722.
Trocino A., Zomeño C., Birolo M., Zuffellato A., Xiccato G. (Italy) - Characterization study of aggressive behaviours in group-housed rabbit does. 723-726.
Turner P.V., Ramsay C.A., Wepruk J.R. (Canada) - Development of a national code of practice for Canadian commercial meat rabbit producers. 727-730.
Walsh J., Percival A., Lawlis P., Turner P.V. (Canada) - Efficacy of blunt force trauma versus non-penetrating captive bolt for on-farm euthanasia of pre-weaned kits, growers and adult rabbits. 731-734.
Walsh J., Tapscott B., Turner P.V. (Canada) - Evaluation of producer attitudes regarding on-farm euthanasia methods for commercial meat rabbits. 735-737.

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Quality of products (Pages 741 - 798)

Abdel-Khalek A.M., El-Refaay W.H., Ragab, A.A. (Egypt) - Effect of dietary selenium levels on blood glutathione peroxidase activity and some meat quality traits of rabbits. 741-744.
Ayandiran, S.K., Odeyinka, S.M. (Nigeria) - Carcass quality and blood components of weaner rabbits feeds bread waste and Moringa oleifera Leaf. 745-748.
Dabbou S., Renna M., Lussiana C., Gai F., Rotolo L., Kovitvadhi A., Brugiapaglia A., Helal A. N., Zoccarato, Gasco L. (Tunisia & Italy) - Inclusion of bilberry pomace in growing rabbit diets improves the nutritional quality of fat in the biceps femoris muscle. 749-752.
Donkó T., Czakó B., Nagy I., Kovács, Gy., Petneházy O., Kasza R., Szendrö Zs., Garamvölgyi, R., Matics Zs. ( Hungary) - Total body fat content determination by means of computed tomography (CT) in rabbits. 753-756.
He Z.F., Xia Q.Y, Li H.J.(China) - Effects of diets with increasing levels of citrus pulp on meat quality and fatty acid composition of growing rabbits. 803-806.
Li H.J., He Z.F., Liu Y. N., Liu S.J., Qin Y.H., Liu Y., Mao H.J., Tao X.Q., Yan Y.K., Yang C.D., Pang S.M. (China) - Effect of slaughtering age on some chemical traits of two rabbit muscles. 757-760.
Mattioli S., Castellini C., Martino M., Marsili V., Dal Bosco A.(Italy) - Dietary supplementation of wheat sprouts extract and oxidative status of growing rabbit. 761-764.
Mattioli S., Dal Bosco A., Ruggeri S., Terova G., Davidescu M., Macchioni L., Corazzi L., Castellini C. (Italy) - Maternal dietary supplementation of n-3 fatty acids: effect on ?6-desaturase expression and activity of suckling rabbits. 765-768.
Mendoza-Velázquez N., Pérez-Toribio I., Sánchez-Torres J.E., Domínguez-Vara I.A., Felipe-Pérez Y. E. (Mexico) - Carcass characteristics, pH and meat color of rabbit fed diets with and without omega-3 dietary supplementation. 769-771.
Moumen S., Melizi M., Zerrouki N. (Algeria) - Evaluation of the carcass quality and yield at slaughter in rabbit of local Algerian population reared in the Aures area. 777-781.
Moumen S., Melizi M., Zerrouki N. (Algeria) - The evaluation of organoleptic parameters of rabbit meat, was a notable way to promote the rabbit meat consumption. 783-786.
North M.K., Nkhabutlane P., Hoffman L.C. (South Africa) - The effect of age and breed on carcass composition and portion yield in rabbits.773-776.
Popoola M.A., Oseni S.O., Adetoro B.O., Makinde G.O. (Nigeria) - Assessment of households' consumption of rabbit meat in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria. 787-790.
Szendrö Zs., Kasza R., Matics Zs., Donkó T., Gerencsér Zs., Radnai I., Cullere M., Dalle Zotte A. (Hungary & Italy) - Divergent selection for total body fat content of growing rabbits 3. Effect on carcass traits and fat content of meat. 791-794.
Wang Z.M., He Z.F., Li H.J. (China) - Mass transfer dynamics during salt brining of rabbit meat. 799-802.
Xie Y.J., He Z.F, Zhang E., Li H.J. (China) - Characterization of the volatile compounds in rabbit meat using gas chromatography mass spectrometry with simultaneous distillation extraction. 795-798

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Fur & Wool (Pages 809 - 888)

Dai H., Zhu R.Y, Zhang Z.C, Zhang Y. (China) - Innovative processing technologies for rabbit skin and hair (Invited paper). 809-819.

