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 Genetics (pages 1 to 264)

Khalil M.H., Al-Saef A. (Invited paper) Methods, criteria, techniques and genetic responses for rabbit selection: a review.

Abou Khadiga G., Saleh K., Nofal R., Baselga M. Genetic evaluation of growth traits in a crossbreeding experiment involving line V and Baladi black rabbits in Egypt.
Akpo Y., Kpodekon T. M., Tanimomo E., Djago Y., Youssao A.K.I., Coudert P. Evaluation of the reproductive performance of a local population of rabbits in south Benin.
Al-Saef A.M., Khalil M.H., Al-Dobaib S.N., García M.L., Baselga M. Crossbreeding effects for carcass, tissues composition and meat quality traits in a crossing project of V-line with Saudi Gabali rabbits.
Argente M.J., Garcia M.L., Muelas R., Ibáñez-Escriche N., Santacreu M.A., Blasco A. Preliminary results in a divergent selection experiment on variance of litter size in rabbits. II. Response to selection.
Argente M.J., Garcia M.L., Muelas R., Peiró R., Merchán M., Folch J.M., Santacreu M.A., Blasco A. Effect of tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase 1 (timp1) gene for embryo survival and development in a F2 rabbit cross.
Bolet G., Garreau H., Hurtaud J., Saleil G., Esparbié J., Falieres J., Theau-Clement M., Bodin L. Canalising selection on within litter variability of birth weight in rabbits: responses to selection and characteristics of the uterus of the does.
Chen Baojiang, Gu Zilin, Sun Lina,Huang Yuting,Li Sufen, Liu Yajuan,Wang Lei, Zhao Chao, Jing Cui Review on Rex Rabbit Breeding in China.
Eady S.J., Garreau H. An enterprise gross margin model to explore the influence of selection criteria for breeding programs and changes to management systems.
Fontanesi L., Oulmouden A., Tazzoli M., Allain D., Deretz-Picoulet S., Robinson T.J., Pecchioli E., Cook J., Russo V. Investigation of coat colour affecting genes in several european rabbit breeds and other leporid species.
Fontanesi L., Tazzoli M., Pecchioli E., Hauffe H.C., Robinson T.J., Russo V. ZFX and ZFY gene sequences: use for molecular sexing European rabbits, European brown hares and mountain hares and perspectives for sex determination of other leporid species.
Fontanesi L., Tazzoli M., Scotti E., Russo V. Analysis of candidate genes for meat production traits in domestic rabbit breeds.
Gacem M., Zerrouki N., Lebas F., Bolet G. Strategy for developing rabbit meat production in Algeria: creation and selection of a synthetic strain.
García M.L., Muelas R., Merchán M., Peiró R., Blasco A., Santacreu M.A., Folch J.M., Argente M.J. Effect of oviductine (OVPG1) gene for embryo survival and development in a F2 rabbit cross.
Garreau H., Ducrocq V., Tudela F., Saleil G., Juin H., Larzul C. Divergent selection for longevity in breeding does.
Garreau H., Eady S.J., Hurtaud J., Legarra A. Genetic parameters of production traits and resistance to digestive disorders in a commercial rabbit population.
Gu Zilin, Li Sufen, Chen Baojiang, Sun Lina, Huang Yuting, Liu Yajuan, Zhao Chao, Guo Wanhua Review about rabbit breeding in China.
Gyovai P., Nagy I., Gerencsér Zs., Metzger Sz., Radnai I., Szendro Zs. Genetic parameters and trends of the thigh muscle volume in Pannon White rabbits.
Ibáñez-Escriche N., Argente M.J., Garcia M.L., Muelas R., Santacreu M.A., Blasco A. Preliminary results in a divergent selection experiment on variance of litter size in rabbits. I. Genetic parameters.
Ibáñez-Escriche N., Sorensen D., Blasco A. A study of environmental variance genetic control for uterine capacity in rabbits.
Iraqi M.M., Afifi E.A., Baselga M., Khalil M.H., García M.L. Additive and heterotic components for post-weaning growth traits in a crossing project of V-line with Gabali rabbits in Egypt.
