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 Genetics (pages 1 - 245)

Piles M. , Baselga M., Breeding programs for improving male reproductive performance and efficiency of ai dose production in paternal lines: feasibility and limitations -(Invited main paper)

Abdel-Kafy E.M., Hassan N.S., Morsy W.A., Ali Kh.A.A., El-Sawy M.A., Hassanein M.N.F., Sabra Z.A.M. Genetic parameters for litter traits in a local Baladi Black rabbit in Egypt.
Abdel-Kafy E.M., Hoda Shabaan M.A., El-Sayed A.F.M., Azoz. A.A.A., Abdel-Latif A. M. Genotype and age affect native immunity traits and oxidative status during suckling period
Abdel-Kafy, E.M., Hoda Shabaan M.A., El-Sayed A.F.M., Azoz. A.A.A., Abdel-Latif A. M. - Genotype and age effects on immunity traits, corticosterone and oxidative status in growing rabbits
Abdelli-Larbi O., Berchiche M., Bolet G., Lebas F. - Pre-weaning growth of kits based on mother's coat color and kindling season in Algerian rabbits population
Ajayi B. A., Oseni S.O. - Morphological characterisation and principal component analysis of body dimensions in Nigerian population of adult rabbits
Argente M.J., García M.L., Muelas R., Blasco A. - Divergent selection for residual variance of litter size .
Ben Larbi M., San-Cristobal M., Chantry-Darmon C., Bolet G. - Genetic diversity of rabbit populations in Tunisia using microsatellites markers.
Bielanski P., Kowalska D., Wrzecionowska M. - Conservation programme for the native Polish breed of Popielno White rabbits (Poland)
Bolet G., Zerrouki N., Gacem M., Brun J.M., Lebas F. - Genetic parameters and trends for litter and growth traits in a synthetic line of rabbits created in Algeria.
Brun J.M., Monniaux D., Tircazes A., Balmisse E., Bodin L., Theau-Clément M. - Is sexual receptivity of the rabbit does a heritable trait ? Preliminary results in divergent selection scheme
Chen S.J, Liu Y.J., Huang Y.T., Chen B.J., Gu Z.L. - Microarray analysis of gene expression profiles in Rex rabbit skin
Choudhury S., Goswami R.N. - Selection indices in New Zealand White breed of rabbit maintained at the Hilly Indian State of Meghalaia.
Drouilhet L., Garreau H., Tudela F., Ruesche J., Benitez F., Baillot C., Gidenne T., Larzul C. - Genetic determinism of feed efficiency in rabbit. Analysis of a selection experiment for two criteria of feed efficiency
Egena S.S.A, Akpa G.N., Aremu A., Alemede I.C. - Predicting body weight of rabbit from linear body measurements at various ages by genotype, parity and sex. (Nigeria)
El Nagar A. G., Sánchez J. P. Ragab M., Mínguez C., Baselga M. - Functional longevity in four Spanish maternal lines of rabbits
García M.L., Argente M.J., Muelas R., Birlanga V., Blasco A. - Effect of divergent selection for residual variance of litter size on health status and welfare
Garreau H., Bosze Z, Curik I., Piles M., Rogel-Gaillard C. Thulin C.-G. Fontanesi L. and the RGB-Net consortium - A collaborative European Network on Rabbit Genome Biology: RGB-NET
Garreau H., Brard S., Hurtaud J., Guitton E., Cauquil L., Licois D., Schwartz B., Combes S., Gidenne T. - Divergent selection for digestive disorders in two commercial rabbit lines: Response of resistant and sensitive crossbred young rabbits to an experimental inoculation of E. coli O-103