Bai L.Y., Yang L.P., Gao S.X., Sun H. T., Jiang W.X. (China) - Optimum wool harvest of Angora rabbits. 821-824.
Cui J.H., Liu A.R., Lv S.Q., Shi J.L., Zhang Z.C., Cheng Y.B. (China) - Research on quality of rex rabbit hide in paramos climate zone of Hulun Buir area in Inner Mongolia. 825-828.
Dai H., Zheng Z. X., Liu D., Zhang Z. C. (China) - Determination of formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde in rabbit fur by HPLC. 829-832
Demars J., Iannuccelli N., Utzeri V.J., Fontanesi L., Allain D. (France & Italy) - The MLPH expression is decreased in rabbits owning a dilution of coat colour. 833-836.
Huang D.W., Zhao H.L., Cheng G.L., Zhao X.W., Yang Y.X., Wang X.F., Xu J. (China) - Location of genes associated with hair length of rabbit. 837-840
Li B.J., Wen B., Liu H., Zhang Z.C., Fu X.C., Wang P. (China) - The assessment of the influence of cysteine dosage in feed on rex rabbit skin's quality. 841-844.
Liu H., Liu H.Y., Chen Y.Y., Li S.L., Zhang Z.C. (China) - The formaldehyde-free tanning method of rex skin based on Zirconium-Aluminum complex tanning agent. 845-848.
Liu H.Y., Jiang Y. P., Liu H., Li L.X., Zhang Z. C. (China) - The influence of low temperature plasma on dyeing of rex fibers. 849-852.
Luo Q.Q., Gao H.Q., Peng L.H., Liu G.Y., Zhang Z.C.(China) - Characterization of the micro structure and antibacterial properties of the hair fiber modified by Pegylated Chitosan. 853-856.
Niu X.Y., Cao L., Li Y. P., Zheng J.T., Feng G.L., Fan A.F., Huang S.F., Ren K.L. (China) - Transcriptome analysis of coat color genes in rex rabbit. 857-860.
Qian Q.X., Ma J.X., Zhang G.Z., Xie C.S., Ren L., Qian B.Q. (China) - Breeding and application of Zhexi angora rabbits. 861-864.
Wu Z.Y., Li F.C., Liu H.L., Fu C.Y., Liu G.Y. (China) - Mechanisms of hair follicle cycle regulated by Wnt-10b in rex-rabbits from birth to 2-month-old. 865-868.
Zhang K., Fu X.C., Liu N., Wen B., Xu C.W., Du D., Yu Z.J., Jian W.S., Wang P., Guo X.L., Wang L.H., Yang H., He G.M., Liu H.Z. (China) - Identification and differentiation of transcriptome profiles in chinchilla and white rex rabbit skin. 869-872.
Zhao B.H., Chen Y., Yan X. R., Hao Y., Zhu J., Weng Q.Q., Wu X.S. (China) - Gene expression on profiling analysis reveals coat color formation in rex rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus). 873-876.
Zhao H.L., Huang D.W., Chen S., Cheng G.L., Yang Y.X., Zhao X.W., Wang X.F., Xu J. (China) - Wan strain Angora rabbit-a novel breed in China. 877-879.
Zhao N., Liu G.Y., Zhu Y.L., Wu Z.Y., Liu L., Li F.C. (China) - Study of suitable supplementation of pantothenic acid to growing rex rabbits. 881-884.
Zheng J.T., Cao L., Li Y.P., Niu X.Y., Feng G.L., Fan A.F., Tang Y.P., Huang S.F., Ren K.L. (China) - Effects of melatonin on growth performance and fur quality of rex rabbit. 885-888.

