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    nevertheless 8 invited papers are presented first in the corresponding sessions.
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Because of the exceptional situation of the Congress (reported 2 times, and COVID-19 still still present.) numerous papers were accepted but not presented since the authors were not registrated in the Congress or not able to join the Congress organization. Exceptional situation => exceptional solution. Thus after the list of the communications presented during the Congress it-self was added a supplementary list of 50 communications accepted by the scientific committee but not presented, with an access to accepted full text. This solution was adopted to fit correctly with one of the main objectives of the WRSA : diffusion worldwide of scientific knowledge about Rabbit , particularly ,obtained by the different research staffs Supplementary list

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Closing Ceremony - Video


González-Mariscal G. - Neuroendocrinology applied to rabbit breeding (invited paper). Communication BP-00 - VIDEO

Afanassieff M., Gavin-Plagne L., Perold F., Bouchereau W., Buff S., Joly T., Rival-Gervier S., Beaujean N. (France) - Rabbit pluripotent stem biotehnology tool cells: a promising and useful biotehnology tool - Communication BP-02 - VIDEO
Aroun Rabiha, Tlili Thiziri, Benamara Liza, Khaldoun-Oularbi Hassina, Daoudi-Zerrouki Nacira (Algeria) - Histofunctional characteristics of the mammary gland in a synthetic rabbit strain - Communication BP-03 - VIDEO
Zhang Bin, Shen Lei, Liu Lei, Li Fuchang. (China) - Effects of different iodine contents in diets on growth and development of growing Rex rabbits. Communication BP-04

Cauquil L., Beaumont M., Schmaltz-Panneau B., Liaubet L., Lippi Y., Gress L., Bluy L. , Duranthon V., Combes S. (France) - Coprophagia in young rabbit upregulates immune system gene expression in ileum. Communication BP-05 - VIDEO
Chen Saijuan, Liu Yajuan, Yuan Wanzhe, Li Jiangtao, Pang Lixin1, Gu Zilin, Chen Baojiang (China) . Distribution of nutrient transporter related genes in different segments in small intestine of rabbits. Comlmunication BP-06
Chen Y., Zhao B.H., Li J.L., Hu S.S., Yang N.S., Bao Z.Y., Wu X. (China) - Lncrna2919 mediated hair follicle development and growth in angora rabbits . Communication BP-07 - VIDEO
Cholis N. , Nursita I. W. (Indonesia) - Use of rabbit feces and rural by-products with addition of Azotobacter microbial culture and its effect on media quality and Lumbricus rubellus productivity. Communication BP-08 - VIDEO
Cotozzolo E., Collodel G., Signorini C., Mattioli S., Cartoni Mancinelli A., Dal Bosco A., Castellini C. (Italy) -Effect of dietary n-6/n-3 ratio on fatty acid distribution in different rabbit tissues. Communication BP-09 - VIDEO
Ding H.S., Cheng G.L., Leng J.J., Yang Y.X., Zhao X.W., Wang X.F., Qi Y.X., Huang D.W., Zhao H.L (China) -. Analysis of histological and micro-rna profiles changes in rabbit skin development .Communication BP-10

El-Gindy Y., Zahran S., Abd El-Rahman M., Ameen A. (Egypt) - Physiological responses of mannooligosaccharide on lipid profile of heat stressed rabbits. Communication BP-11 - VIDEO
Gardan-Salmon D., Maupin M., Bebin K., Robert R. (France) - Impact of different levels of feed restriction during fattening period on growth performances and mammary gland development in mid-term pregnant does. Communication BP-12 - VIDEO
Knudsen C., Gidenne T., Cauquil L., Pascal G., Briens C., Duperray J.,Rebours G., Salaün J.M., Travel A., Weissman D., Combes S. (France) - Both quantitative and energetic intake level affect caecal microbiota composition and activity in the growing rabbit. Communication BP-16 - VIDEO
Kuang Liangde, Min Lei, Li Congyan, Guo Zhiqiang, Ren Yongjun, Zhang Xiangyu , Zheng Jie, Zhang Cuixia, Yang Chao, Mei Xiuli, Tang Li, Ji Yang, Deng Xiaodong , Yang Rui, Xie Xiaohong ( China) - Whole transcriptome sequencing reveals non-coding RNAs related to embryo morphogenesis and development in rabbit. Communication BP-17 - VIDEO
Kuang Liangde, Min Lei, Li Congyan, Guo Zhiqiang, Ren Yongjun, Zhang Xiangyu , Zheng Jie, Zhang Cuixia, Yang Chao, Mei Xiuli, Tang Li, Ji Yang, Deng Xiaodong , Yang Rui, Xie Xiaohong (China) - Morphological characteristics of adipose cells in liver tissues of Tianfu Black rabbits. Communication BP-18.
Liu Gongyan, Sun Haitao, Gao Shuxia, Bai Liya, Jiang Wenxue, Li Fuchang (China) - Effects of dietary vitamin B6 on skeletal muscle protein metabolism of growing rabbits. Communication BP-19.
Liu H, Li F., Liu L. (China) - The effect of glucocorticoids on the gene expression of nutrient transporter in different rabbit intestinal segments. Communicatiopn BP-20 .
Mattioli S., Cartoni Mancinelli A., Cotozzolo E., Mancini S., Castellini C., Dal Bosco A. (Italy) - Comparison of an estimated index of fatty acid metabolism and liver 6-desaturase activity in rabbit. Communication BP-29.
Moumen S., Daoudi-Zerouki N., Bouchareb C., Adjroud H. (Algeria) - Serum biochemical profile of rabbit does of Algerian local population (Aures region) at different physiological stage. Communication BP-22.
Mussard Eloïse, Combes Sylvie, Héliès Virginie, Aymard Patrick, Beaumont Martin (France) - Development of a rabbit caecum organoid model: an innovative in vitro tool to study absorptive and barrier functions of epithelial cells. Communication BP-23 - VIDEO
Paës C., Gidenne T., Barilly C., Bébin K., Duperray J., Gohier C., Guené-Grand E., Rebours G., Aymard P., Beaumont M. Combes S. (France) - Stimulation of early solid feed ingestion in the nest accelerates the maturation of the rabbits caecal microbiota. Communication BP-25. - VIDEO
Settar A., Khaldoun Oularbi H., Tarzaali D., Mekhaldi F. (Algeria) - Ameliorative effect of vitamins A, E, D & C on Ampligo a synthetic insecticide inducing toxicity on rabbit adrenal gland. Communication BP-27 - VIDEO
Silva S.R., Guedes C.M., Almeida M., Mourão L.M., Pinheiro V. ('Portugal) - Prediction of rabbit body fat deposits from perirenal fat measurements obtained with real-time ultrasonography. Communication BP-28 - VIDEO
Song B., Zhao J.P., Ren Z.J. (China) - The differences of cecal communities in rabbits and hares. Communication BP-30. - VIDEO
Tlili Thiziri, Aroun Rabiha, Benamara Liza, Khaldoun-Oularbi Hassina, Daoudi-Zerrouki Nacira (Algeria) - Study of the histofunctional characteristics of the ovarian structures of rabbits of the synthetic strain in the state of pregnancy. Communication BP-31 - VIDEO
Velasco-Galilea M., Piles M., Viñas M., Rafel O., Ramayo-Caldas Y., González-Rodríguez O., Guivernau M., Sánchez J.P. (Spain) - Prediction of growth and feed efficiency performances in growing rabbits from their gut microbiota. Communication BP-32. - VIDEO
Zhang Xiangyu, Li Congyan, Kuang Liangde, Zhen Jie, Zhang Cuixia, Yang Chao, Ren Yongjun, Guo Zhiqiang, Yang Rui, Tang Li, Ji Yang, Lei Min, Mei Xiuli, Huang Dengpin, Xie Xiaohong (China) - Solexa sequencing and bioinformatics analysis on micro-RNA from the rabbit muscle . Communication BP-34.
Zubiri-Gaitán A., Martínez-Álvaro M., Ccalta R., Satué K., Blasco A., Hernández P. (Spain) - Correlated response to selection for intramuscular fat on the liver fat and its fatty acid profile. Communication BP-35 - VIDEO

