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A small brochure presenting main WRSA objectives and activities is available

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Presentation of the Brochure


Contact : Dr. Thierry GIDENNE
INRA, Unité de recherches TANDEM
Research Center of Toulouse, BP 52637
31326 Castanet Tolosan Cedex - France
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The WRSA hosts a world rabbit congress every four years. The most recent congress was held in 2008 in Verona, Italy. There are usually between 500 and 600 attendees from all over the world at each congress. Presentations and special sessions are based on recent scientific research conducted, which is published in proce-edings. The next congress will be held in Cairo, Egypt, in 2012.
For more information contact: Pr A.H. Daader (ahdaader@hotmail.com ).


The World Rabbit Science Association is an organization of rabbit scientists from around the world. The objectives of the WRSA as stated in the constitution are as follows:
.• To facilitate in all possible ways the
exchange of knowledge and experience among persons in all parts of the world who are contributing to the advancement of the various fields of the rabbit industry: production, breeding, marketing techniques, teaching, research, demonstration, and project development.

.• To promote the extension of knowledge in the above fields by the encouragement of teaching, scientific research, practical experimentation, the collection and publication of statistics, the study of the economics of the rabbit business, the study of the problems of production and marketing, and in every other way possible. .The dissemination of knowledge pertaining to all fields of the rabbit industry.

• .The promotion of World Rabbit
Congresses and cooperation of governments of countries and national
organizations invited for such
professional meetings and projects.

• .To cooperate with the F.A.O. and
other national and international
scientific, economic or agricultural
organizations in the development of
many types of rabbit production, i.e.,
meat, wool, fur or laboratory rabbits





The WRSA has a board of directors and officers including a President, 3 Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer and General Secretary for Developing Countries. Most of the operations are, however, carried out by national or regional branches. Some of these branches are very large and carry out a number of activities, while others are relatively small or are newly formed branches.

In addition to the congresses, the WRSA (http://world-rabbitscience.com/) also sponsors the publication of the quarterly scientific journal World Rabbit Science. WRS is the only international peer-reviewed journal included in the Science Citation Index dedicated to publish original research in the field of rabbit science. Subject areas include breeding, genetics, production, management, environment, health, nutrition, physiology, reproduction, behavior, welfare, immunology, molecular biology, metabolism, processing and products, as rabbit production at developing countries.
The main objective of the WRS journal is collaborate with the WRSA to encourage communication and collaboration among individuals and organizations associated with rabbit production and rabbit science in general. (http://www.wrs.upv.es )