Rabbit production in developing countries

Reports from ± Recent Conferences and Workshops


Location and name of the Conference or Workshop
2008 November

International Rabbit Workshop of Mekarn Project Cantho University, Cantho City, Vietnam
Recommendations from the Rabbit Workshop are available at http://www.mekarn.org/prorab/recomomendations.htm (1 page)

2008 November
Meeting of the Sub-Saharan Africa Branch of the WRSA, Faculty of Agriculture, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria.
Minutes of this meeting are here available as a 9 pages *.pdf file
2007 July

International Conference on Rabbit Production Towards a Small and Medium Scale Rabbit Industry, Bogor, Indonesia
Report of the Organizing Committee is here available as a 13 pages *.pdf file

2006 August
3rd Rabbit Congress of the Americas, Maringa – Parana – Brazil
Conclusions of the Round table: Politics and strategies for the development of rabbit production in American countries are available at http://biology.csustan.edu/abwrsa/ (click on the menu: Rabbits for Developing Countries). (1 page)
1978 Decembre
Workshop on Rabbit Husbandry in Africa , Morogoro Tanzania , December 16-21, 1978, full texts Proceedings *pdf file (7 144 Ko)