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García M.L., Gunia M., Argente M.J. (Spain, France) - Genetic factors of functional traits (invited paper). Communication BG-00 - No Video (Author's request)

Some of the videos of this session are not available due to technical issues. We apologize

Agea I., Muelas R., García M.L., Hernández P., Santacreu M.A., Armero E., Blasco A., Argente M.J. (Spain) - Correlated response in plasma fatty acids profile in rabbits selected for environmental sensitivity. Comunication BG-02.
Casto-Rebollo C., Argente M.J., Garcia M.L., Blasco A., Ibáñez-Escriche N. (Spain) - Immunological genes selected for environmental variance could control the animal resilience. Cpmmunication BG-04.
Demars J., Labrune Y., Iannuccelli N., Aymard P., Benitez F., Leroux S., Gilbert H., Riquet J. (France) - Deciphering the molecular architecture of the coat colour variability in a European rabbit population. Communication BG-05.
Eiben Cs., Mészáros M., Gulyás B.,Végi B., Drobnyák Á., Barna J., Molnár T., Szalay I.T., Liptói K. (Hungary) - Conservation and performance of the native Hungarian Giant rabbit breed. Communication BG-06.
Garreau H., Labrune Y., Chapuis H. , Ruesche J., Riquet J., Demars J., Benitez F., Richard F., Drouilhet L., Zemb O., Gilbert H. (France) - Genome wide association study of growth and feed efficiency traits in rabbits. Communication BG-07.
Girardie O., Robert R., Maupin M., Hurtaud J., Joly T., Ruesche J., David I., Garreau H., Canario L. (France) - Genetic trends in doe and kit behaviour and performances assessed with comparison of old- and modern-type lines in a crossfostering design. Communicaion BG-08 - VIDEO
Gunia M., Lantier F., Bed'hom B., Guitton E., Helies V. Helloin E., Herbert C., Maupin M., Riou M., Robert R., Shrestha M., Garreau H. (France) - Pasteurella multocida experimental infection 2): genetic parameters. Communication BG-09 - VIDEO
Herbert C., Yviquel J., Flatres-Grall L., Pong-Wong R., Lenoir G. (France, Scotland) - Optimal contribution selection in C line Hycole: prospect for genetic gain. Communication BG-10.
Iannucelli N., Cabau C., Sarry J., Bouchez O., Billon Y., Riquet J., Allain D., Demars J. (France) - Heterologous hybridization using the human exome - A molecular tool to target and identify major genes. Communication BG-11.
Laghouaouta H., Sosa-Madrid B.S., Zubiri-Gaitán A., Blasco A., Hernández P. (Spain) - Genome-wide association study for fatty acid composition in rabbits. Communication BG-14.
Machado L. C., Faria C. G. S., Zeferino C. P., Castilha L. D., Silveira J. M. M., Silva V. G. P., Pereira D. L. (Brazil) - Productive performance and mortality in growing rabbits from different genotypes. Communication BG-15.
Nagy I., Farkas J., Atkári T., Kövér Gy. (Hungary) - Estimating lethal equivalent of the Pannon White rabbit population applying generalised linear mixed models. Communication BG-17.
Oseni, S.O., Bashiru, H.A., Atumah C. (Nigeria) On-farm phenotypic characterization of heterogeneous rabbits for fertility and reproductive performance in south-western Nigeria. Communication BG-18 - VIDEO
Piles M., Tusell L., Velasco-Galilea M., Ballester M., Sánchez J.P. (Spain, France) - A comparative study of support vector machine and GBLUP to predict average daily gain from single nucleotide polymorphisms. Communication BG-19.
Piles M., Sánchez J. P., Pascual M., Rodríguez-Ramilo S. T. (Spain, France) - Inbreeding depression on growth and prolificacy traits. Communication BG-20
Piles M., Tusell L., Velasco-Galilea M., Helies V., Drouilhet L., Zemb O., Sánchez J.P., Garreau H.,(Spain, France). Machine learning algorithms for the prediction of feed efficiency based on caecal microbiota. Communication BG-21 - VIDEO
Savietto D., Debrusse A.M., Bonnemère J.M., Labatut D., Aymard P., FortunLamothe L., Gunia M., (France) . Characterization of the French rabbit breed Fauve-de-Bourgogne in an intensive system. Communication BG-22.
Utzeri V.J. Ribani A., Fontanesi L. (Italy) - Variability In the tyrosinase (TYR) gene (the albino locus) in domestic and wild rabbits. Communication NG-23.
Zhang Kai, Fu Xiangchao, Liu Ning, Wen Bin, Xu Changwen, Du Dan, Yu Zhiju, Jian Wensu, Wang Ping, Guo Xiaolin, Wang Lihuan, Liu Hanzhong (China) - Rex rabbit illumina sequencing and bioinformatics analysis on miRNA in testes. Communicaion BG-24.
Zubiri-Gaitán A., Martínez-Álvaro, M., Hernández P., Blasco A. (Spain) - Correlated response to selection for intramuscular fat on the gut metagenomic profile. Communication BG-25.

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Rödel H.G., (France) - Aspects of social behavior and reproduction in the wild rabbit - Implications for rabbit breeding ? (invited paper). Communication E-00 - VIDEO

