List of papers and speakers awarded during 10th World Rabbit Congress

Genetics session

Paper: Genetic diversity of rabbit populations in Tunisia using microsatellites markers by Ben Larbi M., San-Cristobal M., Bolet G. (Tunisia / France)
Award to: Manel Ben Larbi (Tunisia)

Management and Economics session

Paper: Rabbit rearing and air quality: state-of-the-art and key unknowns by Calvet S., Cambra-López M., Adell E., Torres A.G., Estellés F. (Spain)
Award to: Fernando Estellés (Spain)

Pathology and Hygiene session

Paper: Effect of high temperature on blood lymphocyte populations in two different genetic rabbit by Ferrian S., Guerrero I., Blas E., García-Diego F.J., Viana D., Pascual J.J., Corpa J.M. (Spain)
Award to: Selena Ferrian (Spain)
Ethology, Housing and Welfare session

Paper: Fear level and behaviour of growing rabbits housed in individual, bicellular and collective cages by Filiou E., Trocino A., Tazzoli M., Xiccato G. (Greece / Italy)
Award to: Eirini Filiou (Greece)
Digestive Physiology and Basic Nutrition session

Paper: Effects of a one week intensive feed restriction in the growing rabbit : part 1 Performance and blood biochemical parameters by Ebeid T., Tumova E., Volek Z. - (Egypt / Czech Republic)
Award to: Tarek Amin Ebeid (Egypt)
Feed Evaluation and Feeding

Paper: Impact of using pea vines as non-conventional feedstuff on growth performance of growing rabbits by Fawzia A. H., Zaza G.H., Ibrahim M.R., Ali M.A. (Egypt)
Award to: Fawzia A. Hassan (Egypt)
Meat Quality and Safety session

Paper: Effect of supplementation of linseed oil, vitamin E and selenium in diet on meat quality of growing rabbits by Matics Zs., Gerencsér Zs., Szabó A., Fébel H., Szin M., Radnai I., Szendr? Zs. (Hungary)
Award to: Zsolt Matics (Hungary)
Reproduction session

Paper: Major proteins of the seminal plasma of New Zealand White rabbits and association with semen criteria by Arruda-Alencar J.M., Viana-Neto A.M., Souza C.E.A., Martins J.A.M., Moreno F.B., Moreira A.C.O., Guerreiro M.E.F., Moura A.A. (Brazil)
Award to: Josy Maria Arruda de Alencar (Brazil)

The group of awarded young scientists present during the closing ceremony