Grimal A., Safaa H.M., Saenz-de-Juano M.D., Viudes-de-Castro M.P., Mehaisen G.M.K., El-Sayed D.A.A., Lavara R., Marco- Jiménez F., Vicente J.S. - Phylogenetic relationship among four Egyptian and one Spanish rabbit populations based on microsatellite markers
Gyovai P., Farkas J., Radnai I., Szendrö Zs., Éles V., Nagy I. - Genetic parameters for average daily gain and thigh muscle volume measured by Computer Tomography in Pannon terminal line rabbits)
Kabir M., Akpa G.N, Nwagu B.I., Adeyinka I.A. - Litter traits in a diallel crossing of three rabbit breeds in Northern Guinea savannah zone of Nigeria
Khalil M.H., Al-Saef A.M. Genetic groups comparisons for litter and lactational traits and feeding parameters in program of synthesizing new lines of rabbits
Khalil M.H., El-Zarie M.F. Genetic groups comparisons for growth, carcass, meat quality and blood parameters in program of synthesizing new lines of rabbits (Egypt / Saudi Arabia)
Kuang L.D., Xie X.H. , Lei M., Li C.Y., Ren Y.J., Zhen J., Zhang X.Y., Guo Z.Q., Zheng Y.C. - Myosin heavy chain types and expression levels of myostatin and myogenin genes in muscle of two rabbit breeds
Laborda P., Santacreu, M. A., Blasco, A., Mocé, M.L. - Selection for ovulation rate in rabbits: oocyte concentrations of glutathione and ATP.
Lenoir G., Garreau H., Banville M. - Estimation of genetic parameters and trends for birth weight criteria in Hycole D line (France)
Li T., Wu T.W., Wan X.Y., Sun L.L., Shi F.Y., Pan Y.L., Wu X.S. - Development regularity of wool fiber and expression characteristics of keratin associated proteins gene in three rabbit breeds
Loussouarn V., Robert R., Garreau H. - Selection for weaning weight in Hyla breed: Genetic parameters and trends.
Mínguez C., Sánchez J.P., Ragab M., EL Nagar A.G., Baselga M.- Growth traits in four maternal rabbit lines.
Nagy I., Gyovai P , Farkas J., Radnai I., Éles V., Szendrö Zs. - Effects of selection and inbreeding on growth and carcass traits of Pannon terminal line rabbits.
Ogah D . M., Musa-Azara I. S., Alaku A. I., Ari M. M. Canonical correlation analysis of body measurements and carcass traits of cross bred rabbit population
Oseni S.O., Oke O.O. - Morphological and qualitative characteristics of a composite rabbit population in backyard systems in southwestern Nigeria
Piles M., Mocé M.L., Laborda P., Santacreu M.A. - Male contribution to prolificacy at early stage of gestation
Ragab M., Sanchez J.P., El Nagar, A.G., Mínguez C., Desantes J., Baselga M. - Crossbreeding effects on litter size components in rabbits
Sánchez J.P., Piles M. - Genotype by in farm temperature interaction on doe reproductive performance and length of productive life
Tumová E., Volek, Z., Chodová, D., Zita, L. - Rabbit genetic resources in the Czech Republic
Zhang W.X., Zhang G.W., Peng J., Lai S.J. - The polymorphism of GHR gene associated with the growth and carcass traits in three rabbit breeds
Zhang X.Y., Huang D.P., Zhang C.X., Xie L., Yang C., Li J.L., Deng X.D., Lei M., Xie X.H. - Detecting single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in toll-like receptor 2 gene in the rabbit
Ziadi C., Mocé M.L., Laborda P., Blasco A., Santacreu M.A. - Genetic selection for litter size and ovulation rate in rabbits: estimation of genetic parameters, direct and correlated responses
Zomeño C., Hernández P., Blasco A. - Direct and correlated phenotypic responses of selection in divergent selection for intramuscular fat in rabbits.