Jackson R.H., Lukefahr S.D., Stanko R.L., Flores D.O. Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone production in genetically furless and furred male rabbits and effects on growth.
Khalil M.H., Motawei M.I., Saef A.M., Al-Sobayil K.A., El-Zarei M.F. RAPD markers linked to litter, lactation and growth traits in rabbits.
Laborda P., Mocé M.L., Climent A., Blasco A., Santacreu M.A. Selection for ovulation rate in rabbits: correlated response on litter size and its components.
Lavara R., García M.L., Torres C., Vicente J.S., Baselga M. Genetic parameters for semen traits of rabbit males: I. Production, morphology, and sperm head morphometry.
Lavara R., García M.L., Torres C., Vicente J.S., Baselga M. Genetic parameters for semen traits of rabbit males: II. Motility.
Llobat L., Vicente J.S. Oct-4 expression in blastocyst from two selected line.
Mantovani R., Sartori A., Mezzadri M., Lenarduzzi M. Genetics of maternal traits in a new synthetic rabbit line under selection.
Mocé M.L., Peiró R., Herrler A., Blasco A., Santacreu M.A. Uteroglobin levels at day 6 of gestation in two lines of rabbits divergently selected for uterine capacity.
Nagy I., Farkas J., Bíró-Németh E., Radnai I., Szendro Zs. Stability of estimated breeding values for average daily gain in Pannon White rabbits.
Nofal R., Hassan N., Abdel-Ghany A., Gyorgyi V. Estimation of genetic parameters for litter size and weight traits in NZW rabbits raised in Hungary.
Ouyed A., Brun J.M. Comparison of growth performances and carcass qualities of crossbred rabbits from four sire lines in Quebec.
Ouyed A., Brun J.M. Heterosis, direct and maternal additive effects on rabbit growth and carcass characteristics.
Parkányi V., Vašícek D., Ondruška L., Rafay J. The sex-detection in newborn rabbits by x-chromatin and PCR-SRY.
Pascual J.J., Baselga M., Blas E., Ròdenas L., Català A.E. Differences in digestive efficiency between rabbit does selected for litter size at weaning and for reproductive longevity.
Pascual M., Pla M., Blasco A. Relative growth of organs, tissues and retail cuts in rabbits selected for growth rate.
Peiró R., Santacreu M.A., Argente M.J., García M.L., Muelas R., Merchán M., Folch J.M., Herrler A., Blasco A. Expression of progesterone receptor related to polymorphisms in the progesterone receptor gene.
Piles M., Tusell LL., García-Tomás M., Baselga M., García-Ispierto I., Rafel O., Ramon J., López-Bejar M. Genotype x sperm dosage interaction on reproductive performance after artificial insemination. 1. Male fertility.
Piles M., Tusell LL., García-Tomás M., Baselga M., García-Ispierto I., Rafel O., Ramon J., López-Bejar M. Genotype x sperm dosage interaction on reproductive performance after artificial insemination. 2. Male litter size.
Rafat S.A., Thébault R.G., Bonnet M., Deretz S., Pena-Arnaud B., de Rochambeau H., Allain D.. Divergent selection for total fleece weight in the adult angora rabbit: direct response to selection on total fleece weight at first and second harvest.
Ren Keliang, Li Yanping, He Dongchang, Wu Xinsheng, Zai Ping, Liang Quanzhong, Zhangg Lijun, Zhou Shenghua, Cao Liang Study on relationship of Rex rabbit RAPD marker and reproductive performances.
Sartori A., Lenarduzzi M., Mezzadri M., Contiero B., Mantovani R. Comparison of growth traits in terminal crosses of different rabbit commercial hybrids.
Szendro Zs., Metzger Sz., Romvári R., Szabó A., Locsmándi L., Petrási Zs., Nagy I., Nagy Z., Biró-Németh E., Radnai I., Matics Zs., Horn P. Effect of divergent selection based on CT measured hind leg muscle volume on productive and carcass traits of rabbits.
Vostrý L., Mach K., Jakubec V., Dokoupilová A., Majzlík I. The influence of weaning weight on growth of the HYPLUS broiler rabbit.
Wu Zhan-fu, Ma Xu-ping, Tian Shu-fei, Wu Shu-qin, Li Cun-xin, Guan Li-hui, Li Wen-hai, Wang Hai-yun Path analysis on weight, body dimension and ear type of Saibei rabbits.