de Greef K.H., Rommers J.M. (The Netherlands) - The Dutch route to improve commercial rabbit welfare – rather collectively than by law. Communication E-01 - VIDEO
Dutra D., Villegas-Cayllahua E., Ferrari F., Costa M., Rein A., Silva A., Moraes P.,Borba H. (Brazil) - Cage floor enrichment contributes to physical and thermal comfort of fattening rabbits. Communication E-02.
Fetiveau M., Savietto D., Warin L., Pujol S., Gidenne T., Huang Y., Fortun-Lamothe L., (France). Outdoor access for growing rabbits: effect of stocking rate on behaviour and performance. Communication E-03.
Fortun-Lamothe L., Breda J., Savietto D., Aymard P., Combes S., Gidenne T., Warin L., Huang Y. (France) - Space use and exploratory behaviour in growing rabbit housed in large partitioned pens. Communication E-04.
Gerencsér Zs., Farkas T.P., Nagy I., Odermatt M., Radnai I., Kasza R., Matics Zs. Szendrö Zs. (Hungary) - Location preference of rabbit does in a pen system combining group and individual housing. Communication E-05 - VIDEO
Guené-Grand E., Davoust C., Launay C. (France) - A new alternative outdoor housing method (Wellap®) for fattening rabbits: first results. Communication E-06.
Guené-Grand E., Davoust C., Launay C. (France) - A new alternative outdoor housing method (Wellap®) for fattening rabbits: behavior and space use. Communication E-07 - VIDEO
Huang Y., Breda J., Savietto D., Labatut D., Pujol S., Combes S., Gidenne T. , Warin L., Fortun-Lamothe L.(France). Effect of housing and enrichment on behaviour and performance of growing and reproducing rabbits. Communication E-08 - VIDEO one common video for communications E-08, E-09 & E-10 presented together by L. Fortun-Lamothe
Huang Y., Breda J., Savietto D., Debrusse A., Combes S., Gidenne T., Warin L., Fortun-Lamothe L., (France) - Part-time grouping of rabbit does in enriched housing: effects on spatial position, performance and lesions. Communication E-09. for the video see communication E-08
Laclef E.,
Savietto D., Warin L, Huang Y., Bonnemère J.M., Combes S., Gidenne T., Fortun-Lamothe L., (France) - Part-time group housing of familiar rabbit does in large partitionned space: effects on performance and behaviour. Communication E-10. for the video see communication E-08
Pasqualin D., Zomeño C., Santagiuliana M., Dalla Costa A., Trocino A., Lavazza A., Dorigo F., Bonfanti L., Birolo M., Xiccato G., Menegon F., Di Martino G. (Italy) - A protocol for measuring health and welfare of reproducing does and litters in rabbit farms. Communication E-11 - VIDEO
Ramón-Moragues A., Martinez-Paredes E., Villagrá A. (Spain) - Differences in milk production and lactation-related behaviours in breeding does housed in individual enriched cages and part-time systems. Communication E-12 - VIDEO
Rommers J., de Greef K. (The Netherlands) - Are plastic mats effective for diminishing footpad lesions of rabbit does? – Survey after 10 years in the Netherlands. Communication E-13 - VIDEO
Trocino A., Zomeño C., Birolo M., Pirrone F. Xiccato G. (Italy) - Effect of grouping time and group stability on behavior and aggression among rabbit does in a part-time housing system. Communication E-14 - VIDEO
Van Damme L., Delezie E., Tuyttens F. A. M., Maertens L. (Belgium) - Advances in part-time group housing systems for does: an overview of reproductive performances. Communication E15 - VIDEO
Villegas-Cayllahua E., Dutra D., Cavalcanti E., Fidelis H., Montanhim G., Silva A., Moraes P., Borba H. (Brazil) - Assessment of stress during handling of commercial
rabbits. Communication E-16,
Warin L., Mika A., Souchet C., Bouvarel I. (France) - Feasibility and repeatability of the Ebene® welfare assessment measures for rabbits. Communication E-17 - VIDEO

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Wu L.P., Lukefahr S.D. (China, USA) - Rabbit meat trade of major countries: regional patterns and influencing factors (invited paper) Communication F-00 - VIDEO

Arnau-Bonachera A., Blas E., Cervera C., Ródenas L., Martínez-Paredes E., Pascual J.J. (Spain) - Towards a sustainable rabbit production system combining genetic type and weaning strategy. Communication F-01 - VIDEO
Birolo M., Trocino A., Zuffellato A., Xiccato G. (Italy) - Performance, mortality and slaughter traits of group-housed rabbits submitted to different time-based feed restriction programs. Communication F-02 - VIDEO
Gerencsér Zs., Kasza R., Radnai I., Matics Zs., Dalle Zotte A., Cullere M., Szendrö Zs. (Hungary, Italy) - Effects of hair shearing on production performance and carcass traits of growing rabbits in high ambient temperature. Communication F-03 - VIDEO
Gidenne T. (France) - Feed intake regulation strategies for the growing rabbit : a 2005-2015 retrospective on economic and environmental impact in France. Communication F-04 - VIDEO
Goby J.P., Chevallier L., Gidenne T. (France) - Organic rabbit pasturing: effect of grazing density on grass intake and growth of the rabbit. Communication F-05 - VIDEO
Huang Y., Gigou M., Goby J.P., Roinsard A., Savietto D., Gidenne T. (France) - Digital breeding and assisted management in organic rabbit farming: the first results. Communication F-06 - VIDEO
Li D.Y., Wu L.P. (China) - Analysis of the competitiveness of Chinese rabbit industry. Communication F-08 - VIDEO
Nate J.A., Natividad E.D.C., Lavarias J.A., Gavino R.B., Castillo C.C. (Philippines) - Optimization of biofeed plan and space requirement for rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus L.). Communication F-10.
Pascual M., Martin E., Fabre C., Garreau H., Gilbert H., Piles M., Sánchez M. , Sánchez J.P. (Spain, France) - Is feed restriction an alternative to the use of antibiotics in non controlled environment farms ? Communication F-13.
Paul A., Johnson J., Lallo C. (Trinidad & Tobago) - The effects of stocking rate on growth performance and welfare of the fattening rabbits when produced under humid tropical condition in Trinidad. Communication F-14 - VIDEO
Rebours G., Raffin J., Vastel P., Reys S. (France) - Descriptive study of speed of fattening rabbits' daily feed intake in constant and progressive hourly feeding with two nutritional levels of feed. Communication F-15 - VIDEO Common presentation of communications F-15 & F-16 ny G Rebours
Rebours G., Raffin J., Vastel P., Reys S. (France) - Effect of a progressive hourly feeding and nutritional level of feed on performance and feed cost of fattening rabbits. Communication F-16 - Video : see previous communication (common presentation)
Saiz del Barrio A., Perea-Goya L., Martín-Chaves E., Alfonso-Carrillo C., Marco M., Fernández B., Terreros E., García-Ruiz A.I. (Spain) - Evolution of growth performance and weight uniformity of growing rabbits under feed restriction. Communication F-17 - VIDEO
Schwarz J., Schädler J., Albini S., Peter-Egli J., Schüpbach G., Wiederkehr D. (Switzerland) - Promoting rabbit health and welfare by collection and establishment of reliable health and performance data in the two major Swiss meat rabbit integrations. Communication F-18.
Silva K.G., Sotomaior C.S. (Brazil) - Housing conditions of growing rabbits in Brazil. Proceedings 12th World Rabbit Congress - November 3-5 2021 - Nantes, France, Communication F-20.
Silva S.R., Guedes C.M., Almeida, M., Pinheiro V. (Portugal) - Use of infrared thermography images to predict live weight of growing rabbits. Communication F-21.
Zhang M.Y., Wu L.P. (China) - Consumer demand for rabbit meat in urban China : 2011-2018. Communication F-22
Zhang Shunli, Zhu J.F. (China) - Cost and benefit analysis of meat rabbit breeding based on 2018 national survey data of 13 provinces [of China]. Communication F-19 - VIDEO


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Martínez-Paredes E., Nicodemus N., Pascual J.J., García J. (Spain) - Challenges in rabbit does feeding, including the young doe (invited paper). Communication N-00. VIDEO