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 Reproduction (pages 247 - 451)

Pascual J.J. , Cervera C. , Baselga M. - Genetic selection and nutritive resources allocation in reproductive rabbit does (Invited main paper)

Ain-Baziz H., Boulbina I., Ilès I., Belabbas R., Zenia S., Tenim S. - Influence of environmental temperature and relative humidity on semen characteristics in male rabbit (Oryctolagus Cuniculus) of local Algerian population
Arruda-Alencar J.M., Viana-Neto A.M., Souza C.E.A., Martins J.A.M., Moreno F.B., Moreira A.C.O., Guerreiro M.E.F., Moura A.A. - Major proteins of the seminal plasma of New Zealand White rabbits and association with semen criteria
Belabbas R., Ilès I., Ain-Baziz H., Boumahdi Z., Boulbina I. , Benali N. , Temim S. - Influence of parity order on available uterine spaceper fetus, placental and fetal development in rabbits
Boulbina I., Ain-Baziz H., Ilès I., Zenia S., Belabbas R., Tenim S. - Effect of birth season on onset puberty and semen characteristics in male rabbit of Algerian population (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Brecchia G., Menchetti L., Cardinali R., Polisca A., Troisi A., Maranesi M., Boiti C. - Effects of fasting during pregnancy in rabbit does
Cherfaoui D.J., Berchiche M. - Feed intake of reproductive rabbit does of two populations raised in Algerian conditions
Dal Bosco A, Cardinali R., Rebollar P.G., Millán P., Brecchia G., Castellini C. - Ovulation induction in rabbit does submitted to artificial insemination by adding Lecirelin to the seminal dose. Preliminary results.
El-Kelawy H.M., Tawfeek M.I., El-Gaafary M.N., Ibrahim H. - Viability and fertility of extended rabbit spermatozoa stored at 5°C
Gacek L, Brzozowski M., Glogowski R. - Reproductive performance of bucks with various behavioral types in New Zealand White and Termond White rabbits
Hassan R.A., Morsy W.A., Abd El-Lateif A.I. - Effect of dietary ascorbic acid and betaine supplementation on semen characteristics of rabbit bucks under high ambient temperature
Ilès I., Benazzoug Y., Messili A., Boukhari S., Boiti C. - Oestrus induction in primiparous lactating rabbits by a 48 hours mother-litter separation: endocrine and behavioural responses
Laborda P., Santacreu M.A., Moya V.J., Mocé M.L. - Concentration of glutathione and ATP as a measure of oocyte maturation in rabbit females (Spain)
Matics Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Radnai I., Mikó A., Nagy L., Szendrö Zs. - Effect of different lighting schedules (16L:8D or 12L:6D) on reproductive performance of rabbit does (Hungary)
Mazouzi-Hadid F., Berchiche M., Theau-Clément M. - Secretion of 17beta-oestradiol at mating time in rabbit does according to the season, the receptivity, the phenotype and the litter size
Mazouzi-Hadid F., Lebas F., Berchiche M., Bolet G. - Influence of coat colour, season and physiological status on reproduction of rabbit does of an Algerian local population
Mehaisen G.M.K., Saeed A.M. - Effect of melatonin on in vitro development of morula rabbit embryos
Meshreky S.Z. Abdel-Aal E.S., Fahim H.N., Ashmawy N.A. - Effect of a eCG dose and vitrification method on in vitro survival rate of rabbit embryos
Meshreky S.Z.,
Ashmawy N.A., Ali Kh.A.A., ArafaM.M.
- Feeding regimen during rearing in female rabbits under Egyptian environmental conditions: Effect on ovarian activity and embryo quality production
Meshreky S.Z., Fahim H.N., Abdel-Aal E.S., Samya E., Ibrahim S.E. - Effect of vitrification and cryostorage length on viability of rabbit embryos after thawing
Mikó A., Szendrö Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Radnai I., Odermatt M., Nagy I., Matics Zs. - Performance of rabbit does in cages with or without elevated platform or plastic footrest
Morsy W.A., Hassan R.A., Abd El-Lateif A.I. - Effect of dietary ascorbic acid and betaine supplementation on reproductive performance of rabbit does under high ambient temperature
Ola S.I., Williams O.S., Obamojure I.A., Okunlola A.M. - Sexual receptivity and conception rate of rabbit does fed selected perennial forages in Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Qin Y., Cao J. - Effects of three different cryoprotectants on oxidative stress of rabbit semen during cryopreservation
Quintela L.A., Barrio M., Prieto C., Gullón J., Vega M.D., Sánchez M., García N., Becerra J.J., Peña A.I., Herradón P.G., Hernandez-Gil R. - Field test of the effectiveness of rabbit semen extender MRA-bit® incorporating GnRH analogue
Ragab M., Lavara R., Vicente J.S., Minguez C., Baselga M. - Effect of lactation stage on litter size components in rabbits
Ragab M., Vicente J.S., Lavara R., Desantes J., Baselga M. - Relationships between ovulation rate, litter size and prenatal survival components in rabbit does
Safaa H.M., Lavara R. Viudes-de-Castro M.P., El Sayed D.A.A., Mehaisen G.M.K., Marco-Jiménez F. Vicente J.S. - Effect of different freezing extenders on semen quality, fertility and prolificacy in two selected lines of rabbit bucks
Theau-Clément M., Galliot P., Souchet C., Bignon L., Fortun-Lamothe L. - Effects of a modulation of three rabbit breeding systems on reproductive performance and kit growth
Theau-Clément M., Monniaux D., Tircazes A., Balmisse E., Bodin L., Brun J.M. - Descriptive analysis of rabbit sexual receptivity and its sources of variation
Theau-Clément M., Weissman D., Davoust C., Galliot P., Souchet C., Bignon L., Fortun-Lamothe L. - Productivity and body composition of rabbit does subjected to three breeding systems
Zerrouki N., Chibah K., Amroun T., Lebas F. - Effect of the average kits birth weight and of the number of born alive per litter on the milk production of Algerian white population rabbit does.
Zhang Y.Q., Qin Y. - Reproductive performance of rabbit does by adding Leuprorelin in semen to induce ovulation

