How to Produce Rabbits Manuals


Manuals availaible for sale
but also available on line as pdf file


   Developing Sustainable Rabbit Projects (2010)
S. D. LUKEFAHR (Free online or US$ 20.00 printed)

   Le Guide pratique de l'éleveur de Lapins sous les tropiques (2010)
   by Y. DJAGO, M. KPODEKON, F. LEBAS (Free online or 5000 FCFA printed)


Free Manuals availaible on line



Manual Prático de Cunicultura, by Machado L.C. (editor) - 2012 - Bambui/MG - Brasil (publisher) , 75 pp, available on line in this web site (as pdf file, 1 416 Ko) A Brasilian collective manual with 7 authors : Walter Motta Ferreira, Luiz Carlos Machado, Yuri De Gennaro Jaruche, Guilherme Gomes de Carvalho, Carlos Eugênio Ávila de Oliveira, Joana D' Arc Silveira Souza, Ana Paula Gomes Caríssimo


Rabbit housing manual, by J.I. McNitt (USA) - 2009 -
availaible as pdf file only (25 pages 8.5 x 11 in - 2 889 Ko) on line in this web site or at the original URL
Le Guide pratique de l'éleveur de lapins en Afrique de l'Ouest (Practical manual for rabbit breeding in Western Africa. - Manual in French) Djago A. Y., Kpodekon M. (Bénin) & Lebas F. (France) - 2007 - 2e édition révisée - . Diponible en ligne Available on line
et aussi au format pdf (71 pages 21 x 29,7 cm) au choix chapitre par chapitre ou comme un document unique (2785 Ko) à l'URL
Rabbits - A Producer's Manual by Ramjohn R. & Brown G, 2006 , 61 pages produced in support of the Rabbit Extension Programm of the Ministry of Agriculture Land and Marine resources of Trinidad & Tobago , Extension, Training and Informataion Services Division available online as pdf file in this website and at the url
Backyard Production of Meat Rabbits in Texas by Lukefahr, S.D., Paschal J.C., and Ford J.E. - 1995 -(Texas Agriculture Extension Service Publication N0. B-6012. Texas A&M University, College Station - Reprint June 11, 1998). Available as pdf file only (20 pages black & white, 8.5 x 11 in - 558 Ko) in this web site or at
Sungura in the Shamba is one of a series of cartoon-style educational and extension leaflets (14 pages) aimed at primary schools. (Sungura is Swahili for a hare or rabbit, and Shamba is a farm)
Illustrations by: Joseph Kariuki - Storyline by: Robbie Bain and Jon Tanner
Design by: Development Communications Ltd, Nairobi, Kenya - Funded by: DFID Livestock Production Programme - Published by: Need to Know Ltd, Croy, Inverness, IV2 5PG, UK (Year of publication = 2006 ???)- available as pdf file (1656 Ko) in the web site or at

The rabbit as a producer of meat and skins in developing countries by Owen J.E, Morgan D. J. and Barlow J. , April 1977 (reprinted October 1986), 31 pages - Report of the Tropical Development and Research Institute, G108 - 127 Clerkenwell Road London EC1 R 5DB , UK - available on line in this website (The original website disappeared)