Alves R., Ribeiro D.M., Martins C., Pinho M., Freire J.P.B., Falcão-e-Cunha L. (Portugal) - Alternative feeds for the growing rabbit: carrot roots. Effect on performance and digestion. Communication N-03 - VIDEO
Atkári T., Jós D., Gerencsér Zs., Nagy I. (Hungary) - Using a mixture of red clover and bird's-foot trefoil in diets for growing rabbits. Communication N-04.
Boudour Khedidja, Daoudi-Zerrouki Nacira, Lankri Elhassen, Aichouni Ahmed (Algeria) - Effect of incorporation of Malva sylvestris powder in rabbit diets on zootechnical and blood parameters. Communication N-06 - VIDEO
Chen J., Wang J., Li P. (China) - Effects of dietary iron levels on growth performance and iron metabolism-related genes expression in growing Rex rabbits.Communication N-07 - VIDEO
Colin M., Prigent A.Y., Van Lissum M. (France) - Effects of a fermented product of Saccharomyces cerevisiae on growth, health and mortality of rabbits at two different slaughtering ages. Communication N-08. VIDEO
Craveiro J.M.S., Madeira A.S., Nicolau J.T.S., Souza J.H.A., Ribeiro L.B., Castilha L.D. (Brazil) - Performance and blood parameters of rabbits fed diets containing decreasing levels of alfalfa hay. Communication N-23.
De Oliveira F., Rani Z.T, Stuart J., Gous R.M. (South Africa) - Effect of non-conventional and pelleted feed on Californian rabbit growth performance in South Africa. Communication N-10,
Farias-Kovac C., Simbaña F., Reyes M., Ávila A.B., Carabaño R., Nicodemus N., García J. (Spain) - Effect of cellobiose supplementation in drinking water and feed restriction on apparent faecal digestibility and growth performance in rabbits. Communication N-12.
Farias-Kovac C., Simbaña F., Reyes M., Ávila A.B., Carabaño R., Nicodemus N., García J. (Spain) - Effect of cellobiose supplementation in drinking water and feed restriction on energy and nitrogen retention efficiency in growing rabbits. Communication N-13. VIDEO of the communications 12 & 13 on cellobiose
Farias-Kovac C., Simbaña F., Reyes M., Carabaño R., Nicodemus N., García J. (Spain) - Effect of xylooligosaccharides supplementation in drinking water and feed restriction on faecal digestibility, growth traits and energy and nitrogen retention efficiency in growing rabbits. Communication N-14. - VIDEO
Gayrard C., Bretaudeau A., Gombault P., Hoste H., Gidenne T. (France) - Effects of dehydrated sainfoin in rabbit diet on the performance of does and growing rabbits. Communication N-15 - VIDEO
Gohier C., Menini F.X., Bourdillon A. (France) - Effect of a feed supplemented with Cunidigest® on fattening rabbit performances. Communication N-16 - VIDEO
Gonçalves C., Della Badia A., Martínez-Paredes E., Ródenas L., Blas E., Pascual J.J. (Spain) - Fitting digestible protein to digestible energy ratio in growing rabbits selected by growth rate. Communication N-17 - VIDEO
Guené-Grand E., Davoust C., Poisson A., Launay C. (France) - Impact of the access time to the feeder before weaning on the growth performance of rabbits raised in litters of 11 kits by multiparous rabbit does. Communication N-18 - VIDEO
Guermah H., Maertens L. (Algeria, Belgium) - Nutritive value of dehydrated chicory pulp for fattening rabbits. Communication N-19,
Harouz-Cherifi Z., Kadi S.A., Mouhous A., Bannelier C., Berchiche M., Gidenne T. (Algeria, France) - Effect of increasing level of brewer's grain in diet of rabbits on growth and carcass traits. Communication N-20.
Hernández M., Nouel-Borges G., Sánchez-Blanco R. (Venezuela) - Inclusion of Prosopis juliflora pods preserved in sugar cane molasses and Leucaena leaves in rabbits diets. Communication N-21. - VIDEO
Kouadio K.S., Yapi Y.M., Kimse M., Alla K.J.B., Sangare S., Gidenne T., Wandan E.N. (Côte d'Ivoire, France) - Effects of sun-dried stylo hay (Stylosanthes guianensis cv Ciat 184) on rabbits growth and slaughter performances. Communication N-22 - VIDEO
Lebas F. (France) - Bentonite in rabbit feeding - a short review. Communication N-24 - VIDEO (physical presentation made by T. Gidenne)
Liu Tingting, Cao Ningkun, Xia Xueru, Cui Jia, Chang Xingfa, Wei Yuchao, Sun Lei, Li Nan, Chen Baojiang (China) - Effects of different starch sources on endogenous nitrogen and energy losses in meat and wool rabbits. Communication N-26.
Malabous A., Robert D., Barotin.L., Prigent A.Y., Van Lissum M., Colin M. (France) - Influence of metabolites derived from the fermentation of 2 strains of lactobacilli distributed only in maternity on the reproductive and the total performances of rabbits (maternity, growing fattening, slaughtering). Communication N-27 . VIDEO
Matics Zs., Szendrö Zs., Kasza R., Radnai I., Ács V., Dalle Zotte A., Cullere M., Singh Y., Gerencsér Zs. (Hungary, Italy) - Effect of silkworm (Bombyx mori) oil dietary inclusion on live performance and carcass traits of growing rabbits. Communication N-29 .- VIDEO
Menini F.X., Gohier C., Bourdillon A., Leroy G. (France) - Effect of the monopropylene glycol addition in drinking water at different periods during maternity period on the performance of rabbit does and kits. Communication N-30 - VIDEO
Nursita I.W., Cholis N. (Indonesia) - The effect of complete feed substitution with kelor (Moringa oleifera) dried leaves on the physiological and production performance of male weaned crossed New Zealand White rabbits. Communication N-31.- VIDEO
Oliveira T.C., Nicolau J.T.S., Souza J.H.A., Leite S.M., Ribeiro L.B., Castilha L.D. (Brazil) - Effect of physical form of diet and feeder type on performance of growing rabbits. Communication N-33.
Paës C., Gidenne T., Bannelier C., Bébin K., Duperray J., Gohier C., Guené-Grand E., Rebours G., Aymard P., Combes S. (France) - Suckling rabbit digestibility : effect of the age at introduction of a starter feed. Communication N-34 - VIDEO
Parra-Almao J., Nouel-Borges G., Sánchez-Blanco R. (Venezuela) - Effects of sugar cane molasses, rice bran and Leucaena leucocephala leaves on digestibility and performance of growing rabbits. Communication N-35. - VIDEO
Prado Y.M., Martínez-Paredes E., López-Luján M.C, Ródenas L., Blas E. (Spain) - Digestibility in lactating rabbit does and growing rabbit: a comparative study. Communication N-36 - VIDEO
Raffin J., Rebours G., Vastel P., Reys S. (France) - Effect of the dietary ratio between digestible and indigestible fibres on the digestive health and performances of fattening rabbits. Communication N-37. VIDEO
Ribeiro D.M., Martins C., Pinho M., Freire J.P., Falcão-e-Cunha L. (Portugal) - Effect of using carob pulp in growing rabbit diets on performance, digestibility, intestinal morphology and caecal parameters. Communication N-09.
Sangare S., Kimse M., Bléyéré M.N., Yapi J.N. (Côte d'Ivoire) - Effect of spirulina (Spirulina platensis) on growth performance and rabbit health (Oryctolagus cuniculus) Communication N-39 - VIDEO
Santinoni J.T., Miranda, V.M.M.C., Angelo S.S., Souza J.H.A., Ribeiro L.B., Castilha L.D. (Brazil) - Performance and organ weights of growing rabbits fed diets with extruded broken bean at various levels. Communication N-40.
Singh Y., Cullere M., Gerencsér Zs., Matics Zs., Cappellozza S., Dalle Zotte A. (Italy, Hungary) - Effect of dietary replacement of sunflower oil with silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) oil on the total tract apparent digestibility and nutritive value in growing rabbits. Communication N-41. - VIDEO
Xiccato G., Birolo M., Pascual Guzman Á., Bordignon F., Trocino A. (Italy) - Effect of dietary supplementation with chestnut and grape pomace extracts on growth performance, nutrient digestibility and meat quality of rabbits. Communication N-42 - VIDEO