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Management & Economics (pages 891 - 1024)

Raharjo Y.C., Bahar S. (Indonesia) - Rabbit production and research in Asia : perspectives and problems (Invited paper). 891-920.

Buitrago-Vera J., Escribá-Perez C., Baviera-Puig A., González-Redondo P., Montero-Vicente L. (Spain) - Consumer segmentation based on food-related lifestyles and analysis of rabbit meat consumption. 923-926.
Chapagain U., Lukefahr S.D. (Nepal & USA) - Rabbit production in Nepal: a solution to food insecurity and poverty. 927-930.
de Greef K., Rommers J., Lavrijsen S. (The Netherlands) - Market and society driven innovations in the Dutch rabbit production system. 953-956
Duprat A., Goby J.P., Roinsard A., Van Der Horst F., Le Stum J., Legendre H., Descombes M., Theau J.P., Martin G., Gidenne T. (France) - Pasture finishing of organic rabbit : grass intake and growth - First results. 931-934
Gao Y., Zheng Z.H. (China) - Consumer demand for rabbit meat in urban China: 2011-2015. 937-940..
Huang D., Wu L.P., Cao F.F., Kang J.P., Seema B. (China) - Partial equilibrium analysis and forecast of Chinese rabbit meat market. 947-951
Kimsé M., Coulibaly K.A.S., Gnanda B.I, Otchoumou A.A. (Côte d'Ivoire & Burkina Faso) - Characterization of rabbit's productions in the district of Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. 957-960.
Kovitvadhi A., Sanyathitiseree P., Gasco L., Rukkwamsuk T. (Thailand & Italy) - Meat rabbit production in Central, Western and Eastern Thailand: Social network and current status. 961-964.
Li L.L., Seema B., Wu L.P. (China) - Dramatic changes of Chinese Angora rabbit industry from 2011 to 2015: reasons, challenges and countermeasures. 965-968.
Li S., He Z.F., Li H.J. (China) - The current situation and developing prospects of packaging of Chinese rabbit meat products. 969-972.
Mahunguane S.J.S., Ambula M.K., Bebe B.O. (Kenya & Mozambique) - Effects of weaning age on carcass quality of rabbits reared on smallholder farms in Kenya. 977-980.
Martino M., Mattioli S., Cambiotti V., Mugnai C., Moscati L., Castellini C., Dal Bosco A. (Italy) - Effect of a prototype of colony cage with removable walls on the reproductive performance of rabbit does. 981-984.
Menini F.X., Dorchies P., Salaün J.M., Tétrel P. (France) - Energy balance and atmosphere management parameters of buildings for rabbits. 985-988.
Nie J., Wu L.P., Ju R. (China) - Forecasting the price change of coarse rabbit wool by the technical analysis indicators. 989-992.
Oluwatusin F.M. (Nigeria) - Determinants of rabbit keeping in south western Nigeria. 993-997
Oseni S.O., Atumah C.R., Popoola M.A., Ajayi B.A. (Nigeria) - A SWOT analysis of commercial rabbit operations in Southwest Nigeria. 999-1002.
Oseni S.O., Lukefahr S.D.(Nigeria & USA) - Critical requirements for undergraduate training curriculum in rabbit production in less developed countries..1005-1008.
Ouertani E., Dabboussi I., Mejri A.(Tunisia) - The development prospects of rabbit sector in Tunisia based on a value chain diagnosis. 1009-1012.
Szendrö K., Szendrö Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Radnai I., Horn P., Matics Zs. (Hungary) - Economic value of rabbit lines selected for different criteria. 1013-1116.
Wu L.P., Seema B., Huang D. (China) - The contribution of Chinese rabbit industry and its sustainable development. 1017-1020.
Yan G., Zhu J.F. (China) - An analysis of technical efficiency of meat rabbit breeding industry in China. 1021-1024.
Zhan P., Zhu J.F. (China) - An analysis of the scale efficiency of meat rabbit industry in China. 943-946.

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