taken during the Congress

The photos are stored out ot the website itself , as they were sent to the Congress Organization.
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From each album you can see photos in the album or individually at the original size. You can also load the photos if you want

01-Opening Cermony
02-Genetics Session
03-Management Session
04-Meat Quality Session
05-Nutrition Session
06-Pathology Session
07-Reproduction Session
08-Epizootic Enteropathy Round Table
09-Meat Quality Round Table
10-Professional Organizations Round Table
11-Soluble fibre Round Table
12-Welfare Session & Round Table
13-WRSA Round Table
14-Closing Ceremony & Awards
15-Post Congress Tour
16-Gala Dinner
17-Registration Desk
19-Exhibition Area
20-Congress Place
Outside & Micellaneous

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