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OPEN Session

Amroun T., Daoudi-Zerrouki N., Martin P., Miranda G., Charlier M. (Algeria , France) - . Impact of milk composition on neonatal mortality in two strains of rabbits, the White Population and the Synthetic Strain in Algeria. Communication O-02 - VIDEO
Boucher S., Nicolier A., Tatone F., Sauvaget S. (France) - Regarding a case of blue coloration on meat rabbit carcasses. Communication O-03 - VIDEO
Boucher S., Carneiro M., Vieillard J. (France, Portugal, Sweden) - The Alfort jumper rabbit: review of the scientific works conducted from 1935 to 2019. Communication O-04 - VIDEO
González-Redondo P., Finzi A. (Spain; Italyi) - Efficiency of the rabbit underground cell keeping system in maintaining good thermal regime under cold weather conditions. Communication O-05.
Lukefahr S.D., Oseni S.O. (USA, Nigeria) - Vertical rabbit farming integrative systems for cities: models and opportunities - A bibliographic review. Proceedings 12th World Rabbit Congress - November 3-5 2021 - Nantes, France, Communication O-06 - VIDEO
Oseni S.O., Lukefahr S.D. (Nigeria, USA) - Rabbit data for development (RD4D): concept, processes, outcomes. Communication O-07 - VIDEO
Oyedele O.J., Odeyinka S.M., Oyebanji . B.O. (Nigeria) - The haematological and biochemical parameters of rabbits fed with Moringa oleifera Lam. based diets. Communication O-08
Quagliariello G., Lafalla L. (Argentina) - Importance of the contribution of rabbit meat in the diet of families in vulnerable conditions, in departments of northeastern Mendoza, Argentina. Communication O-09.
Sánchez J.P., Perucho O., Pascual M., Rafel O., Piles M. (Spain) - Electronic feeder to record individual feed intake on rabbits raised in collective cages. Communication O-11 - VIDEO
Sangare S., Kimse M., Bléyéré M.N., Yapi J. (Côte d'Ivoire) - Typology of rabbit farmers in the district of Abidjan and the regions of South Comoé and Mé. Communication O-12 - VIDEO
Szendrö K., Szabó-Szentgróti E., Szigeti O. (Hungary) - Consumers' motivation for (not) choosing rabbit meat - A global view -. Proceedings 12th World Rabbit Congress - November 3-5 2021 - Nantes, France, Communication O-13 - VIDEO

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Capucci L., Cavadini P., Lavazza A., 2021. Viral haemorrhagic disease: RHDV type 2, ten years later (invited paper). Proceedings 12th World Rabbit Congress - November 3-5 2021 - Nantes, France, Communication P-00.- VIDEO

Arts H.T., Arts B. (The Netherlands) - Lawsonia bacteria, an unknown pathogen, newly discovered in rabbit farms. Communication P-02 - VIDEO
Arts H.T., Arts B., Rommers J. (The Netherlands) - Rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus type 2 (RHDV2) in the Netherlands and Germany: clinical and epidemiological findings. Communication P-03. - VIDEO
Atkinson A., Espinosa-Ayala E., Hernández P.A., Le Roux J.F., Mendoza G.D., Pulido-Huertas S., Velázquez-Cruz A.L., Prigent A.Y., Colin M. (France, Mexico) - Effect of a polyherbal mixture of Saccharum officinarum and of Acacia concinna on the oocystal excretion, zootechnical performance and meat quality of growing rabbits. Communication P-04 . - VIDEO
Baratelli M., Molist-Badiola J., Puigredon-Fontanet A., Pascual M., Boix O., Mora-Igual F.X., Woodward M., Lavazza A., Capucci L. (Spain, Italy) - Characterization of the maternal derived antibody immunity against RHDV-2 after administration in breeding does of an inactivated vaccine . Communication P-05.
Belloumi D., Argente M.J., García M.L., Blasco A., Santacreu M.A. (Spain) - Study of biomarkers of disease sensitivity in a robust and a standard maternal line. Communication P-07.
Ben Chehida F., Ben Salem A., Daboussi I., Sghaier S., Kalthoum S., Attia-El Hili H. (Tunisia) - Characterization of rabbit farms in Tunisia and retrospective epidemiological studies on RHDV-2. Communication P-08. - VIDEO
Bokreta S., Khaldoun H., Makhlouf C., Daoudi-Zerrouki N. (Algeria) - The possible alleviating effect of Thymus vulgaris essential oil against VOLIAM TARGO® induced cardiotoxicity in rabbits of a local population (Oryctolagus cuniculus). Communication P-09 - VIDEO
Cavadini P., Campisi G., Vismara A., Lavazza A., Capucci L. (Italy) - Study of genetic evolution of RHDV2 in Italy from 2011 to 2019. Communication P-11 - VIDEO
Circella E., Camarda A., Schiavone A., Romito D., Schiavitto M., Casalino G., Belloli C. (Italy) - Minimal inhibitory and mutant prevention concentrations of enrofloxacin for Pasteurella multocida from rabbits affected by pasteurellosis. Communication P-13 . - VIDEO
Cornaggia M., Palazzolo L., Di Castri A., Vascellari M., Tonon E., Viel L., Bano L. (Italy) - Histological and immunohistochemical features of dysautonomia in commercial rabbits affected by intestinal disorders. Communication P-14
Dakouri S.A., Kimsé M., Koné M.W., Touré A., Komoin O.C. (Côte d'Ivoire) - Seasonal evolution of coccidial infection in domestic rabbits in Abidjan district, Côte d'Ivoire. Communication P-15 -
Dakouri S.A., Kimsé M., Koné M.W., Komoin O.C., Touré Alassane (Côte d'Ivoire) - Effects of Ficus exasperata, Azadirachta indica and Mangifera indica leaves on oocystal coccidia excretion and on rabbit growth. Communication P-16 - VIDEO
Dakouri S.A., Kimsé M., Koné M.W., Touré Alassane, Yapi Y.M., Komoin O.C. (Côte d'Ivoire) - Rabbits gastro-intestinal and external parasites in Ivorian improved system. Communication P-17.
Di Castri A., Cornaggia M., Palazzolo L., Rizzardi A., Bottin S., Viel L., Foiani G., Vascellari M., Bano L. (Italy) - Occurrence of tympanic bullae empyema in commercial rabbits. Communication P-18 - VIDEO
Garreau H., Lantier F., Bed'hom B., Guitton E., Helies V., Helloin E., Herbert C., Maupin M., Robert R., Gunia M. (France) - Pasteurella multocida experimental infection 3): Relationship between resistance to diseases and production traits in rabbits raised in commercial farms. Communication P-19 - VIDEO Common prensetation of communications P-19 and P-21
Guichard P., Bordas A., Moreac T., Chevance A., Blot J., Travel A., Hemonic A., Le Normand B., Liber M., Leorat J., Verdon J., Hurtaud-Pessel D., Orand J.P., Amar H., Maris P., Baduel L., Mompelat S. (France) - Impact of disinfectant water treatment for pigs, poultry and rabbits on the stability of antibiotics. Communication P-20 - VIDEO
Gunia M., Lantier F., Bed'hom B., Guitton E., Helies V., Helloin E., Herbert C., Maupin M., Riou M., Robert R., Garreau H. (France) - Pasteurella multocida experimental infection 1): Resistance and haematological response. Communication P-21- Video : see communication P-19 Garreau et al
Hu Bo, Fan Zhiyu, Wei Houjun, Chen Mengmeng, Qiu Rulong, Song Yanhua, Zhu Weifeng, Xu Weizhong, Xue Jiabin, Wang Fang (China) - Emergence of rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus RHDV-2 in China. Communication P-22 - VIDEO
Huneau-Salaün A., Guillou-Cloarec C., Thomas R., Le Maître E., Lopez S., Nouvel L., Le Gall-Reculé G., Le Bouquin S. (France) - Evaluation of cleaning and disinfection procedures in rabbit farms affected by rabbit haemorrhagic disease, in France . Communication P-23.
Legendre H., Goby J.P., Le Stum J., Hoste H., Cabaret J., Gidenne T. (France) - Organic rabbit farming: should we be afraid of gastro-intestinal parasites ? Communication P-24. - VIDEO
Liu Y., Wei Q., Xiao C.W., Ji Q.A., Huang Y.E., Bao G L. (China) - Immune efficacy of inactivated Bordetella bronchiseptica vaccine in rabbits. Communication P-25.
Makhlouf C., Khaldoun Oularbi H., Zerrout N.H., Bokreta S., Oularbi Y. , Tlili T., Aroun R., Daoudi-Zerrouki N. (Algeria) - Beneficial effects of ascorbic acid against nephrotoxicity induced by Ivermectin repeated highdose therapy in rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus).Communication P-26.
Montbrau C., Gascon S., Ruiz M.C. (Spain) - Efficacy of Eravac® against a heterologous challenge with a virulent RHDV-2 strain in the presence and/or absence of maternal derived antibodies. Communication P-27.- VIDEO
Moreno-Grúa E., Pérez-Fuentes S., Muñoz-Silvestre A., Viana D., Selva L., Pascual J.J. , Arnau-Bonachera A., Corpa J.M. (Spain) - Effect of selection for growth rate on macroscopic lesions after intradermal skin infections with Staphylococcus aureus. Communication P-28 - VIDEO
Patinha S., Pinheiro V., Soares A.S., Dias S., Fraga M.F., Matos M., Venâncio C.A., Coelho A.C. (Portugal) - Occurrence of dermatophytes in captive wild rabbits without clinical signs.Communication P-29.
Pellicciotti S., Accurso D., Lavazza A., Mula P., Bravaccini P., Dorigo F. (Italy) - Evaluation of the persistence of antibiotics residues in drinking water distribution system after static and dynamic washing. Communication P-30.
Rosell J.M., de la Fuente L.F., Badiola J.I., Fernández de Luco D., Casal J. (Spain) - Rhinitis in does: prevalence and seasonal effect. Communication P-32 - VIDEO
Sánchez-Matamoros A. , Woodward M., Navas E., Boix O., Valls L. (Spain) - Effect of vaccination on protection against RHDV-2 and viral load. Communication P-34. - VIDEO
Vastel P., Rebours G., Le Normand B., Chatellier S., Capucci L. (France) - Concentration of antibodies and immunoglobulins in does and their offspring vaccinated against RHDV-2. Communication P-36.- VIDEO
Vereecken M., Willems J., de Vries S., De Gussem K. (Belgium, The Netherlands) - Field study on the control of coccidiosis in rabbits housed in park systems. Communication P-37 - VIDEO
Wei Qiang, Xiao Chen-Wen, Huang Ye-e, Li Ke, Ji Quan-An, Liu Yan, Bao Guo-Lian (China) - Establishment of infection model of pathogenic Escherichia coli in rabbits by oral administration. Communication P-38.
Wei Qiang, Qian Wei, Xiao Chenwen, Liu Yan, Ji Quan'an, Huang Ye'e, Li Ke, Bao Guolian (China) - Establishment of pathogenesis model of Bordetella bronchiseptica in rabbits. Proceedings 12th World Rabbit Congress - November 3-5 2021 - Nantes, France, Communication P-39.
Wolacewicz M., Hrynkiewicz R., Niedzwiedzka-Rystwej P. (Poland) - Preliminary studies on defensins expression in liver of rabbits experimentally infected with Lagovirus europeus GI.1 and GI.1A. Communication P-40