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 Reproduction (pages 265-475)

Castellini C. (Invited paper) Semen production and management of rabbit bucks.

Arias-Álvarez M., García-García R.M., Revuelta L., Cuadrado M., Millán P., Nicodemus N., Rebollar P.G., Lorenzo P.L. Short term effects of different diets on ovarian function and oocyte maturation of rabbit nulliparous does.
Boiti C., Galeati G., Maranesi M., Lilli L., Murgiano L., Brecchia G., Dall'Aglio C., Mercati F., Gobbetti A., Zerani M. Pituitary gonadotropins and receptors for estrogen and GnRH in fasted does.
Boiti C., Guelfi G., Brecchia G., Gobbetti A., Maranesi M., Zerani M. The physiological dilemma of the high progesterone syndrome in rabbit does.
Bonanno A., Mazza F., Di Grigoli A., Alicata M.L. Body condition score and related productive responses in rabbit does.
Bouvier A.C., Jacquinet C. Pheromone in rabbits: preliminary technical results on farm use in France.
Brecchia G., Cardinali R., Dal Bosco A., Boiti C., Castellini C. Effect of a reproductive rhythm based on rabbit doe body condition on fertility and hormones.
Celestinos M., Gatica R. In vitro viability of split rabbit embryos before and after vitrification.
Contreras J.L., Contreras-Ferrat L.G., Canchola E., Ambriz D., Ribera J.G., Olvera J. Manual induction of lordosis and detection of oestrus in the domestic rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus).
Cortell C., Viudes de Castro M.P. Effect of gelatin addition to freezing extender on rabbit semen parameters and reproductive performance.
Cortell C., Viudes de Castro M.P. Immune response to repeated rhFSH superovulation treatment in rabbit does.
Daader A.H., Zeidan A.S.B. Motility and acrosomal integrity of frozen rabbit spermatozoa as affected by different extenders, cryoprotectants and packaging methods.
Donkó T., Radnai I., Matics Zs., Petneházi Ö., Petrási Zs., Repa I., Szendro Zs. Estimation of milk production of rabbit does by cross sectional digital imaging.
El-Battawy K.A. Resazurin reduction test as a tool for assessment of rabbit semen quality.
García-Tomás M., Piles M., Sánchez J., Mitjavila T. Line and birth season effects on oxidative stress parameters in testis of maturing rabbits.
García-Tomás M., Tussell Ll., López-Béjar M., Ramon J., Rafel O., Piles M. Influence of environmental temperature and relative humidity on quantitative and qualitative semen traits of rabbits.
Gerencsér Zs., Matics Zs., Nagy I., Princz Z., Biró-Németh E., Radnai I., Szendro Zs. Effect of colour of light on the reproductive performance of rabbit does.
Gerencsér Zs., Matics Zs., Nagy I., Princz Z., Orova Z., Biró-Németh E., Radnai I., Szendro Zs. Effect of a light stimulation on the reproductive performance of rabbit does.
Laborda P., Santacreu M.A., García E., Mocé E., Mocé M.L. Oocyte glutathione concentration in a rabbit line selected for ovulation rate.
Lavara R., Vicente J.S., Marco-Jiménez F., Baselga M. Correlation between CASA and ASMA parameters in rabbit semen.
Marongiu M.L., Gulinati A. Ultrasound evaluation of ovarian follicular dynamics during early pseudopregnancy as a tool to inquire into the high progesterone (P+) syndrome of rabbit does.
Marongiu M.L., Gulinati A. Opioid inhibition of the pulsatile luteinizing hormone release as assessed by naloxone treatment in the lactating rabbit.
Matics Zs., Nagy I., Biró-Németh E., Radnai I., Gerencsér Zs., Princz Z., Szendro Zs. Effect of feeding regime during rearing and age at first mating on the reproductive performance of rabbit does.
Muelas R., Cano P., García M.L., Esquifino A., Argente M.J. Influence of FSH, LH and prolactin on the components of litter size in rabbit does.
Odeyinka S.M., Oyedele O.J., Adeleke T.O., Odedire J.A. Reproductive performance of rabbits fed Moringa oleifera as a replacement for Centrosema pubescens.
Ola S.I., Oyegbade M.O. The influence of different contact levels with male on the vaginal cytology in rabbits under the tropical humid condition.
Ondruška L., Parkányi V., Rafay J., Chlebec I. Effect of LHRH analogue included in seminal dose on kindling rate and prolificacy of rabbits artificially inseminated.
Quintela L.A., Peña A.I., Vega M.D., Gullón J., Prieto C., Barrio M., Becerra J.J., Herradón P.G. Ovulation induction in rabbit does by intravaginal administration of the GnRH analogue [des-Gly10, D-Ala6]-LHRH ethylamide: field trial.
Rebollar P.G., Millán P., Schwarz B.F., Pereda N., Marco M., Lorenzo P.L., Nicodemus N. Young rabbit does fed with fibrous diet during rearing: serical and productive parameters.
Rizzi C., Chiericato G.M., Dalle Zotte A. Reproductive and physiological responses of rabbit does under different nutritive levels before the first parturition.
Rodríguez-De Lara R., Fallas-López M., Rangel-Santos R., Mariscal-Aguayo V., Martínez-Hernández P.A., García Muñiz J.G. Influence of doe exposure and season on reaction time and semen quality of male rabbits.
Salvetti P., Guérin P., Joly T. Effect of cryopreservation on ATP content of ovulated rabbit oocytes.
Szendro Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Matics Zs., Biró-Németh E., Nagy I. Comparison of two reproductive rhythms of rabbit does.
Theau-Clément M., Bolet G., Fortun-Lamothe L., Brecchia G., Boiti C. High plasmatic progesterone levels at insemination depress reproductive performance of rabbit does.
Theau-Clément M., Malpaux B., Lamothe E., Milcent N., Juin H., Bodin L. Influence of photoperiod on the sexual behaviour of non-lactating rabbit does: preliminary results.
Virág Gy., Gócza E., Hiripi L., Bosze Zs. Influence of a photostimulation on ovary and embryo recovery in nulliparous rabbit females.