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Nutrition and Digestive Physiology (pages 453 - 717)

Combes S., Fortun-Lamothe L., Cauquil L., Gidenne T. - Controlling the rabbit digestive ecosystem to improve digestive health and efficacy (invited main paper)
Trocino A., García J., Carabaño R., Xiccato G. - Role of soluble fibre in diets for growing rabbits: a review (invted main paper)

Atansuyi A.J., Akinyemi, M.B., Omo-Akeju, M.O. , Chineke C.A. , Aletor V.A.
- Haematological indices of rabbits fed graded levels of two fibre sources
Bónai A., Dalle Zotte A., Kametler L. , Vántus V., Morsy W.A., Matics Zs., Dal Bosco A., Szendrö Zs., Kovács M. - Dietary supplementation of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) and Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) Part 2 - Effect on gastrointestinal growth, caecal microbiota and fermentation in rabbits
Chodová D., Tumová E., Volek Z. - Effects of a one week intensive feed restriction in the growing rabbit. Part 3: Muscle fibre development.
Dojana N., Codreanu I., Orasanu A. - Enzyme output capacity of the pancreas in adult rabbit according to diet composition
Duperray J., Laurent J.M., Adelis R., Haberkorn F., Guyonvarc'h A.- Time feed restriction reduces digestive disorders without decreasing growth performances of growing rabbits in ERE conditions
Ebeid T., Tumova E., Volek Z. - Effects of a one week intensive feed restriction in the growing rabbit : part 1 Performance and blood biochemical parameters
Eiben Cs., Gódor-Surmann K., Kustos K., Maró A., Vörös G., Gippert T. - Alternative feed ingredients and their effect on the production of growing rabbits
El Abed N., Menoyo D., García J., Carabaño R., Pérez de Rozas A., Badiola I., Eras M.A., Tazzoli M., Trocino A., Majolini D., Xiccato G. - Dietary supplementation with mannanoligosaccharides and beta-glucans in growing rabbits. 2. Gut barrier and intestinal microbiota after weaning
El-Medany Sh.A., Abdel-Khalek A.M., Gad Alla S.A., Gihan Shaaban F., Abo-Warda M.A., Arafa M.M., Azoz A.A., Meshreky S.Z.- Interaction between supplemental vitamin E and endogenous antioxidant enzymes in different rabbit genetic resources: 1- performance during summer season
El-Tahan H.M., Amber K.H., Morsy W.A. - Effect of dietary starch levels on performance and digestibility of growing rabbits.
Ewuola, E.O., Jimoh O. A., Atuma O.V., Soipe O. D. - Haematological and serum biochemical response of growing rabbits fed graded levels of Moringa oleifera leaf meal
Gerencsér Zs, Szendrô Zs., Matics Zs., Radnai I., Kovács M., Nagy I., Dal Bosco A., Dalle Zotte A. - Dietary supplementation of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) and Thyme (Thymus vulgaris L,). Part 1: Effect on productive performance of growing rabbit
Gidenne T., Combes S., Briens C., Duperray J., Mevel L., Rebours G., Salaün J.M., Weissman D., Combe Y., Travel A. - Intake limitation strategy and dietary protein concentration: effect on rabbit growth performance and health, from a large-scale study in a French network of experimental units (GEC)
Guermah H., Maertens L. - Dried chicory pulp as fibre source in fattening rabbit diet.
Hassan F.A., Zaza G.H., Ibrahim M.R.M., Ali M.A. - Impact of using pea vines as non-conventional feedstuff on growth performance of growing rabbits.
Iannaccone F., Bovera F. Di Meo C., Piccolo G., Nizza A.- Mannanoligosaccharides can modify caecal microbial fermentations of rabbits in the post weaning
Jing W., Li F. - Effect of dietary lysine on production performance, insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) mRNA expression in growing rabbits
Kadi S.A., Belaidi-Gater N., Oudai H., Bannelier C., Berchiche M., Gidenne T. - Nutritive value of fresh sulla (Hedysarum flexuosum) as a sole feed for growing rabbits.
Kadi S.A., Ouendi M., Slimani M., Selmani K., Bannelier C., Berchiche M., Gidenne T.- Nutritive value of common reed (Phragmites australis) leaves for rabbits.
Kimsé M., Combes S., Cauquil L., Fortun- Lamothe L., Bayourthe C., Gidenne T. - Impact of a dietary fibre deficiency on the caecal ecosystem of the young rabbit. Modulation by yeast probiotics.