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Leroy F., Petracci M. (Belgium, Italy) - Rabbit meat: a valuable source of nutrition or too-cute-to-eat ? (invited paper). Communication Q-00 - VIDEO

Almeida M., Silva S., Garcia-Santos S., Guedes C.M., Ferreira L.M., Dominguez, R. , Trindade H., Lorenzo J.M., Pinheiro V. (Portugal) - Effect of total replacement of soybean meal by lupine seeds (L. albus and L. luteus) on carcass characteristics and meat fatty acids composition of growing rabbits. Communication Q-04 - VIDEO
Bouzaida M.D.E, Resconi V.C., Romero J.V., Gimeno D., Olleta J.L., Miranda-de la Lama G.C., Asenjo B., María G.A. (Spain) - Can the inclusion of pomegranate pomace in rabbits diets improve the fatty acid profile of their meat ? Communication Q-06.
Colin M., Lebas F., Delarue J., Caillaud L., Van Lissum M., Prigent A.Y. (France) - Meat from rabbits fed vegetable DHA can be an important part of a DHA-oriented human diet. Communication Q-08 - VIDEO common presentation for communications Q-08 & Q-14, performed by M. Colin
Cullere M., Szendrö Zs., Kasza R., Gerencsér, Zs., Dalle Zotte A. (Italy, Hungary) - Impact of heat stress on the meat quality of rabbits divergently selected for total body fat content. Communication Q-09 - VIDEO
Dalle Zotte A., Szendrö Zs., Kasza R., Matics Zs., Cullere M. (Italy, Hungary) - Rabbit divergent selection for total body fat content : effect on proximate composition and fatty acid profile of meat. Communication Q-10 - VIDEO
María G.A., Resconi V., Bouzaida M., Fernández-Bautista M., Olleta J.L., Asenjo B., Vieira Romero J., Miranda-de la Lama G. (Spain) - Use of non-medicated feed with the addition of pomegranate by-products in commercial rabbit fattening. Communication Q-11.
Laghouaouta H., Zubiri-Gaitán A., Sosa-Madrid B.S., Blasco A., Hernández P. (Spain) - Changes in fatty acid composition due to selection for intramuscular fat. Communication Q-13 - VIDEO
Lebas F., Colin M., Delarue J., Caillaud I., Van Lissum M., Prigent A.Y. (France) - Rabbit is particularly interesting to deposit DHA in its meat, without effects on meat's organoleptic quality - A review. Communication Q-14.
Luis-Chincoya H., Herrera-Haro J.G., Pró-Martínez A., Santacruz-Varela A., Jerez-Salas M.P. (Mexico) - The effect of dietary supplementation zinc source and level on growing performance, mineral deposition and meat quality.Communication Q-15 - VIDEO
Mancini S., Mattioli S., Dal Bosco A., Paci G. (Italy) - Effects of garlic powder and salt as ingredients in rabbit meat burgers. Communication Q-16 - VIDEO
Matics Zs., Szendrö Zs., Dalle Zotte A., Cullere M., Radnai I., Kasza R., Gerencsér Zs. (Hungary, Italy) - Production performance and carcass traits of three rabbit breeds reared at different temperatures. Communication Q-17 - VIDEO
Ribeiro J., Andrade E., Monteiro D., Pinheiro V. (Portugal) - Effect of a feed restriction and gender on the performance and characteristics of the rabbit carcass in the fattening period. Communication Q-18.
Soglia F., Baldi G., Petracci M. (Italy) - Relationship between protein and lipid oxidation in rabbit hind leg meat. Communication Q-19 - VIDEO

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Mattioli S., Maranesi M., Castellini C., Dal Bosco A., Arias-Alvarez M., Lorenzo P.L., Rebollar P.G., Garcia-Garcia R.M. (Italy, Spain) - Physiology and modulation factors of ovulation in rabbit reproduction management (invited paper). Communication R-00 - VIDEO