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Nutrition and Digestive Physiology (pages 477-877)

Carabaño R., Villamide MJ., García J., Nicodemus N., Llorente A., Chamorro S., Menoyo D., García-Rebollar P., García A.I., de Blas C. (Invited paper) New concepts and objectives for protein-amino acid nutrition in rabbits.
Mézes M. (Invited paper) Mycotoxins and other contaminants in rabbit feeds.

Abdel-Kafy E.M., Ali W.A.H., Hoda A.S., Azoz A.A.A. Effect of short heat exposure, balanced feed restriction and acetic acid supplement at post weaning on growth and thermoregulation in growing rabbits during hot season.
Abdel-Kafy E.M., Hoda A.S., Saeed A.M. Changes in oxidative profile, activity of some gastrointestinal enzymes and performance of growing rabbits during hot season due to neonatal heat exposure.
Abdel-Khalek A.M., Selim N.A., El-Medany Sh.A., Nada S.A. Response of doe rabbits to dietary antioxidant vitamins E and C during pregnancy and lactation.
Aderinola O.A., Ojebiyi O.O., Rafiu T.A., Akinlade J.A., Adepoju L.O. Performance evaluation of growing rabbit fed diets containing varying inclusion levels of Centrosema pubescens or Calapogonium mucunoides in the savannah zone of Nigeria.
Baylos M., Menoyo D., Chamorro S., Sainz A., Nicodemus N., de Blas C., Carabaño R. Effect of dietary level and source of glutamine on intestinal health in the postweaning period.
Belenguer A., Fondevila M., Balcells J., Abecia L., Lachica M., Carro M.D. In vivo and in vitro study of caecal fermentation pattern and methanogenesis in rabbits.
Ben Rayana A., Ben Hamouda M., Bergaoui R. Effect of water restriction times of 2 and 4 hours per day on performances of growing rabbits.
Bergaoui R., Kammoun M., Ouerdiane K. Effects of feed restriction on the performance and carcass of growing rabbits.
Blas E., Ròdenas L., Martìnez E., Pascual J.J., Cervera C. Effect of dietary fat quality on the performance and health of fattening rabbits.
Bónai A., Szendro Zs., Maertens L., Matics Zs., Fébel H., Kametler L., Tornyos G., Horn P., Kovács F., Kovács M. Effect of inulin supplementation on caecal microflora and fermentation in rabbits.
Bónai A., Szendro Zs., Matics Zs., Fébel H., Pósa R., Tornyos G., Horn P., Kovács F., Kovács M. Effect of Bacillus cereus var. toyoi on caecal microflora and fermentation in rabbits.
Bovera F., Di Meo C., Marono S., Vella N., Nizza A. Feed restriction during summer: effect on rabbit growth performance.
Cardinali R., Rebollar P.G., Dal Bosco A., Cagiola M., Moscati L., Forti K., Mazzone P., Scicutella N., Rutili D., Mugnai C., Castellini C. Effect of dietary supplementation of organic acids and essential oils on immune function and intestinal characteristics of experimentally infected rabbits.
Cervera C., Juncos A., Martìnez E., Ròdenas L., Blas E., Pascual J.J. Effect of different feeding systems for young rabbit does on their development and performance until first weaning: preliminary results.
Cesari V., Toschi I., Pisoni A.M., Grilli G., Cesari N. Effect of dietary acidification on growth performance and caecal characteristics in rabbits.
Chen P., Li F.C. Effect of dietary fat addition on growth performance, nutrient digestion and caecum fermentation in 2-3 months old meat rabbits.
Cherubini R., Barge P., Baricco G., De Poi E., Masoero G. Very low protein, aminoacid-supplied diet for heavy broiler rabbits: effects on growth, feed efficiency, carcass and meat performances.
Colin M., Lebas F., Guttierez G., Charrier S., Teillet B., Saliba C., Prigent A.Y. Influence of the distribution at birth of a Heat Shock Proteins booster on growth and mortality of rabbits before and after weaning.
Combes S., Cauquil L., Gidenne T. Impact of an exclusive milk vs. milk and dry feed intake till weaning on intake, growth, and on the caecal biodiversity and fibrolytic activity of the young rabbit.
Dairo F.A.S. Assessment of loofah gourd seeds Luffa cylindrica (roem) on performance and some haematological indices of rabbit weaners.
Dihigo L.E., Savón L., Sierra F., Martínez M., Hernández Y., Domínguez M., Nodas A. New advances in digestive physiology of rabbits with the use of tropical forage in Cuba.
