Funding Agencies

Funds are available to support either rabbit projects or research experiments


Heifer International, Little Rock AR, USA (
Note: This private voluntary organization provides funds to support projects that directly involve community groups. Heifer does not support research projects. It should first be determined if Heifer has an office in your own country and is presently supporting projects .


International Foundation for Science, Stockholm, Sweden ( - information in this website available in English and in French -
Note: IFS provides small grants for young agricultural scientists working in lesser developed countries. Rabbit scientists interested in possibly preparing a proposal may directly go to: .


Terra Viva Grants is an online directory of the world’s grant makers which fund activities in the “green sectors” of development at an international level. The directory is designed to save grant seekers time and money . All information in Terra Viva Grants is provided openly and freely. There is no cost for access to the website, and it carries no advertising.
Terra Viva Grants focuses on international grant making that aims to improve the management and protection of agriculture, energy, environment, and natural resources.
General information : Find more information on permanently updated list of grants at Terra Viva Grants, at