Article 1: NAME

The name of this organisation shall be "The World Rabbit Science Association". Official acronym WRSA.



The location of the Headquarters of the World Rabbit Science Association shall be at the address of the General Secretary of the Association.


Article 3: OBJECTS

The objects of this association are:

1. To facilitate in all possible ways the exchange of knowledge and experience among persons in all parts of the world who are contributing to the advancement of the various branches of the rabbit industry by producing, breeding, marketing techniques, teaching, research, investigation, experiments, demonstration.

2. To promote the extension of knowledge in the above field by the encouragement of teaching, scientific research, practical experimentation, the collection and publication of statistics, the study of the economics of the rabbit business, the study of the problems of production and marketing, and in every other way possible.

3. The dissemination of knowledge pertaining to all branches of the rabbit industry.

4. The promotion of World Rabbit Congresses, inviting the cooperation of the governments of countries and national organisations selected for these gatherings in their organisation.

5. To cooperate with F.A.O. and national or international scientific, economic or agricultural organisations in the development of many kinds of rabbit production (i.e., meat, wool, fur and laboratory rabbits).



1. Any person that is engaged in any activity connected with rabbit science or production can become a  WRSA member by joining a local Branch of the Association  (see art. 5)

2. The Council shall have the power of appointing as Honorary Life Member such persons as it considers to have made a noteworthy contribution to the work of the Association or the rabbit industry in any of its branches.

3. The Secretary of each Branch shall be responsible for the enrolment of each Member of his Branch.


Article 5: BRANCHES

1. A Branch shall consist of ten or more WRSA Members of the same nation. Where there are less than ten Members, nations may combine to form a nation's group providing that the total number of Members be ten or more.

2. The Secretary or Treasurer of each Branch shall be responsible for the collection of the annual subscription from the Branch Members and the remittance of the necessary amounts to the Treasurer of the WRSA as fixed by the Council.

3. Branches may levy their own subscription. The subscription of each individual or affiliated Member to the World Rabbit Science Association is independent of that subscription.

4. The Secretary of each Branch shall submit an annual report to the Secretary of the WRSA

5. Branches shall not include in their Constitution and By-laws anything not in full accord with the Constitution and By-laws of the World Rabbit Science Association.

6. Branches shall not restrict their Members from acting as free and independent Members of the World Rabbit Science Association nor withhold, forbid or restrict their Members in regards to any privilege granted by the World Rabbit Science Association to its Members.



Association, Societies, Institutions, Clubs and other Organisations or Business Firms connected with any activity of rabbit industry are entitled to become affiliated by a payment of an annual Fee corresponding to not less that 20 times the individual fee fixed by the Council.



The annual subscriptions are payable on January 1st of each year to the Treasurer or whom he may designate. In the case of failure to pay the subscription before June 30th Membership in the Association shall be forfeited.

The Treasurer of each Branch shall be responsible for the remittance of the necessary amounts corresponding to the number of Branch Members. Individual Members shall remit the subscription themselves to the Treasurer.


Article 8: FINANCES

The finances of the Association shall be in control of the Treasurer subject to the Executive Committee in case of proposed exceptional expenditure. A report of work of the Association with a Balance Sheet shall be issued annually to all Council members.


Article 9: COUNCIL

1. The affairs of the Association shall be managed by its Officers and a Council composed of such members of the Association from each Branch represented in the Association having ten or more members according to the following schedule:

10 to 25 Members - 1 Council Member

26 to 99 Members - 2 Council Members

100 or more Members - 3 Council Members

Council representation shall be based on the number of Members in good standing on December 1st of the previous year. Representation of a Branch shall be forfeited when the number of Members in good standing falls below ten. Representation shall be restored when the paid-up membership returns to the minimum of 10.

2. The term of office as a member of the Council shall be for 4 years. The members of this Council for one Branch shall be elected by the members of this Branch. Elections of the members of the Council shall take place during 2 months preceding the election of the officers. A majority vote of the members of a Branch shall be required for election.

3. In all votes of the Council the requisite majorities specified in the foregoing clauses shall be construed as of those voting. In the event of a voting deadlock the Chairman shall have a casting vote.

4. The term of office of all Officers and Members of the Council shall begin on the first of January of the year follewing that of the General Meeting at which their appointment is confirmed.



1. The term of office as President, Vice-Presidents, General Secretary and Treasurer shall be 4 years. Officers are elected by vote of the Council representatives at their regularly scheduled meeting held during the Congress. Only Council members can be nominated for office. Written nominations for the office  must be received by the Secretary at least one day prior to the regular meeting. In the event of none being received before the closing date, and in this event only, nominations can be made during the regularly scheduled Council meeting

2. The Officers of the Association shall consist of a President, 3 Vice-presidents, a General Secretary and a Treasurer and shall constitute an Executive Committee, with power of act.