Eiben Cs., Gippert T., Gódor-Surmann K., Kustos K. Feed additives as they affect fattening performance of rabbits
Eiben Cs., Gippert T., Gódor-Surmann K., Podmaniczky B., Kustos K. Effect of dietary phosphorus reduction and phytase supplementation on growth of rabbits.
Eiben Cs., Gippert T., Gódor-Surmann K., Podmaniczky B., Kustos K. Influence of dietary protein reduction and enzyme and/or amino acid supplementation on fattening performance of rabbits.
El-Adawy M.M., Salem A.Z.M., Borhami B.E., Gado H.M., Khalil M.S., Abo-Zeid A. In vitro caecal gas production and dry matter degradability of some browse leaves in presence of enzymes from anaerobic bacterium in NZW rabbits.
Erdélyi M., Matics Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Princz Z., Szendro Zs., Mézes M. Study of the effect of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and garlic (Allium sativum) essential oils on the performance of rabbit.
Euler A.C.C., Ferreira W.M., Maurício R., Sousa L., Carvalho W., Teixeira E. de A., Coelho C.C.G.M., Matos C. In vitro gas production of diets with inclusion of seaweed (Lithothamnium sp.) flour for White New Zealand rabbits..
Falcão e Cunha L., Sabino I., Castro-Solla L., Bruno-Soares A., Freire J.P. Improving the nutritive value of lupin seed for growing rabbits: a-galactosidase enzymes vs. washing.
Foubert C., Duperray J., Boisot P., Guyonvarch A. Effect of feed restriction with or without free access to drinking water on performance of growing rabbits in healthy or epizootic rabbit enteropathy conditions.
García-Ruiz A.I., Pérez-Bonilla A., Pérez de Ayala P., Eissen J. Effect of yeast ß-glucans on rabbit performances and mortality from 35 to 63 days of age.
Goby J.P., Gidenne T. Nutritive value of carrot (whole plant), dried at low temperature, for the growing rabbit.
Kermauner A., Lavrencic A. Supplementation of rabbit diet with chestnut wood extract: effect on in vitro gas production from three sources of carbohydrates.
Kermauner A., Lavrencic A. Supplementation of rabbit diet with chestnut wood extract: effect on in vitro gas production from two sources of protein.
Kimsé M., Bayourthe C., Monteils V., Gidenne T. Live yeast stability in the digestive tract of the rabbit: relationship with digestion, growth and digestive health.
Kovács M., Milisits G., Szendro Zs., Lukács H., Bónai A., Pósa R., Tornyos G., Kovács F., Horn P. Effect of different weaning age (days 21, 28 and 35) on caecal microflora and fermentation in rabbits.
Kowalska D. Effect of essential unsaturated fatty acids in fish oil on litters and composition of milk of rabbit does.
Kpodékon T.M., Youssao A.K.I., Tossou C.M., Djago A.Y., Coudert P. Effects of molasses incorporation in rabbit fattening diet on growth performances.
Kritas S.K., Petridou E., Fortomaris P., Tzika E., Arsenos G., Koptopoulos G. Effect of inclusion of probiotics on microorganism content, health and performance of fattening rabbits: 1. Study in a commercial farm with intermediate health status.
Lounaouci-Ouyed G., Lakabi-Ioualitene D., Berchiche M., Lebas F. Field beans and Brewer's grains as protein source for growing rabbits in Algeria: first results on growth and carcass quality.
Masoero G., Baricco G., Cherubini R., Barge P., Sala G., De Poi E. Very low protein, aminoacid-supplied diet for heavy broiler rabbits: effects on nitrogen metabolism, and digital evaluation of excreta and products.
Masoero G., Sala G., Meineri G., Peiretti P.G. Joint vis-NIRS evaluation of feeds and dried feces to estimate ingestion and digestibility in growing rabbits.
Matics Zs., Dalle Zotte A., Radnai I., Kovács M., Metzger Sz., Szendro Zs. Effect of restricted feeding after weaning on the productive and carcass traits of growing rabbits.
McEwan N.R., Skrivanová E., Worgan H.J., Pinloche E., Newbold C.J., Marounek M. Effect of adding dietary caprylic acid on the bacterial population in the rabbit caecum and stomach.
Mudunuru U., Lukefahr S.D., Nelson S.D., Flores D.O. Performance of growing rabbits fed Lablab purpureus forage with molasses mini-blocks and restricted commercial pellets.