Anoh K. U. (Nigeria) - The influence of organic and synthetic antioxidant on the reproductive performance of heat stressed rabbit under tropical condition of Nigeria. Communication R-02 - VIDEO
Cherfaoui-Yami D., Berchiche M., Lebas F. (Algeria, France) - Influence of male on reproductive performance of Algerian local population rabbit. France, Communication R-07 -
Eiben Cs., Sándor M., Sándor F., Mohaupt M., Kustos K. (Hungary) - Effect of short fast-refeeding and light program on rabbit doe reproduction. Communication R-08 - VIDEO
García M.L., Peiró R., Agea I., Argente M.J. (Spain) - Study of body condition, energy mobilization and leptin profile in reproductive females. Communication R-09 - VIDEO
Gerencsér Zs., Kasza R., Radnai I., Matics Zs., Dalle Zotte A., Cullere M., Szendrö Zs. (Hungary, Italy) - Effect of drinking water cooling on the reproductive performance of rabbit does housed under high ambient temperature. Communication R-10.
Guillevic M., Minetto A., Prigent A. Y. Colin M. (France) - Effects of the increase of the feed alpha-linolenic acid level on the performances of reproduction of the rabbit does. Communication R-11 - VIDEO
Khaldoun Oularbi H.. Makhlouf C., Bokreta S., Settar A., Tarzali D., Zitouni G., Hamadou D., Kais S., Daoudi-Zerrouki N. (Algeria) - Ampligo® insecticide induces injuries on the testes of rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus : alleviating effects of vitamins C and E (ascorbate/alpha-tocopherol). Communication R-13 - VIDEO
Machado L.C., Faria C.G.S., Zeferino C.P., Castilha L.D., Silveira J.M.M., Silva V.G.P., Pereira D.L. (Brazil) -Productive, reproductive, behavioral and sanitary aspects of rabbit does from different genotypes. Communication R-14.
Nabi I., Fatmi S., Iguer-Ouada M. (Algeria) - Interests to supplement tris-base extender with cholesterol / alpha-tocopherol preloaded in cyclodextrins and vitamin C to chill rabbit semen at 4°C. Communication R-15.
Rouillon C., Camugli S., Carion O., Echegaray A., Delhomme G., Schmitt E. (France, Spain) - Development of a new antibiotic composition for a rabbit semen dilution medium (Galap®). Communication R-16 - VIDEO
Savietto D., Debrusse A.M., Bonnemère J.M., Labatut D., Aymard P., Combes S., Fortun-Lamothe L., Gunia M. (France) - . Reproductive performance of a maternal rabbit cross : Fauve-de-Bourgogne × INRA-1777. Communication R-18.
Vasallo G.E., Sarduy L.., Herrera M. (Cuba) - Effect of reproductive condition and season on productive performance of female rabbits. Communication R-19.
Villamayor P.R., Gullón J., Vilá M., Yáñez U., Aramburu O., Sánchez M., Sánchez Quinteiro P., Martínez P., Quintela L. (Spain) - Preliminary report of potential biostimulation methods based on chemical communication in rabbit doe reproduction. Communication R-20 - VIDEO
Wang Fupeng, Wu Yingjie, Qin Yinghe (China) - Cryopreservation of rabbit sperm using dimethyl sulfoxide in combination with trehalose and hyaluronic acid. Communication R-21

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Communications accepted by the scientific committee BUT not presented during the Congress


Acosta Acosta Y. La O Michel A.L., Valdivé Navarro M., Jay Herrera O., Betancourt Santos N.N. , Villalón Moracen Y., Frómeta Tonzón D. (Cuba) Nutritive contribution of growing rabbits caecotrophy, supplied with degrassed coconut flour. Communication BP-01.
Ding H.S., Cheng G.L., Leng J.J., Yang Y.X., Zhao X.W., Wang X.F., Qi Y.X., Huang D.W. , Zhao H.L. (China) Analysis of histological and micro-rna profiles changes in rabbit skin development. Communicaion BP-10.
Inácio D.F.S., Ferreira W.M., Ferreira F.N.A, Mota K.C.N., Costa Junior M., Silva Neta C.S., Rocha, L.F., Ferreira, M.A. (Brazil) Gas production and in vitro digestibility of different levels of inclusion of beet pulp in diets of growing rabbits. Communication BP-13
Inácio D.F.S., Ferreira W.M., Ferreira F.N.A., Mota K.C.N., Costa Junior M., Silva Neta C.S., Rocha, L.F., Ferreira, M.A. (Brazil) Volatile fatty acids production of growing rabbits feed with different levels of beet pulp. Communication BP-14
Iwuji T.C., Ukanwa A.E., Obikaonu H.O. (Nigeria) Blood characteristics of adult rabbit bucks fed Dialium guineense leaf meal. Communication BP-15.
Minuti A., Uboldi O., Gallo A., Lopreiato V., Bruschi S., Piccioli-Cappelli F., Ferrari A. , Lovotti G., Gachiuta O., Trevisi E. (Italy) Effect of litter size on plasma amino acids in prepartum rabbit does. Communication BP-21.
Mutwedu V.B., Nyongesa A.W., Oduma J.A., Kitaa J.M., Mbaria J.M., (Nigeria) Effect of different ranges of temperature exposition on oxidative stress and biochemical parameters in nulliparous rabbit doe. Communication BP-24.
Popoola M.A., Oseni S.O., Ajayi B.A. (Nigeria) Evaluation of thermoregulatory mechanisms for heat tolerance of heterogeneous rabbit population raised in Nigeria. Communication BP-26.
Wang C., Wang P., Yang W., Liu Q., Li F. (China) Effect of Deoxynivalenol on the expression and distribution of ERK and JNK in liver and kidney of weaned rabbits by immunohistochemistry method. Communication BP-33.


Ács V., Nagy I. (Hungary) Inbreeding aspects in rabbit breeding. Communication BG-01.
Bovo S., Schiavo G., Utzeri V.J., Ribani A., Schiavitto M., Negrini R., Fontanesi L. (Italy) Population genomic analyses of several commercial and fancy rabbit breeds. Communication BG-03.
Kasza R., Matics Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Szendrö Zs., Nagy I., Csóka Á. Donkó T. (Hungary) Connection between the computed tomography (CT) estimated total body fat content of rabbits at 10 weeks of age and before the first insemination. Communication BG-12.
Khalil M.H., Iraqi M.M., Zaghloul A.R., EL Nagar A.G., Ramadan Sh.I. (Egypt) Molecular associations of GH gene genotypes with semen traits in rabbits. Communication BG-13.
Meléndez Torrès C. (Venezuela). Analysis of production parameters for selection of breeding rabbits. Communication BG-16.