Krieg R., Martienssen M., Zentek J. - Effect of the ratio lignin to cellulose (ADF - ADL) on caecal fermentations, gut morphology and performance of rabbits around weaning
Lebas F., Bannelier C., Adoukonou J., Djago A.Y. - Chemical composition of some raw materials available for rabbit feeding in Benin
Lebas F., Gacem M., Adaouri M., Bouguira A., Zerrouki N., Boudina H., Tazka H. - Value of wheat straw and alfalfa hay as fibre source for fattening rabbits in Algeria
Marounek M. , Mista D., Volek Z. - Comparative study on caecal fermentation pattern in rabbits and hares
Martínez-Vallespín B., Martínez-Paredes E., Ródenas L., Cervera C., Pascual J.J., Blas E. - Effect of a less concentrated weaning diet and an extensive reproductive management on the long term rabbit doe performance at parturition
Montessuy S., Guérin P., Rebours G., Reys S. - Effect of mash feed on the performance of growing rabbits
Orheruata, A. M., Bello-Onaghise, G., Omoyakhi, J. M. Growth performance of rabbits under dietary manipulation at different post weaning ages for heavier body weights
Pinheiro V., Falcão e Cunha L., Mourão J.L., Gidenne T. - Total and ileal digestibility and caecal bacterial fibrolytic activity in adult rabbit fed with resistant starch
Pinheiro V., Torres S., Monteiro D.,, Silva S., Mourão J.- Growth performances and behavior of growing rabbits subjects at feed restriction
Saidj D., Salhi O., Ain Baziz H., Temim S. - Effects of dietary energy content on reproductive performance of local rabbit does
Salaün J.M., Bourdillon A., Picot A., Renouf B. - Water nutritional supplementation for fattening rabbits : Effect on feed and water intake, growth performance and viability of fattening rabbits during the summer period in the West of France.
Savietto D., Martinez-Paredes E., Ródenas L., Baselga M., Cervera C., Blas E., Pascual J.J. - Rearing diet strategy and productive longevity of crossbread rabbit does.
Tazzoli M., Xiccato G., Trocino A., Majolini D., El Abed N., García J., Eras M.A., Carabaño R.- Dietary supplementation with mannanoligosaccharides and beta-glucans in growing rabbits. 1. Growth performance, health status and carcass traits
Teillet B., Colin M., Lebas F., Alvensleben S., Bezille H., Prigent A.Y. - Performance of growing rabbits fed diets supplemented with Sangrovit® in interaction with the feeding plan.
Trigo M., Borrás M., Muro M., Lamanna L., Antonini A., Cossu M. - Evaluation of feather meal in the diet of growing rabbits
Tumová E., Volek, Z., Makovický, P., Chodová D. - Effects of a one week intensive feed restriction in the growing rabbit : Part 2: Development of the digestive system
Vántus V., Dalle Zotte A., Kovács M., Dal Bosco A., Szendrö Zs., Zsolnai A. - Dietary supplementation of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) and Thyme (Thymus vulgaris). Part 3: Effect on caecal bacterial community in growing rabbits
Volek Z., Marounek M., Volková L., Kudrnová E. - Effect of diets containing whole white lupin seeds on milk composition and yield of rabbit does and performance and health of their litters
Wang Ch., Li F., Zhu Y., Wang X., Sun L. - Impact of probiotics on intestinal microbial community diversity of growing Rex rabbits
Wang X., Ma M., Sun L., Wang Ch., Zhu Y., Li F. - Effects of different protein, fibre and energy levels on growth performance and the development of digestive organs in growing meat rabbit
Xiccato G., Trocino A., Tazzoli M., Majolini D., Carabaño R., Villamide M.J., García J., Nicodemus N., Abad R., Blas E., Cervera C., Ródenas L., Martínez E., Falcao-E-Cunha L., Bengala Freire J.P., Maertens L., Bannelier C., Segura M., Gidenne T. - European ring test on the chemical analyses of total dietary fibre and soluble fibre of compound diets and raw materials for rabbits
Zhu Y., Wang Ch., Wang X. , Li F. , Sun L, Li B. - Effect of dietary lignin/starch ratio on the number of M cell in appendix of growing rabbits

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 Management & Economics (pages 719 - 850)

Oseni S. - Rabbit production in low-input systems in Africa - Prospects, challenges and opportunities (Invited main paper)