Nguyen Van T., Nguyen Thi K.D. Effect of Psophocarpus scandens replacing para grass in the diets on feed utilization, growth rate and economic return of growing crossbred rabbits in the Mekong delta in Vietnam.
Nguyen Van T., Nguyen Thi K.D. Effect of water spinach and sweet potato vine associated with 2 other natural plants on growth performance, carcass values and economic return of growing crossbred rabbits in the Mekong delta of Vietnam.
Ojebiyi O.O., Farinu G.O., Babatunde G.M., Aderinola O.A. Evaluation of the nutritive potential of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) peels-blood meal mixture on the performance characteristics of female growing rabbits in the derived savannah zone of Nigeria.
Oliveira A.F.G., Scapinello C., Maria B.G., Jobim C.C., Monteiro A.C., Furuta L., Ferreira W.M. Use of simplified diet with cassava by-products for rabbits.
Pascual J.J., Moya V.J., Martínez E., Calvo M.A., Adelantado C., Jiménez G., Blanch A., Castillo M. Effects of dietary inclusion of Toyocerin® (Bacillus cereus var. toyoi) on performance, health and faecal nitrogen excretion in growing rabbits.
Retore M., da Silva L.P., de Toledo G.S.P., Araújo I.G., Aramburú Jr J.S., Araújo C.C.B. Fiber quality to growing rabbits.
Romero C., Nicodemus N., Astillero J.R., García A.I., de Blas J.C. The evolution with age of Clostridium perfringens concentration in soft faeces in relation with Epizootic Rabbit Enteropathy symptoms.
Romero C., Nicodemus N., García A.I., Astillero J.R., de Blas J.C. The use of soft faeces for the prediction of the caecal contents concentration of Clostridium perfringens in rabbits weaned at two ages.
Selim N.A., Abdel-Khalek A.M., Nada S.A., El-Medany Sh.A. Response of growing rabbits to dietary antioxidant vitamins E and C. 1. Effect on performance.
Simonová M., Szabóová R., Chrastinová L., Lauková A., Haviarová M., Strompfová V., Plachá I., Faix Š., Vasilková Z., Mojto J., Rafay J. The use of a gingseng extract in rabbits.
Szabóová R., Chrastinová L., Strompfová V., Simonová M., Vasilková Z., Lauková A., Cobanová K., Plachá I., Chrenková M., Mojto J., Ondruška L. Combined effect of enterocin CCM4231 and sage in rabbits.
Szabóová R., Chrastinová L., Strompfová V., Simonová M., Vasilková Z., Lauková A., Plachá I., Cobanová K., Chrenková M., Mojto J., Jurcik R. Combined effect of bacteriocin-producing Enterococcus faecium CCM4231 strain and sage in rabbits.
Toledo G.S.P. de, da Silva L.P., de Quadros A.R.B., Retore M., Araujo I.G., Brum H.S., Ferreira P., Melchior R. Productive performance of rabbits fed with diets containing ramie (Boehmeria nivea) hay in substitution to alfalfa (Medicago sativa) hay.
Volek Z., Marounek M. White lupin (cv. Amiga) seeds as a protein source in diet for growing rabbits: effect on growth performance, digestibility of nutrients and carcass traits.
Wang Zhiheng, Gu Zilin, Huo Yanming,Chen Baojiang, Liu Yajuan, Zhao Zhujun, Zhang Guolei Effects of probiotics and nanometer implement on growth performance of Rex rabbit.
Weissman D., Corrent E., Troislouches G., Picard E., Leroux C., Davoust C., Launay C. Effect of diet methionine rate on performances and blood protein levels of fattening rabbits.
Xiccato G., Trocino A., Carraro L., Fragkiadakis M., Majolini D. Digestible fibre to starch ratio and antibiotic treatment time in growing rabbits affected by epizootic rabbit enteropathy.
Zerrouki N., Lebas F., Davoust C., Corrent E. Effect of mineral blocks addition on fattening rabbit performance.
Zeweil H. S., Ahmed M.H., El-Adawy M., Zaki B. Effect of substitution rocket seed meal as a source of protein for soybean meal in diets of New Zealand White rabbits.
Zeweil H.S., Ahmed M.H., El-Adawy M., Zaki B. Evaluation of substituting Nigella seed meal as a source of protein for soybean meal in diets of New Zealand White rabbits.
Zita L., Fucíková A., Marounek M., Tumová E., Skrivanová V. Lipase activity till 35 days of age in broiler rabbits.
Zoccarato I., Gasco L., Schiavone A., Guo K., Barge P., Rotolo L., Savarino G., Masoero G. Effect of extract of chestnut wood inclusion (enc®) in normal and low protein amminoacid supplemented diets on heavy broiler rabbits.