Article 11: PRESIDENT

1. The president shall be Chairman of the Council, of the Executive Committee and of the General Meeting.

2. The President shall have the power, during regular Meetings, to appoint members to unfilled vacancies on the Council by death, resignation, or ineligibility, such term of office to extend until the next regular election.


Article 12: COMMITTEES

The Executive Committee of the Association is empowered to appoint Committees for any purpose.


Article 13: SECTIONS

Sectional Secretaries or Treasurers may be appointed by the President, as desirable, which officials shall be subjected to the direction of the General Secretary or of the Treasurer.


Article 14: MEETINGS

1. General Meetings of the Association are called by the President. Regular Meetings of the Council and of Members of the Association shall be held every four years during the World Rabbit Congress, for the consideration of the Report and Balance Sheet, election of Officers and General Business. Adequate notice of such Meetings shall be given to members 6 months before the date of the Meeting.

2. If, in the opinion of the Officers of the Association, it is desirable and necessary for a vote to be taken by any specific matter at any General or Extraordinary Meeting of the Association, the number of votes each Branch may give, shall be the same as the number of members on the Council for the Branch

3. An extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the President only if requested by two thirds of the Council Members.

4. The Constitution and By-laws may be amended at any time by a two thirds vote of the Members of the Council provided that at least half the number of Branches which have at least 10 Members are represented.



1. World Rabbit Congress shall be held every four years at a minimum.

2. The Council shall be empowered to accept from any government or national organisation an official invitation for the holding of a World Rabbit Congress.

3. The President or his designated representative shall be empowered to approach countries with a view to obtaining an invitation for the succeeding Congress. If more than one invitation is in prospect the Secretary shall canvass the Council with a view to obtaining the order in which the countries shall be approached. Negotiations will immediately be opened with the government or national organisation of the country receiving the greatest number of votes. Should the response be unfavourable, the other countries receiving the next number of votes are to be approached by the President or his designated representative. Negotiations shall be completed with one country before any other is approached.

4. In the event of no invitation being received and accepted prior to the Meeting of the Council during a World Rabbit Congress, the Council shall vote its preference for at least three countries in the order which these three countries should be approached by the President or his designated representative. Negotiations shall be completed with one country before any other is approached.



Publications may be approved by the Executive Committee, which shall be sent to all Members and Affiliated Members in good standing as published.



The income and property of the Association shall be applied solely towards the carrying out and exercising of the Objects and Powers of the Association and no part thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to any Member of the Association by way of dividend, discount, rebate or bonus.



1. If the Association ceases to exist as a separate body, then the assets of the Association shall be applied to some purpose consistent with the objects of the Association. At no time shall any part of the assets of the Association be divided among its members.

2. The dissolution of the Association may be proposed at any time by three quarters vote of the Members of the Council voting, provided that at least three quarters of Branches which have at least 10 Members are represented. This vote shall be confirmed at a General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting by a three-quarters vote of the members present.



Section 1 . Six members of the Council representing at least four Branches shall constitute a quorum of that body.

Section 2. Twenty-five members of the Association shall constitute a quorum of the Association.

Section 3. On a request signed by at least five members of the Council, the General Secretary shall communicate to all members of the Council any matter of business and ask for their vote on the question, either by mail or in Session.

Section 4. On any postal vote of the Council the polls shall be considered closed at two calendar months after the date of the original mailing.

Section 5- Membership in the Association may be forfeited because of failure to act in full accord with the objects of the Association as set forth in the constitution and will be permanent. This decision shall be taken by the Council.

Section 6. Any proposed amendment to the constitution or by-laws must be communicated to the General Secretary of the Association in writing, three month prior to any general meeting.

Section 7. In all votes where a definitive majority is specified in either constitution or by-laws, such majority shall be construed as of those voting.

Section 8.  The number of votes for each Branch of the World Rabbit Science Association, will be reduced, if annual subscription fees have not be remitted to the WRSA Treasurer in previous years. This reduction will be the number of votes divided by the "number of unpaid years + 1" . Fractions will be rounded up or down as follows : 0.50 or more = 1 vote; 0.49 or less = 0 vote.


Constitution initially formulated in Paris , January 23rd 1976 and approved during the 1st WRSA General meeting in Dijon ( France ) on April 1st , 1976 . Modified during the Barcelona meeting (1980), Rome meeting (1984), Corvallis meeting (1992), Toulouse meeting (1996) and Verona meeting (2008). All modified articles are included in the present redaction of the constitution.

August 2008

Published by  The WRSA General Secretary (in 2008)

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