     All accepted communications were présented by their authors


Kadi S.A., Mouhous A., Djellal F., Dorbane Z., Hammouche A., Tabti L. , Guermah H. (Algeria) Factors influencing rabbit meat consumption among students in Tizi-Ouzou University, Algeria. Communication F-07.
Mouhous A., Guermah H., Djellal F., Kadi S.A. (Algeria) Sustainability and profitability of commercial rabbitries in Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria. Communication F-09.
Ogah D.M., Gambo D. (Nigeria) Performance characteristics and trait preference among smallholder rabbit farmers around Jos, Nigeria. Communication F-11.
Orheruata A.M., Aduba P., Afam N., Bello-Onaghise G., Nwosu I.C. (Nigeria) Performance of New Zealand rabbits raised in steel and wooden hutches in the humid tropic of southern Nigeria. Communication F-12


Abdel-Khalek A.M., Basyony M.M. (Egypt) Response to by-pass soybean meal in growing rabbit diet. Communication N-01
Adetola O.O., Odetola O.O., Saka A.A., Adetayo, T.O., Jinad, M.O. (Nigeria) Effect of feeding varying levels of wild sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia) leaf-blood meal mixture on nutrient digestibility and growth response of weaner rabbits. Communication N-02.
Ayandiran S.K, Odeyinka S.M., Odedire J.A. , Adedokun M.A., Adekunle I., Makinde S., Ayantoro I.T., Fakunle E.A., Akinloye A.O. (Nigeria) Performance and digestion of weaner rabbits fed sorghum brewers dried grain (SBDG) as replacement for maize. Communication N-05.
Dorbane Z., Kadi SA., Boudouma D., Bannelier C., Berchiche M., Gidenne T. (Algeria, France). Nutritive value of holm oak (Quercus ilex) acorn for growing rabbits Communication N-11.
Li Fan, Li Fuchang (China) Effect of dietary copper supplementation on growth performance and antioxidant activity in Rex rabbits. Communication N-25.
Martins C.F., Bandarrinha J., Alves S.P., Ribeiro D.M., Bessa R J.B., Freire J.P.B., Falcão e Cunha L. (Portugal) Effect of dietary incorporation of microalga (Nannochloropsis oceanica) on growth, nutrient digestibility and meat quality in growing rabbits. Communication F-28
Ojebiyi O.O., Ajala A.A., Amisu R.O., Bakare A.M., Festus G.N. (Nigeria) Replacement of dietary grain by biscuit dough meal on performance and carcass traits of growing rabbits. Communication N-32
Saidj D., Ainbaziz H., Dahmani Y., Iles I., Kadi S.A., Hornick J.L., Moula N. (Algeria, Belgium) Effect of dietary protein level on milk production of Algerian local rabbit does. Communication N-38.
Younan G.E., Morsy W.A., Mohamed Manal S., El-Gabry Hoda E. (Egypt) Effect of dietary supplementation of olive leaf and/or guava leaf extracts on growth performance and some blood parameters of growing rabbits. Communication N-44

OPEN Session

Adeoye A.A., Udoh J.E (Nigeria) Morphometric traits in American standard Chinchilla rabbits. Communication O-01
Rotimi E.A. (Nigeria) Evaluation of body weight and morphometric traits of New Zealand rabbits breed raised under semi-arid condition in Nigeria. Communication O-10.
Youssef Y.M.K., Emam A.M., Abou Khadiga G. (Egypt) Rabbit breeding situation in Egypt- a case study. Communication O-14.


Abodalal Samah E.A., Tahoon, A.Y. (Egypt) Development and production of a novel bivalent inactivated rabbit haemorrhagic disease virus (RHDV) vaccine. Communication P-33.
Bautista-Gómez L.G., Martínez-Castañeda J.S., Reynoso-Utrera E., Jiménez- Ramos A., López Aguado-Almazán G., Trejo-Huitrón G., Rodríguez-Villavicencio V., Aguilar-Gutiérrez M. (Mexico) Molecular identification of pathogens in the enteric syndrome in rabbits from Mexico. Communication P-06.
Brunetta R., Mazzolini E., Bacchin C., Bosco N., Bravo A., Ferro T., Guolo A., Rizzardi A., Agnoletti F., (Italy) Reducing antimicrobial consumption in rabbit farming is feasable: the state of play in Italy. Communication P-10.
Chen Meng-meng , Fan Zhi-yu, Qiu Ru-long, Hu Bo, Wei Hou-jun, Song Yan-hua, Zhu Wei-feng, Xue Jia-bin,Wang Fang (China) Clinical diagnosis of rabbit oral squamous cell carcinoma. Communication P-12.
Georgieva T.M., Penchev I., Petrov V., Marutsova V. (Bulgaria) Effect of the Staphylococcus aureus infection on the calcium, phosphorus and iron level in rabbits. Communication P-35.
Pérez-Fuentes S., Moreno-Grua E. Viana D., Corpa J.M. , Selva L. (Spain) Genetic analysis of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from rabbits. Preliminary results. Communication P-31.
Rodríguez V., Bautista L. (Mexico) Isolation of Fusobacterium necrophorum and Pasteurella multocida in rabbits from México. Communication P-01


Abdel-Khalek A.M., Basyony M.M., Hassan A.A. (Egypt) Response to dietary supplementation with turmeric (Curcuma longa) powder on growth performance and meat quality of rabbits. Communication Q-02.
Ajayi B., Osunkeye O., Daramola G., Owofadeju, O. (Nigeria) Nutritional composition and mineral profile of fresh meat from heterogeneous rabbit population raised under small-holder units in southwestern Nigeria. Communication Q-03.
Basyony M.M., Abdel-Khalek A.M., Hassan A.A. (Egypt) Response to dietary supplementation with Artemisia annua powder on growth performance and meat quality of rabbits. Communicaion Q-05
Benabdelaziz T., Harouz-Cherifi Z., Kadi S.A. (Algeria) Adiposity assessment of rabbit carcasses produced in the Algerian local conditions of production. Communication Q-01
Chodová D., Tumová E., Volek Z. (Czech Republic) The effect of beginning of feed restriction on basic carcass characteristics and meat quality in broiler rabbits. Communication Q-07.
Kouakou D., Angbo-Kouakou E., Ahongo D., Assidjo E. (Côte d'Ivoire, France) Rabbit meat (Oryctolagus cuniculus L..) enriched in omega-3 by a diet containing euphorbia (Euphorbia heterophylla L.). Communication Q-12.
Tumová, E., Chodová, D., Volek, Z., Ketta, M., Hašek, K. (Czech Republic) Carcass yield and meat quality of restricted and ad libitum fed slow- and fast- growing rabbits. Communication Q-28.


Ajao B. H., Ola S.I. (Nigeria) Thermoregulatory and semen quality responses of rabbit bucks to spice-supplemented diets under the tropical environment. Communication R-01.
Bakeer R.M., Saleh Y.S., Gazia N. (Egypt) Focus on effect of pumpkin oil on endocrine and antioxidant level in rabbit. Communication R-03.
Basyony M.M., Abdel-Khalek A.M. (Egypt) Vitex agnus-castus leaves extract improves hormonal activities of doe-rabbits and offspring performance. Communication R-06.
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Documents used to introduce the 5 round tables

Round table 1 : The rabbit farming in the post-antibiotic era : a challenge that can be won? - VIDEO

    Rossel J.M. Introduction to the round table 1. Situation in rabbit farms [ mainly in Spain ], 35 slides

Round table 2 : Rabbit housing - new farming systems with the regulations and social demand? - VIDEO

    Maertens L. Organisation of the round table 2. Situation of the problem of rabbit housing, 6 slides
    Fortun-Lamothe L. Rabbit housing in France: situation, methods, research, prospects, 16 slides
    Van Damme L. History and situation of rabbit housing in Belgium and the Netherlands, 12 slides

Round table 3 : Rabbits for wealth creation in the developing world. - VIDEO

    Oseni S. Presentation and objectives of the round table 3 . Rabbit in developping countries, 8 slides

Round table 4 : Condemnation of rabbit carcasses: causes and opportunities for farm level measures to reduce them. VIDEO

   De Greef K. introduction to the round table 4 : Slaughter condemnations, focus on abcesses of rabbits, 23 slides

Round table 5 : Coccidiosis management at farm level : in parallel to classical coccidiostats, which alternatives ? - VIDEO

    Boucher S., Rosell J.M. Introduction of the round table 5 . Importance of the disease [ rabbit coccidiosis ] and possiblities of prevention / treatment, 36 slides

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