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 Pathology & Hygiene (pages 879-1129)

Lavazza A., Capucci L. (Invited paper) Viral infection of rabbits.

Agnoletti F., Bano L., Cocchi M., Deotto S., Ferro T., Guolo A., Drigo I., Mazzolini E. Prevalence of Staphylococcus aureus biotypes in commercial rabbit farms.
Agnoletti F., Cocchi M., Bano L., Guolo A., Bacchin C., Drigo I., Mazzolini E. Validation of a sampling method to detect healthy rabbit Staphylococcus aureus carriers.
Agnoletti F., Ferro T., Guolo A., Cocchi M., Drigo I., Bacchin C., Marcon B., Bano L. Clostridium spiroforme drug susceptibility..
Bano L., Busani L., Cocchi M., Drigo I., Spigaglia P., Mastrantonio P., Agnoletti F. Prevalence and molecular characterization of Clostridium difficile isolated from rabbits and detection of its main toxins.
Cerioli M., Brivio R., Grilli G., Tittarelli C., Marasciulo V., Lavazza A. Search for key health and welfare indicators for meat rabbit production and definition of a score method of evaluation.
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Wang Xin, Yun Shi-feng, Wang Fang Development and application of PCR assay for detection of Bordetella bronchiseptica in rabbits.

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 Ethology & Welfare (pages 1131-1285)

Coureaud G., Fortun-Lamothe L., Rödel H.G., Monclús R., Schaal B. (Invited paper) Development of social and feeding behaviour in young rabbits.

Archetti I., Tittarelli C., Cerioli M., Brivio R., Grilli G., Lavazza A. Serum chemistry and hematology values in commercial rabbits: preliminary data from industrial farms in Northern Italy.
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 Meat Quality & Safety (page 1287-1477)

Hernández P. (Invited paper) Enhancement of nutritional quality and safety in rabbit meat.

Bázár Gy., Kövér Gy., Szendro Zs., Romvári R. NIR prediction for protein and intramuscular fat content of rabbit hindleg meat.
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Bielanski P., Kowalska D. Use of linseed oil and antioxidant (vitamin E) in rabbit diets to improve dietetic traits of rabbit meat.
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Dalle Zotte A., Rizzi C., Chiericato G.M. Effect of feed rationing and parity order of rabbit does on growth performance and meat quality of their offspring.
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Giaccone V., Alberghini L., Biscotto A., Milandri C. Unusual spoilage in rabbit carcasses caused by Janthinobacterium lividum.
Gigaud V., Combes S. The effect of decreasing the omega 6/omega 3 ratio in feed on fatty acid content of rabbit meat to meet human dietary recommendations.
Hernández P., Pla M. Effect of the dietary n-3 and n-6 fatty acids on texture properties and sensory characteristics of rabbit meat.
Jekkel G., Milisits G., Biró-Németh E., Radnai I., Matics Zs., Princz Z., Gerencsér Zs. Comparison of the slaughter characteristics of growing rabbits reared on wire net or combined (wire net/straw) floor.
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Petracci M., Bianchi M., Cavani C. A critical appraisal of rabbit preslaughter conditions in a commercial production chain.
Piccirillo A., Rampin F., Schiavon E., Poppi L., Grilli G. Prevalence of pathological lesions in meat rabbits at slaughtering.
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Virág Gy., Eiben Cs., Tóth T., Schmidt J. Colour and pH of rabbit meat and fat deposits as affected by the source and dose of dietary vitamin E supplementation.
Zsédely E., Tóth T., Eiben Cs., Virág Gy., Fábián J., Schmidt J. Effect of dietary vegetable oil (sunflower, linseed) and vitamin E supplementation on the fatty acid composition, oxidative stability and quality of rabbit meat.

