Proceedings of the 12th World Rabbit Congress (France)
are available on line, i
ncluding the video of the WRSA general meeting held during the Congress (650 Mo)

Section of information Letter N°11 is online (January 2022)

A guide (in French) on organic rabbit breeding (44 pp) is available: see on Scientific Documents section

The WRSA is an international association created in Paris in 1976 on the initiative of its first presiden François Lebas. It federates local associations (national or for a group of nations) named branches. It's main objectives are :

Plenary sessions of the WRSA Council (1 to 3 representatives per branch) are held every 4 years, during the World Rabbit Congress

The present 2 main activities of the WRSA are :

In addition, the branches have their own activities, such as scientific meetings, and the organisation or publication of technical journals on rabbit production and/or managment of rabbit web sites.

The link to the WRSA facebook page is:

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