Abou Khadiga G., Yousef Y.M. K., Baselga M. - Characterization of reproductive performance of the APRI line of rabbits
Calvet S., Cambra-López M., Adell E., Torres A.G., Estellés F. - Rabbit rearing and air quality: state-of-the-art and key unknowns
Cossu M. E., Cervini M. L., Lamanna M. L., Giardina E. - Traits of meat quality in rabbits in an integrated organic farming system
Cossu M.E. , Cumini M.L., Lamanna M.L., Gambetti P., Iglesias M.F., Robbiolo M., Lienneman T., Vela E. - Biological utilization of viscera slaughter waste from rabbits as compost
Cruz -Bacab L., Sandoval-Castro C., Pantoja-Nuñez G. - Use of solar and social perception of backyard domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus) raising in two rural communities of the state of Yucatan, Mexico
Dairo F.A.S., Abi H.M., Oluwatusin F.M. - Social acceptance of rabbit meat production in Ekiti state of South-Western Nigeria
Dalle Zotte A., Paci G., Sartori A. - Morphometric characteristics of dwarf rabbits: effects of age and gender
Dalle Zotte A., Sartori A. - Evaluation of performance and health status of dwarf rabbits from weaning to maturity
Estellés F., Bustamante E., Torres A.G., Calvet S. - Evaluation of climate control strategies in rabbit houses
Finzi A., Crosta M.; González-Redondo P. - Annual productivity index: a synthetic index of rabbit genetic values for improving farm efficiency
Fortun-Lamothe L., Coutelet G., Litt J., Gidenne T., Combes S., DeJean S. - Sustainability of French rabbit breeding systems
Fortun-Lamothe L., Litt J., Coutelet G. - A participatory approach to define objectives, criteria and indicators for evaluating the sustainability of rabbit rearing units
Garza M.T., Lukefahr S.D., Schuster G.L., McCuistion K.C. - Developing sustainable diets for rabbits: Effect of sweet potato forage on growth and feeding traits
Lukefahr S.D., Kaplan-Pasternak M., Jasmin B., Olivier M., McNitt J.L. - Present status of the WRSA-supported rabbit development project in Haiti
Qin Y. - Establishment and operation of China's rabbit production cooperatives
Serrano P., Pascual M., Lavara R., Gómez E.A.- Analysis of management techniques on productivity indicators using the bdcuni Spanish database
Szendrö K., Odermatt M., Matics Zs., Széles Gy., Horn P., Szendrö Zs. - Economic evaluation of rabbit genotypes differing in growth rate and carcass characteristics
Szendrö K., Szendrö Zs. - Trade balance of Hungarian rabbit meat
Wu L., Gu R., Li X. - The international competitiveness of China's rabbit meat industry
Yan Y., Li S., Zhang P. - Transforming the backyard farming unit to the industrial production unit: the "Kangda model"
Zita L., Ledvinka Z., Mach K., Kocár J., Klesalová L., Fucíková A., Härtlová H. - The effect of different weaning ages on performance in Hyla rabbits.

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 Meat Quality & Products Quality (page 851 - 971)

Petracci M., Cavani C. - Trends in rabbit slaughtering and meat processing (Invited main paper)