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 Management & Economy (pages 1479-1643)

Samkol P. , Lukefahr S.D. (Invited paper) A challenging role for organic rabbit production towards poverty alleviation in South East Asia.

Abu O.A., Onifade A.A., Abanikannda O.T.F., Obiyan R.I. Status and promotional strategies for rabbit production in Nigeria.
Ben Larbi M., Haddad B., Allalout S. Characterization of traditional rabbit breeding system used in the South of Tunisia.
Bertazzoli A., Rivaroli S. Economic sustainability of rabbit farming innovations.
Bielanski P., Kowalska D., Pankowski P. Possibility of using the native breed of Popielno White rabbits for meat production.
Bodnar K., Horvath J. Consumers' opinion about rabbit meat consumption in Hungary.
Cossu M.E., Cumini M.L., Etcheluz L., Rolla C. Effect of reproductive rhythm and fresh chicory (Chicorium intybus L.) inclusion in the productive performance of rabbit does.
Fayeye T.R., Ayorinde K.L. Effects of season, generation, number of mating, parity and doe number of teat on doe and litter birth characteristics in domestic rabbit.
Fayeye T.R., Ayorinde K.L. Effects of weaning litter size and sex on postweaning bodyweight, mortality and carcass characteristics of domestic rabbit in the humid tropics.
Gómez Gallegos G. Meat production of rabbit: an alternative for the semidesert Querétano and people in extreme poverty.
González-Redondo P., Negretti P., Finzi A. Analysis of the efficiency and the reproductive seasonality of an alternative rabbit keeping system.
Guillén O., Villalobos O., García J. Effect of remating interval, weaning age and parity on rabbit doe performance under heat stress.
Horvath J., Bodnar K. Enterprise organization and capital requirements in Hungary.
Kadi S.A., Djellal F., Berchiche M. Commercialisation of rabbit's meat in Tizi-Ouzou area, Algeria.
Liu Hanzhong Survey report for present situation of technology system of China rabbit industry - national survey group for technology system of rabbit industry. (
Mendoza B.J., Díaz Z.S., Velázquez O. V., Alonso F.M.U. Rabbit producers organization in the state of Mexico.
Mendoza B.J., Díaz Z.S., Velázquez O.V., Alonso F.M.U., Ortega B.E. Social and economic contribution of rabbit production in the state of Mexico.
Ogunjimi L.A.O., Oseni S.O., Lasisi F. Influence of temperature-humidity interactions on heat and moisture production in rabbit.
Oseni S.O., Ajayi B.A., Komolafe S.O., Siyanbola O., Ishola M., Madamidola G. Smallholder rabbit production in southwestern Nigeria: current status, emerging issues and ways forward.
Oseni S.O.
Research output in rabbit science and production emanating from Sub-Saharan Africa - Implications for future research and development efforts.
Oseni, S.O. A proposal for the genetic improvement of rabbits for smallholder units in Nigeria.
Paci G., Mozzoni C., Preziuso G., D'Agata M., Russo C. Outdoor rearing system for fattening rabbits: effect of group size.
Raharjo Y.C. Strategy on the development of small- and medium-scale rabbit farming based on farmers cooperation. A case of rabbit production in Indonesia..
Suárez-López J.R., Becerril-Pérez C.M., Pro-Martínez A., Cuca-García J.M., Torres-Hernández G., Sosa-Montes E. Productive performance of six genotypes of fattening rabbits fed with seven commercial feeds.
Szendro Zs., Szendro É. Hungarian rabbit meat export in the aspect of the world market. (Les exportations de hongroise de viande de lapin en regard du marché mondial)
Villalobos O., Guillén O., García J. Circadian changes of rectal temperature and feed and water intake in adult rabbits under heat stress.
Villalobos O., Guillén O., García J. Effect of cage density on performance of fattening rabbits under heat stress.
Youssef Y.K., Iraqi M.M., El-Raffa A.M., Afifi E.A., Khalil M.H., Garcia M.L., Baselga M. A joint project to synthesize new lines of rabbits in Egypt and Saudi Arabia: emphasis for results and prospects.
Zerrouki N., Hannachi R., Lebas F., Berchiche M. Productivity of rabbit does of a white population in Algeria.

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