Links to Websites of the WRSA Branches

Africa : Provides information from the SUB-SAHARAN AFRICAN Branch : This site is in English.

AB-WRSA : Provides information from the American Branch of the WRSA : This site is in English.

ASESCU: Provides information from the Asociacion Espanola de Cunicultura. This site is in Spanish.

ACBC Provides information from the Associação Científica Brasileira de Cunicultura . This site is in Portugese

ASFC : Provides information from the Association Scientifique Française de Cuniculture. This site is in French

ASIC - Provides information from the Associazione Scientifica Italiana di Coniglicoltura. This site is in Italian

Russia - Provides information from the Russian Branch of the WRSA. This site is in Russian

WRSA-GermanGroup - Provides information from the German Branch of the WRSA. This site is in German


Other Web sites

EGRAN: A European teams involved in rabbit nutrition research.

Cuniculture : Provides information on rabbit biology and breeding methods. Contains a Magazine with up-to-date information, rabbit recipes and a very important photos gallery (more than 4500 pictures).
This site is in French but a French-English lexicon is available.

Crusader : Provides information on the rabbit meat industry, and the research underway to support this industry at CSIRO Livestock Industries (AUSTRALIA).

World Lagomorph Society : The World Lagomorph Society (WLS) is an association, which intends to intensify the communication between persons who are interested in the research, management and conservation of lagomorphs (rabbits, hares and pikas), in particular those under special conservation status. It's website gives information about WLS activities and actions.

Feedipedia : A free online encyclopedia of animal feedstuffs available worldwide. Information on composition of feedstuffs, on their production conditions and the possibilities of utilisation for all types of production animals (ruminants, poultry, pigs, rabbits, fishes, etc...)