Abdel-Khalek A.M., Gihan Shaaban F., El-Refaay W.H., Azoz A.A., Selim Nessrin A., El-Medany Sh.A., Abd El-Salam Amal B. - Interaction between supplemental vitamin E and endogenous antioxidant enzymes in different rabbit genetic resources: 2. Meat quality
Cardinali R. Dal Bosco A., Mugnai C., Mattioli S., Ruggeri S., Dalle Zotte A., Sartori A., Cullere M. , Castellini C. - Effect of different dietary aromatic essences on meat quality of rabbit
Cossu M.E., Lamanna M.L., Picallo A., Cumini M.L., Gambetti P., Lazzari G. - Physical, chemical and sensory quality in rabbit burgers, refrigerated and stored under different conservation methods
Dal Bosco A., Mugnai C., Roscini V., Ruggeri S., Mattioli S., Castellini C. - Effect of dietary alfalfa on fatty acid profile and oxidative status of rabbit meat
Dal Bosco A., Szendrö Zs., Mugnai C., Kovàcs M., Ruggeri S., Mattioli S., Castellini C., Dalle Zotte A.- Dietary supplementation of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) and Thyme (Thymus vulgaris). Part 5: Effect on rabbit meat appearance during retail display
Dal Bosco A., Szendrö Zs., Mugnai C., Kovàcs M., Ruggeri S., Mattioli S., Castellini C., Dalle Zotte A. - Dietary supplementation of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) and Thyme (Thymus vulgaris). Part 6: Effect on oxidative status of rabbit meat during retail display
Dalle Zotte A., Matics Zs., Bohatir P., Sartori A., Gerencsér Zs., Szendrö Zs. - Effect of dietary supplementation of chestnut hydrolysable tannin on digestive efficiency, growth performance and meat quality in growing rabbits
Dalle Zotte A., Sartori A., Cullere M., Gerencsér Zs., Matics Zs., Dal Bosco A., Kovàcs M., Szendr? Zs. - Dietary supplementation of Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) and thyme (Thymus vulgaris). Part 4: Effect on rabbit carcass and meat quality
Ebeid T., Zeweil H., Basyony M., Badry H. - The impact of incorporation of organic selenium into meat on growth performance, antioxidative status, and immune response in growing rabbits
Gao S.X., Yang L.P., Zhang X.L., Sun H.T. Jiang W.X. - Distribution and elimination of Griseofulvin residue in rabbit tissues
González-Redondo P., Rodríguez-Serrano T.M. - Promotion of rabbit meat consumption in Spain
Guardia S., Theau-Clément M., Galliot P., Souchet C., Bouchier M., Bignon L., Fortun-Lamothe L. - Effects of three reproductive systems on rabbit carcass and meat quality
Lounaouci-Ouyed G., Berchiche M., Lebas F. - Effects of gradual incorporation (40 to 60%) of hard wheat bran, in simplified bran alfalfa maize diets, on viability, growth and slaughter traits of rabbits of white population under Algerian context.
Martínez M., Blasco A., Hernández P. - Relationship between sensory evaluation and instrumental measurements of texture of rabbit meat
Matics Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Szabó A., Fébel H., Szin M., Radnai I., Szendr? Zs. Effect of supplementation of linseed oil, vitamin E and selenium in diet on meat quality of growing rabbits
Pascual M., Blasco A. - Relationships between meat quality traits in a line of rabbits selected for growth rate
Szendrö Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Szabó A., Fébel H., Szín M., Radnai I., Dalle Zotte A., Matics Zs. - Effect of supplementation of linseed oil, vitamin E and selenium in diet for growing rabbits on productive and carcass traits
Volek Z., Chodová D., Tumová E., Volková L., Kudrnová E., Marounek M. - Effect of stocking density on growth performance, meat quality and fibre properties of biceps femoris muscle of slow-growing rabbits
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Zomeño C., Hernández P. - Relationships between lipid metabolism traits in carcass and muscle adipose tissues


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 Ethology, Housing & Welfare (pages 979 - 1111)

Szendrö Zs. New perspectives of housing reproducting and growing rabbits. (invited main paper)

Alagón G., Arce O.N., Martínez-Paredes E., Ródenas L., Pascual J.J., Cervera C. - Digestible value of two rabbit feedstuffs in two climatic environments
Bignon L., Bouchier M., Coutelet G., Galliot P., Souchet C., Fortun-Lamothe L. - Individual housing of young does in different sized cages: impact on welfare and performance
Bignon L., Travel A., Galliot P., Souchet C., Davoust C., Weissman D. - Gnawing blocks in rabbit cages: impact on the behaviour and performance of does and fattening rabbits
Filiou E., Trocino A., Tazzoli M., Xiccato G. - Fear level and behaviour of growing rabbits housed in individual, bicellular and collective cages
Gacek L.A., Brzozowski M., G?ogowski R. - Study on repeatability of sire behavioral types in F1 bucks of New Zealand White and Termond White rabbits..
Gerencsér Zs., Odermatt M., Radnai I., Mikó A., Matics Zs., Nagy I., Szendrö Zs. - Examination of free choice of growing rabbits among different floor-types)
Giammarco M., Vignola G., Mazzone G., Fusaro I., Lambertini L. - Haematological parameters as indicators of transport stress in rabbits
Hoy S. - German regulations and guidelines on rabbit housing
Maertens L., Buijs S., Davoust C.- Gnawing blocks as cage enrichment and dietary supplement for does: performance, intake and behaviour
Marelli S.P., Redaelli V., Giovine G.1, Martino P.A., Luzi F. - Morphology related welfare indexes in pure breed fancy rabbits
Matics Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Mikó A., Radnai I., Odermatt M., Nagy I., Szendrö Zs. - Effect of different lighting schedules (16L:8D or 12L:6D) on nursing behaviour of rabbit does
Mikó A., Matics Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Radnai I., Odermatt M., Nagy I., Szendrö Zs. - Location preference of lactating rabbit does and their kits in pens with elevated platform
Mikó A., Szendrö Zs., Matics Zs., Radnai I., Odermatt M., Nagy I., Gerencsér Zs. - Free choice of rabbit does between cages with different sizes
Piles M., Bark P.M., Tusell L., Blas E., Pascual J.J., Sánchez J.P., Ramon J., Rafel O. - The effect of high environmental temperature on doe performance during lactation (Spain)
Pinheiro V., Mourão J., Monteiro D., Silva S. - Growth performances and behavior of growing rabbits housed on cages, closed parks or open-air system
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Rafel O., De Lima V., Piles M., Velarde A., Ramón J., López-Béjar M., Dalmau A. - Use of infrared thermography to assess heat stress in rabbits
Rommers J., Kemp B. - Effect of group-housing of young does during rearing on reproduction performance and aggression: a pilot study
Szendrö Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Odermatt M., Dalle Zotte A., Zendri F., Radnai I., Nagy I., Matics Zs. - Production and behaviour of growing rabbits depending on the sex-composition of the groups
Villagrá A., Olivas I., Estellés F., Blas E., Rodríguez T., Rosell J., Pascual, J.J. - How far may rabbit cage's space recommendations reach: the gap between science and regulations

