Since October 2013, a specific forum list has been established by the WRSA
in order to make easier exchanges between scientists, technicians, veterinarians, producers ...
interested in Rabbit breeding or sciences, even if not member of the WRSA

Formally it is a specific "Google Group" open by the WRSA
and managed by the WRSA President (Thierry GIDENNE

To participate, just use your mailing software, and post directly a new topic/question/announce (without commercial purposes) or reply to the list , by adressing an email to : (messages must be written exclusively in English)

If you are a member of the group, your message will be broadcast to all the other group members .  So, NO absolute need to connect to any special google website. It is advised to avoid too personal topics, and to make a bibliographical survey of the subject (with the help of Google Scholar for example) before to ask all the "partners" of the group about a question, the answer of which is easy to find.

The Group manager (the WRSA President) is the only one person able to include new members in the group, before they can post.