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 Pathology & Hygiene (pages 1113 - 1229)

Agnoletti F. - Update on rabbit enteric diseases: despite improved diagnostic capacity, where does disease control and prevention stand ? (Invited main paper)

Badagliacca P., Agnoletti F., Tonelli A., Masson L. - Antimicrobial resistance-related gene profiles of rabbit enteropathogenic Escherichia coli strains isolated from colibacillosis outbreaks in Northern Italy
Beghelli D., Cardinali R., Caterbi S., Bistoni O., Alunno A., Gerli R., Castellini C. - Phytoderivates in rabbit diet and immune responses
Calhoa I., Pinheiro V., Monteiro J.M., Coelho A.C. - Cross-sectional study of colibacillosis in Portuguese rabbit farms
Camarda A., Pugliese N., Circella E., Caroli A, Legretto M., Pazzani C. - Salmonella ser. typhimurium isolated from [Italian] rabbit farms: characterization and epidemilogical implications
Dalton K.P., Nicieza I., Gullón J., Inza M., Petralanda M., Arroita Z., Parra F. - Analysis of myxomatosis outbreaks on Spanish rabbit farms
Ferrian S., Guerrero I., Blas E., García-Diego F.J., Viana D., Pascual J.J., Corpa J.M. - Effect of high temperature on blood lymphocyte populations in two different genetic rabbit
Georgieva T.M., Denev S., Petrov V., Dinev I., Saco Y., Pato R, Bassols A. - Effects of experimentally induced Staphylococcus aureus infection on blood protein fractions in obese rabbits
Guerrero I., Penades M., García-Quirós A., Viana D., Selva L., Ferrian S., Corpa J.M. - Strains of Staphylococcus aureus and pathology associated with natural chronic and experimental acute suppurative mastitis
Laurent-Bennegadi N., Licois D., Gidenne T. - Nutritonnaly induced enteropathy in the growing rabbit: impact on caecal microbial activity and metabolic profile
Liu Y., Pang A.N., Bao G.L.*,Wei Q., Xiao C.W., Ji Q.A. - Development of an elisa using recombinant OmpA protein for the detection of Pasteurella multocida infections in rabbits
Mokrani Z., Soltani Y., Hadj Bekkouche F. - Visceral obesity induced by a high-calorie diet leads to dyslipidemia, insulin resistance and impairs adrenal function in male rabbits
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Pugliese N., Circella E., Caroli A., Legretto M., Camarda A. - A RT-PCR based strategy to identify Rabbit Haemorragic Disease Virus
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Rosell J.M., de la Fuente L.F. - On-farm causes of mortality in female rabbits.
Rosell J.M., Garriga R., Martínez J., Domingo M., de la Fuente L.F. - Calcinosis in female rabbits
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Sunohara-Neilson J., Carman S., Nagy E., Turner P.V. - Pathology and diagnosis of Leporid Herpesvirus-4
Viana D., Selva L., García-Quirós A., Penades M., Penades J.R., Corpa J.M. - Screening of virulence genes in Staphylococcus aureus isolates from rabbits

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